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Never worry if someone’s available to collect your mail. Our team will receive, sort and store all your parcels and packages.

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Our mail management service allows you to use our premium office address with P.O. Box as your business correspondence address. Through our mail management service, you can make sure there is always someone to receive any incoming mail for your business. Our team will receive, sort and store all your incoming letters, parcels and packages, and will immediately notify you of these, so you can pick them up at any convenient time.

Our Mail Management Services

Mail handling, sorting and storage

With our mail management service, you never have to worry if someone will be there to collect your mail, especially if you are out of the country or tied up with another appointment.

Alerts and notifications

Our team will immediately notify you of any delivered mail, allowing you to pick a convenient time for collection.

Security and verification

We do not release your mail to just anybody. If you wish to authorise a third party to collect the mail on your behalf, you need to notify our team via email. The authorised person should bring their Emirates ID for verification purposes.

Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Mail Management

With north of 9.8 million people in Dubai, it’s safe to say there are thousands of mailing items sent all over Dubai every single day. The problem is, mail arrives thick and fast and it can be easily missed.

Even with postal services, many businesses simply do not have the time to spend organising their mail delivery.

This leaves you to wonder, what is the most convenient way for business owners to collect their mail?

After all, business owners get burdened by an endless list of tasks to complete every day. Unfortunately, time is not always their ally.

So it begs the question, why bother taking the time to organise mail delivery, lose time signing for it, and scramble to store it safely when you can have someone do it for you?

There is an easier way. A way that can save you valuable time on your business and provide you with mail management you can consistently rely on. Read on for more information.

What Is Mail Management?

There are two types of mail management. One is direct mail management and the other is email management. The service we offer at Virtuzone is direct mail management.

This kind of mail management means that all of your mail delivery needs get taken care of for you. You simply get your mail orders delivered to our offices and the instant we receive your mail, we notify you.

After that, it’s stored safely and you come to pick it up at your earliest convenience.

Why Should You Get Your Mail Managed?

The beauty of having your mail managed for you is that it saves you time, and as we know in business, time is money. Most businesses have mail coming in on a daily basis so organising delivery and collecting that mail can take a lot of time.

What’s more, the mail that gets sorted needs safe storage. Unfortunately, messy desks or fast-paced work environments can stop this from happening.

Of course, mail can get missed. That mail could contain important documents, letters, and information. If it does get missed, there’s a real chance this could turn into a big problem.

To avoid this, you need someone who is reliable and consistent to collect your mail for you.

Luckily, not only does Virtuzone have a system set up for exactly that, but we also have a lot of experience. This includes managing small businesses’ mail, big businesses’ mail, and large organisations’ mail.

With that kind of experience and expertise, it definitely speeds up the mail management process for you.

Problems With Not Having Your Mail Managed

One thing that many businesses are guilty of is spending too much time looking through old mail for important information.

The problem with not having your mail organised is that it can actually be a massive pain and suck endless hours from your important business time. Each of your pieces of mail should be organised in an easy-to-manage fashion.

For example, when new mail comes in, it should be divided into its own pile to prevent any potential mix-ups.

Secretaries can help with this. However, offices can get cluttered and unless you have some kind of sorting system, mail can still take a while to find.

Also, it’s only natural that humans make errors. So having different kinds of mail stored near each other can still cause issues. That kind of confusion can prove to be a serious problem.

How Does It Work?

When any mail or packages arrive for you, we are there to sign for them and collect them on your behalf. The moment we do this, we will instantly alert you of the arrival of your mail.

If we can give you some information at that time, we will also include this so you are aware of your general package details. Following this, we will then very carefully organise your mail so it’s readily available for a swift collection.

Something important to note here is that your business is completely your own. We respect your privacy, and for this reason, we handle your mail very delicately.

Your mail is individually stored to prevent it from getting mixed up with any other mail.

How We Help You

Any incoming mail such as letters, parcels, or packages comes directly to our offices where we hold them for you.

Every piece of your mail that we collect is then stored carefully in its own individual safe place. That means that if you are in a meeting, out of town, or even out of the country we will take your mail for you and immediately notify you of its safe arrival.

Once you are ready or at your earliest convenience, you simply come to our office and collect your mail. Simple.

Get Your Mail Managed Today

After learning about our mail management service, you now have a better understanding of how it works and the value we offer you. We’ve helped many businesses manage their mail and truthfully, it comes in very handy when you’re stuck.

With our highly-trained mail management team, we are always on hand to collect, sort, and store all your incoming letters, parcels and packages. Our team is readily available for you.

Get your own personal mail management service now.

Also, it isn’t uncommon to have questions or queries. So if you want any questions answered, or if you want to run something by us, you can also contact us here.

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