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Applying for a tourist visa in the UAE has never been easier. Our team will take care of the entire process for you, whether you need a 30-day or 90-day tourist visa, with single or multiple entries. Our time-tested visa application process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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Convenient process

We offer a simplified and easy process for tourist visa applications. Our team will ask you to send the required documents via email or WhatsApp. These include:

• A copy of the applicant’s passport
• A passport photo of the applicant
• A copy of the previous visa (for extensions)

End-to-end management

Our team will assist you throughout the complete application process and will keep you updated on the progress of your application.

Fast results

The normal processing time for tourist visa applications takes only 2 to 5 working days.

Requirements and Process of Obtaining a Tourist Visa UAE

Expats comprise almost 85% of the United Arab Emirates population.

This is no surprise.

The UAE boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. With generous oil and gas reserves, the UAE’s liberal tax policies and relatively progressive government provide a haven for foreign investment and business. Low import duties, location, and world-class infrastructure don’t hurt, either.

Why wouldn’t you want to leverage such competitive business advantages?

Before you reap all the benefits of a business located in the UAE, you have to travel there. Getting a UAE tourist visa doesn’t have to be a complex process. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a minefield.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Read on for the ultimate tourist visa UAE guide.

Visiting the UAE 

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. Almost the entire country is desert. Dubai, the UAE’s major city, is the exception.

Known for its modern architecture, vibrant culture, and luxury shopping, Dubai is an oasis. If you were in Dubai in 2020, you wouldn’t have known there was a pandemic ravaging the globe. More than 5.5 million tourists visited Dubai from around the world in 2020 to take advantage of the yearlong sunshine.

And not without good reason.

Home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, a delightful fusion of modern and traditional Arabic culture, and world-class attractions, Dubai is a vacationer’s paradise.

Visit the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. Ride a camel among some of the world’s biggest sand dunes. Swim with dolphins. Lounge on the golden sandy beaches.

The options are truly endless for the avid vacationer.

Dubai – An Entrepreneur’s Paradise

Dubai, however, is so much more than a vacation destination.

Labelled the ‘world’s business hub‘, Dubai connects Eastern and Western economies. Rich from its vast oil and natural gas reserves, Dubai has successfully diversified its economy.

With a stable government and access to huge populations in Asia, Africa, and Europe, Dubai is an attractive business location. Its zero-tax regime and 100% company profit repatriation in certain jurisdictions only add to its appeal.

In 2019, the UAE government announced it would allow complete foreign ownership of companies in particular sectors and business zones across the country. Some of these sectors include hospitality, manufacturing and renewable energy.

It’s worth noting that each jurisdiction within the UAE has its own rules relating to foreign-owned businesses. As such, if you decide to establish a business in one of the aforementioned sectors in a particular region, it is not guaranteed that these freedoms will apply to you.

There are 60 different jurisdictions, just to complicate things!

If your business does not fall into one of these designated sectors or zones, there is a range of other conditions you must meet to start a business. These conditions are not unachievable. There is, however, a mountain of paperwork involved. Plus, liaising with Emirati authorities can be complex.

That’s where we can help.

Our Virtuzone process is simple. That’s why we’re the partner of choice for more entrepreneurs choosing to start a business in the UAE. Conditions aside, we help foreign investors continue to flock to the country.

Why not join them?

As you’ll see, obtaining a tourist visa to begin your new business journey can be a simple process.

Passport Requirements

Obtaining a UAE tourist visa is simple if you have the right documents. However, there are different rules for citizens of different countries. It’s important you know which rules apply to your country.

The following is a guide to the various tourist visa options available to expats looking to travel to the UAE. Due to the pandemic, travel regulations and rules are always changing.

Before applying for a visa or booking flights, it’s a good idea to double-check the current UAE travel restrictions. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always here to help you with the latest travel and business formation advice.

UAE Visa on Arrival

The UAE will provide a visa on arrival for citizens of particular countries. This is the simplest, cheapest and most straightforward option. If you’re eligible for a visa on arrival, you should take advantage of it.

These visas will vary in length depending on the country in which your passport was issued. Eligible citizens must present a passport with no less than six months until expiry. If your passport has less than six months of validity, you must obtain a new passport before travelling to the UAE.

If you are a passport holder of one of the following countries, you are eligible for a 30-day visa:

– Andorra
– Australia
– Brunei
– Canada
– China
– Hong Kong
– Japan
– Kazakhstan
– Macau
– Malaysia
– Mauritius
– Monaco
– New Zealand
– The Republic of Ireland
– San Marino
– Singapore
– Ukraine
– The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
– The United States of America
– Vatican City

Passport holders from the above countries can access a UAE visa on arrival free of charge. It’s also worth noting that this is a single-entry visa.

Alternatively, if you are a passport holder of one of the following countries, you can access a 90-day, multiple-entry visa, free of charge:

– Argentina
– Austria
– The Bahamas
– Barbados
– Belgium
– Brazil
– Bulgaria
– Chile
– Colombia
– Costa Rica
– Croatia
– Cyprus
– The Czech Republic
– Denmark
– El Salvador
– Estonia
– Finland
– France
– Germany
– Greece
– Honduras
– Hungary
– Iceland
– Italy
– Kiribati
– Latvia
– Liechtenstein
– Lithuania
– Luxembourg
– The Maldives
– Malta
– Montenegro
– Nauru
– The Netherlands
– Norway
– Paraguay
– Peru
– Poland
– Portugal
– Romania
– Russian Federation
– Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
– San Marino
– Serbia
– Seychelles
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– Solomon Islands
– South Korea
– Spain
– Sweden
– Switzerland
– Uruguay

If you’re a Mexican citizen, you can access a 180-day, multiple-entry visa on arrival. To be eligible, you must present plane tickets, health insurance and a hotel reservation. As mentioned above, you must also have at least six months of validity left on your passport to apply.

The rules are slightly different for Indian passport holders. If that’s you, you can only access a 14-day visa on arrival if you can present one of the following:

– A USA-issued visit visa valid for at least six months;
– A USA-issued green card valid for at least six months; or
– Evidence of holding a UK or EU residence.

This visa will set you back AED 120, which equates to about USD 33.

If you’re an Indian passport holder and you can’t supply any of the above-mentioned documentation, you’ll need to apply for a prearranged tourist visa.

UAE Prearranged Tourist Visas

If your country is not listed above, you’ll have to apply for a pre-arranged tourist visa. There is a range of options, depending on how long you wish to stay in the UAE. However, you’ll need a passport with no less than three months until expiry.

To apply for a prearranged visa, you will need:

– A colour copy of your passport;
– A colour photograph of yourself;
– An application form
– A copy of your plane ticket

A 48-hour and 96-hour non-extendable visa will set you back USD 10 and 30 respectively. Alternatively a single entry, short-term tourist visa will cost USD 90. This option is extendable. However, doing so will set you back USD 230.

You could also apply for a short-term, multiple-entry visa for USD 175. This will last you 30 days and can also be extended for the cost of USD 230.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to stay in the UAE for an extended period of time, you could apply for a long-term tourist visa. Single-entry and multiple-entry visas, allowing you to stay in the country for 90 days, will set you back USD 190 and 460, respectively. These visas can also be extended for an additional USD 230.

If you’re from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, or Iran, you may need to provide some additional documentation. This could include your National ID card.

One-Year Remote Working Visa

Last year, the UAE adopted a remote working visa program. This allows digital nomads working from home as a result of the pandemic to do so from the UAE.

Both foreign employees and foreign business owners can apply. In theory, this visa is open to passport holders from all countries.

Prior to the introduction of this visa program, you would have needed to be sponsored by an Emirati national or obtain work in the UAE to spend such an extended time in the country. This visa removes those barriers, opening up the UAE to a much larger population of foreign workers.

Unfortunately, this visa program does not allow you to establish a business in the UAE. As such, if your goal is to establish a business in the country, the one-year remote working visa may not be for you.

However, if you want an extended taste of life in the UAE prior to making a decision about whether to locate your business there, this visa could be a good option.

Spending a year building business relationships while working your day job remotely may not be such a bad idea. In fact, it could be a great start to your new life as an entrepreneur in the UAE.

The remote-working visa application will set you back USD 287. There are other costs involved, including UAE health insurance and ID fees. These costs may vary. In total, however, you are likely to spend upwards of USD 600.

To apply for this visa, you’ll need a passport with no less than six months validity and UAE health insurance.

Employees will also need to present the following:
– Proof of employment
– A work contract no shorter than a year
– Proof of a salary no less than USD 5,000/month
– Three months bank statements

Business owners will also need to present the following:
– Proof of business ownership of no less than one year
– An average monthly income of no less than USD 5000/month
– Three months bank statements

Investor and Entrepreneur Residency Visas

If you decide to establish your business in the UAE, the Golden Visa program may be the best option for you. It’s designed specifically for expat investors and entrepreneurs, offering 5- and 10-year visa options.

Unlike other long-term UAE visa options, applicants to the Golden Visa program do not need a national sponsor. Successful applicants can travel freely to and from the UAE and add family members and executives to the visa.

It’s worth noting, there are a number of complex conditions attached to this visa program. If you decide this route is for you, get in contact with our friendly team and we’ll walk you through the application process.

Dubai Immigration Procedures

Assuming you’ve prepared all the necessary visas and documentation, the Dubai airport immigration process is incredibly streamlined. Like Dubai’s architecture, this process relies on state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Instead of being greeted by border patrol staff on arrival, you’ll pass through an electronic gate. These e-gates allow you to register your identity and present your passport and documentation. The e-gate will also scan your retina.

While unlikely, you may be selected for random screening. If this occurs, you’ll need to present evidence of your visa. A charge of AED 30 may apply if you do not have a hard copy of your visa confirmation number.

Apply for a Tourist Visa UAE

Are you ready to kickstart your next business venture in the UAE? Leverage the highly diversified economy and locate your new business in a world-class business centre at the intersection of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Sound like a good investment? It is!

Before collating your business plan and applying for a tourist visa UAE, get in touch with one of our company formation experts in Dubai. We’ll show you how easy establishing a business in the UAE can be with the Virtuzone process.

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