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Health Insurance Dubai: Your Complete Guide

Did you know Dubai has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world? According to a study, there are at least 181 doctors per 100,000 residents in this city. This has led to an increase in medical tourism and made Dubai one of the most renowned destinations in the world.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a well-developed health infrastructure with high healthcare standards. This includes easily accessible modern health facilities and health insurance plans. Health insurance in Dubai is available to both locals and visitors.

If you are relocating to Dubai for employment or starting a business, here is what you need to know about health insurance plans when considering the cost of living in Dubai.

Health Insurance Requirements in Dubai

Health insurance requirements and facilities in the UAE vary from one city to another. However, regardless of the city you are in, you can be sure to receive world-class healthcare. For example, in Abu Dhabi, the citizens are covered under the Thiga program, which gives them full access to various public and private healthcare providers.

The UAE has an all-inclusive government-funded health service that delivers high-quality standards of care in both public and private sectors. These services are available for free or subsidised for UAE nationals.

However, ex-pats and any other non-resident have to pay to access the high standards of care. If you are an employee in the UAE, your employer is responsible for ensuring you can access quality healthcare.

Additionally, all employers, including employers of ex-pats in the UAE, cannot deduct the salary of their employees to provide them with good medical coverage. Also, sponsors have to provide health insurance for their dependents.

In Dubai, the Health Insurance law requires all residents to have valid insurance coverage that exceeds or meets the minimum requirement laid out by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

UAE nationals in Dubai can access Saada, which provides health insurance coverage to all citizens who are not getting help from government health programs in Dubai. Citizens who use Saada cab access treatment in various private healthcare providers and DHA health facilities.

The citizens can also opt out of other private healthcare coverage and join the government scheme.

How Healthcare Works in the UAE

Though the healthcare system in all emirates is straightforward, there are some things that you should be aware of. Dubai health insurances coverage for employees and their dependents is determined by their designation and salary. This means that the type of policy you choose or the extent of coverage will determine the cost of your medical services.

Employers and sponsors in Abu Dhabi need to provide health insurance coverage for their employees and their dependents. This includes one spouse and up to three children under 18 years.

On the other hand, employers in Dubai only provide health insurance coverage for their employees. Sponsors are required to provide insurance cover for their resident dependents.

Here are some of the healthcare insurance options in Dubai.

Private Health Insurance in Dubai

If you are a non-resident in Dubai, your sponsor or employer must ensure you have valid health insurance. However, not all jobs provide health insurance coverage. The coverage for your dependents may also depend on the options you want, including special treatments and their age.

Note that every private health insurance provider works differently. Therefore before choosing an insurer, it is vital to know how they work, how to claim, treatment included in your coverage, how to pay, and more.

Check out the UAE Insurance Authority for a list of all approved and registered insurance providers. Ensure you get health coverage from a valid insurance company. It is important to note that if you seek residence in Dubai or any other city in the UAE, the government will require you to prove that you have valid health coverage.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance

One of the most significant benefits of having private health insurance in Dubai is avoiding a monthly fine. Living without health insurance in the UAE attracts a fine. This fine can exceed your monthly insurance healthcare contributions.

Additionally, private health insurance gives you access to some of the first-class medical facilities in the nation. These facilities are well equipped with modern health equipment and staffed by experts who speak English as their first language.

Moreover, the insurance allows you to personalise your coverage and include add-ons or special requirements.

Public Health Insurance Dubai

Public health coverage in the UAE varies from one emirate to another. It mainly covers emergencies, preventive services such as immunisation for newborns and children, and crucial vaccinations and maternity services.

The insurance also includes primary health care services such as:

  • General examinations
  • Diagnostic
  • Treatment services by general practitioners and specialists
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Consultants
  • Radiology diagnostic services
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Other medicines

However, the insurance coverage does not include vision correction by laser or surgery, hearing and vision aids, and dental and gum exams. The healthcare cover can apply to surgical operations, maternity follow-ups, and physiotherapy in some cases.

Health Insurance for Low Earners or Unemployed

Dubai has an Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), which provides medical coverage to people who earn very low salaries. This plan is mainly for residents who make below AED 4,000. It also covers their dependents.

The EBP plan has a fixed cost of AED550-AED650 annually and covers maternity, medication, tests, surgeries, emergencies, and outpatient and inpatient treatments. This cover also has some limitations such as:

  • Basic healthcare in Dubai
  • An annual claim limit of AED 150,000
  • Zero inclusion for pre-existing or chronic conditions in the first six months
  • A 20% co-pay capped at AED 500 per visit for essential inpatient healthcare services
  • An annual cap of AED 1,000 for inpatient services
  • An annual limit of AED 1,500 for medicine or prescription
  • A 30% co-pay for every prescription

The plan covers maternity women’s healthcare, including outpatient antenatal services and inpatient services at birth. This includes up to AED 7,000 for a vaginal birth delivery and up to and up to AED 10,000 for a medically necessary caesarian section.

Additionally, a mother’s EBP plan includes 30 days of coverage for a newborn child. This covers screenings and tests. It is important to note that the UAE government only allows some insurance companies to provide EBP.

Remember, EBP is only available to employees who earn below 4,000 AED per month. However, it provides the same coverage as public healthcare insurance coverage. If you are a domestic worker, your employer should provide you with healthcare.

Best Dubai Health Insurance Plans for Expatriates

Suppose your employer fails to provide healthcare for you and your dependents. In that case, you can get coverage from a private healthcare plan or the Essential Benefits Plan. Before choosing the right coverage plan, consider the requirements, pros and cons for each plan.

If you choose the use EBP, it may cost you between 550 and 650 AED per year. This translates to 150–175 USD. Before selecting an insurance provider, check out the list of registered companies for the website of the Insurance Authority.

These companies also provide Islamic insurance (takaful). If you are an ex-pat in Dubai, there are several plans that you can choose from. Some of the leading health insurance providers for foreigners are Aetna International and Cigna Middle east.

The Cigna plan includes three cover levels: International Plus, International, and Regional. To get more coverage and maximise your benefits, you should consider adding extra modules.

On the other hand, the Aetna plan allows ex-pats to choose from three plans. Additionally, you can include add-ons and optional benefits. You can also select voluntary cost-sharing solutions and areas of cover options and have access to several hospitals.

Who can Qualify for Health Insurance Dubai

Any ex-pat legally working in Dubai qualifies for health insurance through their employers. To access medical care in public facilities or government hospitals and clinics, you must have a health card.

To apply for the card, you can visit a medical centre or apply online from the DHA. Some of the documents you must have to apply for the medical card includes:

  • Passport details
  • Emirates ID number
  • Copy of your tenancy contract
  • Residence visa
  • Completed application card
  • Two passport photos

The medical card will cost you at least 320 dirhams for adults and 120 dirhams for children under 10.

Do I Need Health Insurance in Dubai?

Having health insurance in Dubai is very vital. You cannot get a UAE residency visa if you do not have proof of valid health insurance.

Unlike UAE nationals who enjoy free or low-cost insurance, ex-pats have to pay for public and private insurance. Therefore, talk to your employer to know your health insurance cover and get coverage for your dependents.

If you need help setting up a business or getting a residency visa in Dubai, Virtuzone has the right solution for you so that you can focus on what matters. For more information about our services, get in touch with us today.

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