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Best Metaverse Platforms

Oct 12, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

An average person spends almost seven hours daily online, according to Data Reportal. The internet has become a massive part of our lives, and it’s not just for entertainment or connecting with friends and family. It’s also where we do a lot of work. But what if the internet could be more immersive, interactive, and exciting? That’s where the metaverse comes in. We will explore the best metaverse platforms today, comparing what they offer, their growth prospect, and ease of use.

What Is The Best Metaverse Platform?

Decentraland (MANA) has ended up as the best metaverse platform, according to our analysis, thanks to its massive popularity and excellent usability. The uniquely-themed free economy game is compatible with virtual reality, where users can accumulate wealth over time in a highly realistic environment.

That said, different metaverse platforms have their distinct advantages, and the best one may vary based on what you are looking for from the platform. Let’s take a closer look at our top picks for the best metaverse platforms.

Decentraland (MANA) – All-Around Best Metaverse Platform

A screenshot of Decentraland (MANA) - one of the best Metaverse platforms


Decentraland is a browser-based virtual 3D environment built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The Decentraland Foundation, a non-profit foundation, made the platform available to the public in February 2020. Users can buy and grow their virtual land on the platform through its native digital currency – MANA.

Many large businesses have already invested heavily to secure land in Decentraland, eyeing its future growth prospect and profitability. The total number of land available on Decentraland has a limited supply.

Top Features

  • Strong native token: The MANA is an ERC-20 decentralised token, which you use for purchasing virtual land in the platform. It is also a good investment tool with a supply cap of 2.19 billion.
  • ERC-721 LAND token: Decentraland offers its assets in the form of NFT tokens called LAND. The platform currently has 90,601 LANDs in total, which are structured in streets and plazas.
  • Secure auction: Holders of the LAND tokens can sell them through private and secure auctions, ensuring fair value. You may also occasionally purchase LAND at an agreed-upon price with the seller.
  • Decentralised control: You will get voting rights in the Decentraland’s governance by holding one of their coins or tokens – MANA, LAND, and Estate. The Decentraland’s Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) oversees the administration and voting.
  • Avatars: Decentraland lets you create custom avatars with many removable and editable elements. You can use those avatars inside the platform to interact with fellow users.


A screenshot of Decentraland pricing information.

Decentraland has built an enormous marketplace where you can purchase thousands of digital assets in NFT and use those to decorate your LAND, avatar, and other in-platform possessions.

If you understand how to design 3D elements, you can also create those yourself to sell in the marketplace. You can also purchase and trade MANA at many popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bottom Line

Considering the finite supply of digital assets, excellent decentralised governance structure and technological strength, Decentraland is our top pick as the best metaverse platform in 2022. Sign up at Decentraland to start your Metaverse journey today.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

A screenshot of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) - one of the best Metaverse platforms


Launched in 2018 as a virtual reality game, Axie Infinity gained immense popularity in the Philippines in early 2020. Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese developer, developed the game in a play-to-earn model based on the Ronin and Ethereum blockchains.

The game is similar to other pokemon games, where you can buy the in-game characters known as Axies and then grow these gradually with digital assets to fight other players and conquer assets.

Top Features

  • Earning opportunities: Players can earn money by playing Axie Infinity by completing various in-game assignments such as logging in, winning battles, and completing daily adventures.
  • Breeding the characters: You can also breed and grow your in-game Axie characters by regularly attending to them. The characters can then be sold through the Axie marketplace as NFTs.
  • Cross-device compatibility: You can play Axie Infinity on any device you prefer, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • NFT collection: You can build a vast collection of sellable NFTs on Axie infinity.
  • Native tokens: The platform boasts two technologically robust native tokens – Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), good crypto investment tools.


A screenshot of Axie Infinity pricing information.

The Axie Infinity marketplace provides excellent opportunities for users to sell their in-game characters and decorative NFT elements. You can invest in AXS or SLP coins from any significant cryptocurrency exchange.

You will find many in-game characters under $5 to get started.

AXS has a market dominance of 0.11% among all the crypto assets, based on CoinMarketCap data. The token ranks 48th in 24-hour trading volume.

Bottom Line

Axie Infinity has a dedicated and highly engaging community of users who like to invest time and resources in this game’s virtual reality both for entertainment and earning. Sign up now for Axie Infinity, one of the best metaverse platforms.

Metahero (HERO) – Best Metaverse Platform with 3D Scanning Technology

A screenshot of Metahero - one of the best Metaverse platforms


Metahero is one of the few platforms available globally that is making 3D scanning a reality and a gateway to enter Metaverse.

Instead of focusing solely on virtual reality as the Metaverse characters, you can use your 3D physique as an avatar on the platform, which also blends augmented reality technology.

Top Features

  • 3D scanning chambers: Headquartered in Dubai, Metahero initially planned to establish 3D-scanning chambers at 24 strategically important geolocations.
  • Metascans for tradeable Avatars: Metahero is the first platform to bring 3D-scanning or Metascans, where you can create and sell your customisable Avatars on the platform’s marketplace.
  • Deflationary token: Metahero has developed its native HERO token as a deflationary currency. The total supply decreases over time with transactions taking place. So you might earn a good amount by holding or staking the coin.
  • Strong collaboration: Metahero partnered with an industry-leading company, Wolf Digital World (WDW), to facilitate the digital scanning project.
  • Development on Binance: Metahero also enjoys being a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) -based platform, providing excellent security and compatibility.


A screenshot of Metahero pricing information.

You can earn from staking the HERO token on the Metahero platform. Metahero is currently eyeing a $10 million worth of Initial Dex Offering (IDO) facilitated by PancakeSwap.

Users can also earn through the Paid-to-Scan model of Metahero, where they can visit one of the nearby scanning chambers, get scanned, and get paid for signing up on Metahero.

Bottom Line

Metahero is now working toward bringing a unique concept to reality. Once established, 3D scanning may revolutionise the Metaverse ecosystem. Stay tuned for Metahero to arrive near you and get scanned.


A screenshot of Illuvium- one of the best Metaverse platforms


Illuvium adopted the popular pokemon-style role-playing (RPG) action gaming to build an interactive platform integrating both blockchain and NFT technologies. Players can interact in the massive in-game environment, Illuvium, with various in-game tools available as NFTs and collectables.

The game’s environment comprises over a hundred Illuvials (in-game, native creatures), which the players can look for, and several affinities like Water, Earth, and Nature. Players can upgrade the Illuvials with several add-ons to unlock their full potential.

Top Features

  • In-game marketplace: Illuvium allows players to trade from the in-game NFT marketplace, IlluviDex.
  • Fundraise: Illuvium conducted a highly successful token sale event in 2021 to raise capital worth $51 million, where each ILV, the platform’s native token, costs $88.
  • Limited supply: Illuvium restricts the number of in-game NFTs and characters players can own, ensuring the platform’s staking potential and scarcity.
  • Expanding universe: Illuvium continuously expands its in-game universe, which has three planned modes – Arena, Zero, and Overworld.
  • Native token: ILV, the platform’s native token, has a maximum supply of 10 million, where 650,000 ILV is currently under circulation.


A screenshot of Illuvium pricing information.

Players can buy artefacts and digital assets from IlluviDex, the game’s internal marketplace. Illuvium charges a flat 5% fee for any marketplace transactions.

Also, they charge an additional 0.5% fee to support the development of Immutable X, an upcoming web 3 game development project. Illuvium does not charge any gas or network fees for internal transactions.

Bottom Line

Interactive and sustainable growth structures have made Illuvium one of the most lucrative metaverse platforms to invest in and explore. Visit Illuvium’s website to open your account today.

Bloktopia – Best Metaverse Platform based on Virtual Real Estates

A screenshot of Bloktopia - one of the best Metaverse platforms


Founded in 2021, Bloktopia is an ERC-20-based metaverse platform on the Polygon network. The platform lets you own virtual real estate and build skyscrapers in a 21-level interactive game format.

Bloktopia supports a multi-chain wallet; you can also use it as an NFT wallet for your ERC-1155 NFTs. Bloktopia’s native token is BLOK, which raised $4.9 million through its initial token sales.

Top Features

  • Different activities: Bloktopia does not focus entirely on gaming. Instead, you can participate in various activities such as learning, earning, playing, and creating.
  • Multi-currency wallet support: Bloktopia supports BSC, POLY, ETH, and BTC tokens in addition to BLOK. This helps you avoid any additional gas fees for currency swapping. You can have a diversified crypto portfolio when using Bloktopia.
  • Various earning sources: Bloktopia lets you earn from various sources, not just marketplace trading. You can also generate passive income from owning real estate, showing advertising on your real estate, networking with fellow players, and playing games.
  • Solid technologies: Bloktopia utilises cutting-edge technologies to create real-time 3D designs and close-to-reality high-quality visuals.


A screenshot of Bloktopia pricing information.

Bloktopia’s virtual real estates are available at various price levels depending on their level and location. You can also purchase decorative items for your Bloktopia avatar from the Bloktopia marketplace.

For example, a REBLOK 08 asset is on sale for 480,000 BLOK. REBLOK assets are available to buy and sell. You can earn a 10% rental revenue per annum REBLOK 08.

Similarly, you can also purchase the ADBLOKs and native BLOKs, which have not yet been sold to anyone else.

Bottom Line

If virtual real estate interests you, Bloktopia has a lot to offer. You can earn revenues through various ways, including rental, trading, and advertising. Sign up for your Bloktopia account today.


A screenshot of Roblox - one of the best Metaverse platforms


Roblox is an immersive online game that has built a virtual reality of robots where players can customise their assets and interact with other players. So far, over 24 million users have signed up for Roblox accounts and experienced the game.

The platform’s currency is Robux, which lets you purchase in-game assets and avatars. There’s technically no need to buy Robux; many younger children play the game without spending a cent. Using Robux does tend to improve the whole experience, however, as you can engage with the internal economy.

Top Features

  • Multi-platform: Roblox is available on several platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon, and Xbox.
  • In-game economy: You can purchase in-game items using your app store account from Roblox and earn money by selling items in the Roblox marketplace.
  • Free to play: Initially, you won’t have to pay anything to play Roblox, contributing to the game’s widespread popularity.
  • Competition events: Roblox hosts periodic competitions on its metaverse, gaining users’ popularity.
  • R&D expenses: The metaverse platform is serious with its R&D, evident from its over $250 million annual platform development expenses.


You will have to purchase Robux using fiat currencies on Roblox; there are various Robux bundles and monthly subscriptions to buy Robux. You can then use your Robux balance to purchase any in-game items and avatars on Roblox.

Bottom Line

Roblox is a fun game that offers a few opportunities to earn money from designing and selling assets. It’s the perfect casual starting point for your metaverse journey – you can ease gradually into the online space. Try Roblox out for free.

What Is the metaverse?

A metaverse is a digital universe with which people can explore and interact just like the real world. It’s a bit like a massively multiplayer online game but with the added element of augmented reality or virtual reality for a more realistic experience. The metaverse is always a shared, virtual space.

Wrap-Up: The Best Metaverse Platform

The metaverse is an emerging trend with much potential. While it is still in its early days, the metaverse is already home to several platforms that offer various experiences. Decentraland (MANA) is our top pick for the best metaverse platform due to having immersive virtual reality and stable internal economy.

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