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Our IT services are designed to get you online fast. From helping you choose and register a domain name, to setting up your web hosting and business email, our dedicated in-house IT team will take care of your core IT requirements, so you can focus on running your business.

Our IT Services

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Domain name and DNS management

Our IT experts will help you secure a domain name, handle your Domain Name System (DNS) and integrate an SSL certificate into your website.

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Web hosting

Ensure your website runs optimally with a Linux-based platform, 3GB web storage space with 4GB bandwidth per month, and a UAE-based data centre for faster content delivery.

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Office 365 subscription

Stay up-to-date with the latest version of Microsoft Office at no additional cost, while ensuring your team’s efficiency and productivity.

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24/7 tech support

Make sure your business is never offline with our 24/7 tech support.

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Hosted exchange mailbox

We’ll set up your business mail, complete with 50GB capacity and unlimited distribution/alias email addresses.

Our mailbox service uses Activ Sync technology to ensure your emails are synced across different devices, and is equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus filters to safeguard you from online threats.

Your Guide to Business IT Services in Dubai

Business IT service is one of the most important parts of growing a business. IT services facilitate the upgrading of business systems and promote interconnectivity within your company.

Business IT services make streamlining your business a breeze. Learn about the best company IT services in Dubai and how they can benefit you here.

What Are Business IT Services?

Business IT services refer to professional designing, building, delivering, and managing information technology for an organization. With IT integral for efficient daily operations, adopting IT services is essential for entire organizations.

Digital experiences go hand in hand with customer satisfaction and business growth. It’s more important than ever to make your business accessible as customers desire convenience. One study showed that 88% of customers expect brands to speed up digital initiatives.

Equipping staff with digital equipment support and user data is also essential. Businesses that fail to embrace IT services are at the risk of lagging in their industry. IT services can improve decision making and boost productivity in your business.

Business IT services Virtutech helps small and large companies fill in the skill gap and build robust IT infrastructure. The service can help your business stay competitive with efficient and updated IT platforms.

Why Virtutech Dubai Business IT Services?

Virtutech can help you grow your online presence with a safe, secure and scalable IT service. We set your digital foundation with domain, mail, and web hosting setup. Here are more specific reasons you should consider our business IT service in Dubai.

Get a Great Domain Name for Your Business

Business IT services Dubai helps you choose a catchy and memorable .ae domain name for your Dubai business. A .ae domain augments your identity by easing brand recognition.

Your domain name is a representation of your brand identity. It has to reflect your values, missions, services and industry. Your online image suffers if your domain name doesn’t augur well with your target customer.

Emirati internet users are more likely to trust a business with a .ae extension. It’s relatable by appealing to the UAE audience. AE extensions may therefore perform better in Dubai search engine results.

A safer and SEO friendlier alternative to an AE extension is .com. A .com domain is the most popular extension and one of the best for SEO. 52% of all websites are .com sites.

Domain name registration and management services also go hand in hand with protecting your Dubai business. Registering your business in the UAE helps prevent copyright infringement and safeguard your reputation.

Scalable Email IT Services

An intuitive, scalable and secure email support system is a core requirement when growing your business. Our IT service offers you a hosted email service that allows you ample storage space and easy access.

Managing and growing a business can be challenging if your systems limit interacting with your partners and customers. Hosted email service allows you to build a large email list and manage communication from anywhere.

Data safety is a priority in email contacts database management. Secure connections can help prevent data theft, manipulation, and malware attacks. Business IT service protects your business with real-time antivirus and spam guards to protect your database and domains.

As your business grows and contacts increase, managing email communications can be a challenge. Hosted email is a handy solution for contact management, no matter the size of your business.

Innovative Solutions to Improve Your Productivity

Business IT services advances tools like Microsoft 2016 to help you achieve efficiency and boost productivity. With smarter and intuitive applications, it’s easier to manage collaborations and plan for scalability.

Data analytics and visualization have never been easier than with advanced IT services. Analytics like Power BI and excel plays a massive role in the analysis and synthesis of data. These tools can provide you with deep insights to grow your business.

Reliable Web Hosting

Web hosting can make or break your business. Reliable web hosting is one of the primary reasons you need company IT services. A business IT service determines how your users receive your website

Your customer wants interrupted access to your website. They want to access it from different devices or any day. Your web hosting package can affect downtimes, support, security, SEO and scalability.

Downtime refers to when it takes your site to load a given page. The location of your data centres can affect content delivery and loading speeds. This is why it’s best to use business IT service Dubai to host a UAE business.

A distant data centre affecting downtimes also affects SEO. Poor loading speeds negatively impact your company’s image and SEO reputation. Users will switch out of your website, which relays negative signals to search engines.

24/7 Accessible Customer Support

Having 24-hour customer support is something you must consider when choosing Dubai Business IT service. You never know when situations will arise and affect your operations.

24-hour customer support helps to address emergency system downfalls straightaway. It means that you’ll tackle system issues in time to prevent damages and losses.

Choosing a 24-hour business IT service is suitable for customer satisfaction. By preventing service disruptions, you’ll avoid customer disservice and keep your customers happy.

IT service must operate 24/7 to solve your problems on the spot. 24-hour support ensures your website runs throughout. It should assure you they’ll solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Business IT Services

Business IT services upgrade many functions and allow for innovation. Each of these functions impacts efficiency and helps improve productivity. Let’s look at the general benefits of business IT services.

Boost Branding

IT services can impact the reputation and perception of a brand. Websites, for example, are the first touchpoint between customers and teachers.

Your domain name’s well throughout name sets the foundation for successful brand marketing. The right domain name is memorable. It reinforces your brand and helps to make it popular.

Offering your customers an accessible platform or system helps boost engagement, satisfaction and competitive edge. In the long run, it makes your business marketable and purposeful.

Improved Decision Making 

The amount of data gathered after IT service is unbelievable. Website and email tracking make it easy to collect high-quality lead data. Organizations are prioritizing modern technology and data to stay competitive.

One study showed 98% of business executives aspire to grow a data-driven culture. Organizations are constantly investing trillions of dollars in technology. But 70% of technology fails if it doesn’t capitalize on data.

It’sIt’s not easy to instil a data-driven culture. But the most transformative impact in any organization comes with integrating data and analytics into decision-making cycles.

Once you build your website, install analytics to gather user data. Data helps you profile and segment your visitors and understand them. It’s the weapon for developing relevant and effective marketing campaigns.

Improved Data Safety

Professional business IT services Dubai plays a priceless role in protecting digital data. They help prevent unauthorized access or breach by potential hackers and cyber attackers.

Cases of hacking are rampant in this age, and adopting advanced data security measures is necessary. Companies must keep client and employee data safe and confidential.

Business IT services can help you safeguard your data by enforcing effective data security measures. They can review your safety systems and recommend effective hacks for vulnerable systems.

IT services can set up robust and updated antivirus to elevate systems security. They can also set up firewalls to prevent hacking and other security disasters.

And since hackers may be more intelligent, it’s best to secure your data with routine data backups. Your business IT service Dubai will identify safe and secure servers or reliable cloud storage options to protect your data.

Foundation for Digital Marketing Success

Improved platforms and increased data access can boost digital marketing. IT services build an SEO website and gather audience data to support marketing efforts.

While there are many reasons or benefits of starting a business in Dubai, growth won’t come easy. It will demand an informed digital marketing strategy to achieve success.

Business IT services will ensure you have a user-friendly website. Your website should have a relevant business name to lure the exact type of customer you want.

IT services may design and implement marketing information systems to gather, store and send data to various managers. Marketing information systems facilitate decision making and provide managers with the right tools.

Increased Channels of Customer Support

IT support services allow customers to interact with your online business from many digital marketing platforms. Customers can easily reach you on emails, websites, phone calls or social media.

Startups with fewer staff may want to outsource IT services to cope with a growing audience and expansion. With a reliable system, it’s possible to hire remote workers to supplement your team.

Learn About Business IT Services in Dubai

Business IT services are an asset for any company. Investing in professional IT services helps build a robust infrastructure for efficiency, productivity and marketing success.

Are you looking for a professional IT service in Dubai? We can help you set powerful IT systems for your business. Contact us today to let us help you grow your UAE business.

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