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Best Facial Recognition Software

Oct 10, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur experimenting with new tech features for your next venture or a veteran business owner looking to beef up security at your high-risk company, the best facial recognition software can greatly benefit your business.

Facial recognition software serves multiple purposes for a wide range of industries. Tech and finance companies use face detection and recognition software to authenticate user identities and verify transactions. Legal institutions and the police force use facial recognition software to pick out suspects from a crowd and find a facial match from an existing sketch.

Educational and work institutions have also rolled out facial recognition software to automatically mark attendance with accurate entering and exit times for each person. Similarly, healthcare and marketing companies have developed nuanced facial detection apps to understand people’s needs and reactions and tailor their offerings to match user expectations.

Facial recognition software is also excellent for surveillance as you not only keep an eye on people but also get the ability to spot threats from a distance. This works even better if you have the latest data on frequent offenders. Feed this information to the system and set an alert for when the software detects a match.

Considering the wide variety of applications, it is only natural that there are dozens of advanced facial recognition software options to choose from. Some are specifically designed for cybersecurity and surveillance while others serve more general monitoring needs.

But how do you know which one is the right option for your business? Well, we did the hard work for you! We have outlined the best facial recognition software along with a deep dive into which industries they are ideal for, which specialized features they offer, and how much each will cost you.

What is the best facial recognition software?

Our analysis found the best facial recognition software available in the market today is the Amazon Rekognition program. It is no surprise that one of the biggest names in technology, Amazon, offers a well-developed face detection system. But don’t let the advanced features make you think this one is out of your league. With flexible pricing and a 12-month free trial, it is an excellent option for businesses in most industries, even ones with a tight budget.

Amazon Rekognition

A screenshot of Amazon Rekognition pricing options


The Amazon Rekognition program is an ideal pick for businesses already using Amazon tools, particularly Amazon Web Services. AWS users get to experiment with the software for 12 months at no additional cost, making it a super budget-friendly pick.

Top Features

  • You can compare and search for faces across different images and videos to quickly scan for and identify patterns.
  • The software detects emotions in the face to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the subjects’ reactions.
  • The software can identify brand logos and instantly detect text, efficiently breaking down large amounts of data in a short time.
  • The celebrity recognition feature lets you scan marketing material and promo videos much faster.
  • The software offers refined video segment detection so you can identify start and end credits, frame color changes, and optimal advertising slots.
  • Since it’s backed by Amazon, the software is trained with an enormous database, giving you more accurate results than other programs.
  • You can add custom labels to content so it is easier to identify and organize the material.
  • You get automatic content moderation to flag violent, pornographic, and offending content.


Amazon Rekognition offers flexible pricing based on your usage needs, geographic region, frequency of use, and the type of features used. This can make it difficult to get a fixed price for each user. But this also means you can customize your usage patterns to match your current budget. You can experiment with different geographic locations, API groups, image vs video analysis, and the number of files processed to get various price options.

Bottom Line

Amazon Rekognition is a solid all-around facial recognition software serving varied needs. The AWS Free Tier is an excellent bonus for users already working with Amazon tools and the wide range of features means there is something for everyone here.


A screenshot of Face ++- one of the best facial recognition software programs.


Face++ goes beyond just facial recognition to offer full body detection, making it ideal for healthcare and beauty-based companies. Like Amazon Rekognition, Face++ offers various pricing options to suit every user’s unique needs.

Top Features

  • The proprietary deep learning framework offers highly accurate results for human faces and bodies, making it ideal for high-risk industries like healthcare and banking.
  • The software can detect skeletons and outline human bodies, making it useful for healthcare and biotechnology researchers and companies focused on fashion and beauty products.
  • You can merge two faces to get fully unique results. You can upload your own photos or enter URLs to start merging online images.
  • You can compare faces and get a similarity score to find the closest face match. This is useful for instant identity verification and even tracking specific individuals.
  • Users can enjoy advanced features like skin status analysis and 3D facial reconstruction that a rare few facial recognition software options offer.
  • The software offers various pricing options so businesses with all types of budgets can experiment with the features without burning a hole in their pocket.


A screenshot of Face++ pricing options

Face++ offers four pricing options: free, pay-as-you-go, daily/monthly plan, and pay for licensing. The free version lets you try everything at no cost, but you share the processing capacity with other free users. The paid plans vary based on the features you use. Basic facial recognition starts at $100 a day and goes up to $10500 per month.

Bottom Line

Face++ is not the cheapest face detection software on the market, but the free plan makes it suitable for businesses at all levels. Moreover, the software boasts advanced body detection features that make the program worth your investment.

Face First

A screenshot of Fast First- one of the best facial recognition software programs.


Face First is the best facial recognition software for surveillance. It is created especially for businesses trying to mitigate fraud, theft, and violence, giving business owners safety and peace of mind.

Top Features

  • The software offers an excellent face-matching system with a high degree of accuracy, making it ideal for airports, casinos, and banks.
  • You get access control and biometric authentication to make sure only authorized people enter the premises.
  • The real-time alerts make it easy to manage threats before they become a problem.
  • The software integrates well with third-party software and hardware like surveillance cameras and access-controlled doors, so you can build a solid security system.
  • The ID and age verification works well to ensure minors do not sneak into the premises.
  • It offers accurate detection even from awkward angles and in low-light conditions, so you are sure to get good results from anywhere at any time of the day.
  • The software excels at protecting against identity theft, making it ideal for businesses with high-value transactions like banks and legal agencies.


Face First does not offer a fixed pricing plan, considering the service is used by a wide range of industries with varying levels of usage. You can contact the company directly to request a demo and get pricing information.

Bottom Line

Face First is one of the best facial recognition software for businesses looking for surveillance features. It is fast, accurate, and flexible, so you get reliable results even in not-so-ideal conditions. Plus, the company’s focus on the ethical use of AI makes it a favorite among users.


A screenshot of Kairos- one of the best facial recognition software programs.


Kairos offers a great facial recognition software for demographic detection and analysis. With multiple detection options and four pricing plans, it is easy to customize this service to suit your unique business needs.

Top Features

  • The software offers age, gender, and face detection so you can track and verify users easily. This is excellent for demographic classification.
  • The multi-face detection feature is excellent for scanning crowds and analyzing images with large groups.
  • The program also supports auto-tagging for a faster search and indexing process. This will help you reduce or even eliminate manual labor and save you money in the long run.
  • Like Face First, Kairos is known for its emphasis on the ethical use of AI so you can feel secure working with a reputable company.
  • New users can enjoy a 14-day free trial to see if the software is serving their needs. You can test 20,000 requests in this period.


A screenshot of Kairos pricing options

If you like straightforward pricing, you will appreciate these well-defined plans. The cheapest plan starts at $19 a month and gives you 60 transactions per minute while the most expensive option sets you back a whopping $500 but you get unlimited storage and anti-spoofing features. If none of these pricing plans appeal to you, check out the company’s custom plans to get volume discounts.

Bottom Line

Kairos is ideal for business owners involved in identifying, tracking, and storing a lot of demographic data. The upfront pricing is also a huge plus for users working with a strict budget. If you are on the fence, the free trial period is a great option to play around with the features and see if it suits your needs.


A screenshot of Liveness Detection- one of the best facial recognition software programs.


BioID is an advanced biometrics authentication software that offers superior liveness detection so you can make sure your business is protected against spoofing and identity theft. The software is ideal for businesses that frequently need Know Your Client (KYC) verification.

Top Features

  • BioID is GDPR compliant so you will not have to worry about users suing you for infringing their privacy rights.
  • The software offers easy KYC verification with just three photos, making the process seamless both for the business and the customer.
  • It offers excellent biometric anti-spoofing for optimal security against identity theft attacks.
  • BioID is known to offer the best liveness detection features so you are sure to get reliable results. This is important for high-risk industries.
  • Official institutions like banks, universities, and legal agencies can use the service for secure facial log-ins.
  • BioID is cloud-based so anyone from your team can implement and manage it from anywhere hassle-free.


Like Face First, BioID does not offer upfront pricing plans so it may be harder to estimate how much it will cost you. But they have an easy contact form online so you can get custom quotes and demonstrations to understand whether the software is the right fit for your business needs.

Bottom Line

BioID is one of the best facial recognition software for biometrics authentication, so if you need facial verification, digital KYC, and anti-spoofing tools, we would highly recommend this program.

What Is facial recognition software?

Facial recognition software is a type of biometric tool that detects faces in images, videos, and live crowds. Various industries around the world use facial detection to verify users, permit access, protect high-risk transactions, identify threats from a distance, and automatically mark attendance. It can help with surveillance and data analysis, especially if you have an existing database for the system to use. Nowadays, most kinds of facial recognition software use machine learning to auto-tag objects in images, identify what is happening in a video, and even find patterns in a series of photos.

Summary- What’s the Best Facial Recognition Software? 

The best facial recognition software has a lot to offer for businesses at all levels. From improved security with digital verification to saving money by automating tasks like tagging and marking attendance, face detection serves many purposes.

Moreover, as technology evolves and companies capitalize on deep learning to improve their software, you will get faster and more accurate results. Currently, some of the best facial recognition software tend to be expensive, but as machine learning grows and face detection becomes more widespread, the prices will likely go down as well.

However, don’t let the prices hold you back now. Several programs, even the most well-known ones like Amazon Rekognition and Face++, offer free trials for you to experiment with some of the most advanced face detection features. Then, as your business expands and your need for facial recognition grows, you can consider investing in the top-tier plans with the best benefits.

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