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Payroll Software In UAE

Oct 8, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

An HR manager always wants to ensure that the company’s employees are paid on time and accurately. Fully functional payroll software in UAE can play an excellent role in maintaining records of employee attendance, leaves, and overtime, and calculating salaries accordingly.

UAE’s stringent labour laws have made it essential for businesses to have a robust payroll system. Fortunately, you will find many payroll software solutions in Dubai and UAE. To help you pick the right one, we have compiled a list of the best payroll software in UAE, based on features, pricing, and customer reviews in this post.

What Is The Best Payroll Software In UAE?

Sage 300 People is our top pick as the best payroll software in UAE. As a part of the Sage HRMS, the cloud-based solution covers all the critical payroll requirements of businesses in the UAE. The Sage HR software in UAE offers a complete suite of HR, payroll, and talent management capabilities.

As the UAE has become a significant business hub in the middle-east, you will find various options when choosing the right payroll software in Dubai, including the most globally available solutions. We will now take you through our top picks for payroll software solutions.

Sage 300 People (Sage HRMS) – The Best Overall Payroll Software

A screenshot of Sage 300-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


Founded in 1981, the Sage Group from the UK has been providing extensive business and enterprise software and automation solutions for over 35 years. Sage offers various software solutions under the umbrella of Sage HRMS, while the company’s payroll solution is known as Sage 300 People.

Sage is the best overall payroll software in UAE. It lets UAE businesses automate their payroll processing and complete invoice management system, integrating smoothly with several external sales and CRM platforms like Salesforce.

Top Features

  • Automated document processing: It’s incredibly time-consuming to manually process and verify the payment and administrative documents like payslips and VAT complaints. Sage Payroll handles those for you.
  • Frequent updates: As Sage is a cloud-based solution, you will promptly receive new updates as soon as they change it on the server. The local UAE-based Sage partners work relentlessly to keep the system up-to-date with legislative changes.
  • Access on the go: Sage lets you remotely access and manage your payroll data from any device with proper authentication. Employees will also get online access.
  • Security features: Sage complies with all the latest industry security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your business data.
  • Long experience in the UAE: Sage has provided solutions to the UAE businesses for over 30 years. The company has developed strong partnerships with several local UAE service providers whom you can easily reach out to.


A screenshot of Sage 300 payment and pricing options

Sage offers highly customised pricing plans for UAE businesses. The company works with several local partners who design and implement the appropriate Sage solution for you. There are four different types of Sage partners:

  • Partner
  • Multi-solution Partner
  • Accountant
  • Reseller

Currently, the Sage website for the middle-east lists twelve partners within 25 kilometres of Dubai. Some partners are SynergERP, Rockford Computer LLC, APT Consultants, Rayburn Consulting, Triad Software, and Secoia Business Solutions.

Bottom Line

Extensive UAE-based local partnerships, cloud-based implementation, and solid automation have made Sage 300 People the best payroll software in UAE. Contact one of the listed UAE partners to receive a custom pricing quote for your business.

Gusto Payroll

A screenshot of Gusto Payroll-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


The US-based Gusto started its journey in 2012 from San Francisco as an accounting software solution provider. Later, the platform specialised in payroll solutions. Gusto currently caters to over 200,000 businesses globally, including many small and medium businesses from the UAE.

Some of the top global investment and capital firms, including Y Combinator, Pear VC, Ribbit Capital, CapitalG, Acrew, Dragoneer Investment Group and several others, have collaborated with Gusto Payroll to develop its payroll software solutions.

Top Features

  • Complete payroll management: Gusto lets you program and handles an unlimited number of payroll contracts, including national and international ones.
  • Attendance management: Gusto’s time and attendance management system automatically tracks and manages time-off requests and approvals.
  • Policy compliance: You can program Gusto to follow your business’s internal HR policies and reporting system.
  • Project management: The payroll software in Dubai shows you individual cost reports for specific projects for easy analysis and stakeholder reporting.
  • Mobile-friendly: Gusto payroll allows employees to track time with their mobile app, a convenient feature for the sales team.


A screenshot of Gusto payroll payment and pricing options

You will find two Gusto pricing plans to suit your business needs.

  • Simple – $40/month, plus $6/month for each team member – Basic features
  • Plus – $80/month, Plus $12/month for each team member – Advanced features, including next-day direct deposits, team management tools and policy management

Gusto also provides customised and highly scalable solutions for comprehensive HR management. You can purchase an HR add-on and priority on-call support for $8/month.

Bottom Line

Gusto payroll is one of the most scalable HR software in UAE and provides implementation support if you want to migrate from an existing payroll software in UAE. Create your Gusto account now.

Intuit Quickbooks – Accounts and Payroll Software with In-premise and Online Implementation

A screenshot of Intuit Quickbooks-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


Founded in 1983, Intuit Quickbooks started as an on-premise business accounts and payroll management service. The company started its online or cloud-based solutions in 2001. Intuit Quickbooks offers various business, accounts, and HR management services, where you can purchase the Payroll feature separately or as a bundle with the package.

Top Features

  • Labour law compliance: Intuit Quickbooks lets you program your solution to comply with all regulatory requirements and labour laws in a standardised format.
  • Time tracking: Quickbooks allows you to purchase any features you need as add-ons. You can integrate time tracking through Quickbooks Time with your payroll solution.
  • Complete payroll management: You can manage payroll for different types of employees, including full-time, part-time, contractual, and permanent ones. You can manage payroll for external, independent contractors.
  • Tax management: Intuit provides comprehensive tax management support and detailed reports with its payroll suite, which you can use for regulatory and stakeholder reporting.


A screenshot of Intuit Quickbooks payment and pricing options

You can purchase the desktop or online version of Intuit Quickbooks payroll suite from its global or UAE site. The three available pricing plans for the accounting and HR software in UAE are:

  • Simple start – $17.85/month – Basic features including income and expense tracking
  • Essentials – $27.30/month – Multi-currency support with employee management
  • Plus – $37.80/month – Project tracking, budget management and recurring transaction planning

All the above pricing plans include a 50% discount for the first three months.

Bottom Line

Intuit Quickbooks is one of the most convenient payroll software solutions because it supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. Book your free 30-day Quickbooks trial now to check out the features yourself.

Rippling Payroll – Most Affordable

A screenshot of Rippling Payroll-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


Rippling Payroll is an entirely online-based all-inclusive payroll software in Dubai that you can run within as little as 90 seconds. The software’s exceptional ease of use and affordable pricing have helped it achieve excellent ratings and customer feedback in global review sites like G2 Crowd (4.9/5), PC Magazine (Editor’s Choice), TrustRadius (8.9/10), and Capterra (4.9/5).

Rippling always focuses on user-friendly system implementation and complete payroll management functionalities.

Top Features

  • Standardised compliance: Rippling lets you easily customise your software dashboard to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements.
  • Tax calculation: You can program the tax management and calculation rules and allow Rippling to calculate for you on an ongoing basis.
  • Global payment management: Rippling allows you to manage employee and contractor payments across many geo-locations.
  • Time tracking: Employees can track time and request approval on the go. The system updates all reports and analytics in real-time to reflect any recent changes.
  • Reporting and analytics: You can create customised reports of any format with Rippling, which allows you to track expenses in a period, project, task, or employee basis.
  • Integration capabilities: Rippling lets you connect many business automation, CRM and ERP solutions, including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and many others.


A screenshot of Rippling Payroll payment and pricing options

Rippling offers a full range of payroll and HR management services at an affordable cost. The services start from as little as $8/month per user. The platform then lets you take any services as add-ons depending on your specific business needs.

Bottom Line

A full range of online-based payroll management services at an affordable price has made Rippling one of the most value-for-money payroll software in UAE. Visit Rippling’s website and request a custom quote for your business now.

Papaya Global – Best Global Solution

A screenshot of Papaya Global-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


Launched in 2016 as a small startup, Papaya Global now has over 700 team members, providing payroll management services to 700+ businesses from 160+ countries globally. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and competitive pricing, the company has a 99% customer retention rate.

Being a global payroll software solutions provider, Papaya Global supports comprehensive process automation and payroll account management. The company acquired a popular money transfer service called Azimo in March 2022 to expand its service portfolio further.

Top Features

  • Compliance and accuracy: Papaya Global lets you handle your business data in a highly transparent manner to maintain complete regulatory compliance. You can easily track and verify each entry for accuracy.
  • Clear audit: Worried about an unwanted discrepancy? Papaya Global has strong audit tools to backtrack your payroll calculation so that you can easily see any unintended mistakes.
  • User management: Depending on the user roles in your business, you can assign custom roles for your users with different levels of access control. You can also customise each payroll transaction’s approval chain.
  • HR and payroll analytics: Papaya Global’s highly informative dashboard lets you create specific reports and analyses related to payroll, HR and expenses.
  • Compliance expertise: You can request an exclusive one-to-one consultation with payroll management experts to ensure compliance and process accuracy.


A screenshot of Papaya Global payment and pricing options

Papaya Global’s payroll software solution pricing plan is pretty straightforward. If you need only the payroll service, you can get it for $20/employee/month. The contractor management platform is available at $25/contractor/month.

If your business is large and you want to take your global payroll management to the next level, you can also go for the full Payroll Intelligence Suite, which costs from $250/annum to $320/quarter.

Bottom Line

Papaya Global offers an extensive global presence and superb scalability as a top payroll software in Dubai. Schedule a demo immediately, and don’t forget to request volume discounts if you have several employees.

Payroll4Free – (Free)

A screenshot of Payroll4Free-one of the best options of payroll software in UAE


You’ll find tons of features with the paid and premium payroll software solutions – but what if you are opening a small business in the UAE with just a few people, and you have a tight budget? Payroll4Free comes to your rescue. The software comes with several basic features that are sufficient for most small businesses in the UAE.

Top Features

  • Payment management: You can manage payments for different categories of employees and independent contractors.
  • Tax management: You can program and set your own tax calculation rules through an easy and intuitive dashboard and let the software calculate taxes automatically.
  • Employee portal: Your employees will get their portals to check work progress and time tracking, a feature that typically comes with paid and premium software.
  • Reporting and analytics: The free payroll software solution also provides detailed reporting and analytics with project-wise or employee-wise cost breakdowns.
  • Easy integration: You can easily integrate Payroll4Free with other external sales and CRM solutions.


A screenshot of Payroll4Free zero payment guarantee

Fortunately, Payroll4Free is completely free. To cover the expenses and keep the project viable, the developers, however, show you some relevant, small, and non-intrusive ads. The software solution is free for up to 25 users per organisation.

Bottom Line

When you begin a startup or run a small business in Dubai, Payroll4Free has all the features to cover your payroll management requirements. Sign up now for Payroll4Free without ever having to pay a dime.

What Is Payroll Software?

Payroll software solutions let you streamline your payroll processes and manage employee compensation. The payroll solutions can range from simple payroll calculators to full-fledged HR management systems with payroll as one of the modules. The choice of payroll software in UAE will depend on various factors like the size of your business, the number of employees, frequency of payroll, etc.

Wrap-Up: Best Payroll Software In UAE

To recap, we have found Sage 300 People as the best payroll software in UAE. The Sage HRMS solution has a complete range of HR and invoice management capabilities. When choosing the right payroll software in UAE you should always compare the features, benefits, and pricing of several payroll software solutions and check out the trial or demo versions.

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