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A Guide To MoHRE Inquiry Services in the UAE

Apr 27, 2024 | Human Resources

Navigating the complexities of labour issues in the UAE can be streamlined with the efficient MoHRE inquiry system. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) is the cornerstone of the UAE’s efforts to protect and advance the rights and obligations of employers and employees. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of how to leverage the diverse range of services provided by MoHRE, including wage protection, dispute resolution, and labour law enforcement.

Whether you are an individual seeking assistance with employment contracts or an employer looking to comply with the UAE’s labour laws, understanding the inquiry services available through MoHRE is essential for maintaining a harmonious and fair work environment in the UAE. Let’s look into initiating an inquiry, tracking its progress, and ensuring your labour-related concerns are effectively addressed.

What Is The MoHRE?

MoHRE is one of the main federal entities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s responsible for both foreign affairs, regulating the nation’s labour market and enforcing labour laws. MoHRE’s overarching mission is to protect the rights of both employees and employers, enhance the competitiveness of the UAE’s labour market, and foster a harmonious relationship between the two parties.

Importance of MoHRE for Workers in the UAE

If you’re a worker in the UAE, MoHRE is the institution that ensures your employment rights are protected and upheld. This includes the registration of employment contracts, which is mandatory for all workers, whether you’re a UAE national or an expatriate. Any changes to these contracts also need MoHRE’s approval to ensure that modifications are made fairly and with due process.

MoHRE is also required for the issuance of labour permits and visas for expatriates. With the UAE’s substantial expatriate workforce, employers must get a labour permit from MoHRE before they can recruit foreign workers, and the ministry ensures that this recruitment complies with the UAE’s labour laws.

When labour disputes arise, MoHRE provides a platform for resolution. It offers mediation and conciliation services to address complaints filed by either employers or employees. This service is key to maintaining a stable and fair work environment.

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Various Services Offered by MoHRE

MoHRE’s services are diverse and cater to a wide range of labour market needs. You can access these services through its website, which allows for easy navigation and application by category. It also offers a mobile application for convenience on smartphones.

A key service is the Wage Protection System (WPS). It’s an electronic monitoring and rating system for services that ensure workers get their wages on time and transparently. This system shows the UAE’s commitment to protecting workers’ rights and preventing wage-related disputes.

The ministry also conducts regular inspections of private sector companies and workplaces to ensure compliance with labour laws. Inspectors can review contracts, interview employees, and enforce penalties for any violations, upholding the labour market standards.

MoHRE offers Tawseel for those who can’t access services in person. This service directly assists individuals such as the elderly, pregnant women, and People of Determination.

In terms of health and safety, MoHRE implements preventive measures in the workplace and conducts periodic field visits to ensure these standards are maintained. One measure is the prohibition of outdoor work during peak hot hours in the summer months, which shows the UAE’s concern for the well-being of its workforce.

Moreover, MoHRE provides Labour Advisory Services. Workers can submit complaints regarding employers’ breaches of legal obligations through various channels, including a call centre, email, and the smart application, ensuring accessibility for all workers.

The Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, which regulates labour relations, is another significant step in strengthening the rights of employers and workers. MoHRE plays a central role in its implementation.

Finally, the UAE’s ratification of several international labour conventions has positively influenced the labour market. MoHRE is at the forefront of integrating these standards into national practices, further solidifying the UAE’s reputation as a country committed to the fair treatment of its workforce.

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Initiating a MoHRE Inquiry

When you or your business in the UAE needs to make inquiries or lodge complaints with MoHRE, you’ll need to follow a structured process. This helps ensure your concerns are addressed efficiently and effectively.

Primary Channels for Submission

To initiate an inquiry, you’ve got several channels at your disposal. The Ministry’s website offers a ‘Customer’s Voice system’ for submitting feedback or complaints. MoHRE’s call centre service is available around the clock if you prefer verbal communication. This service assists in multiple languages, with Arabic, English, and Urdu featured in the auto-reply system. You can reach the call centre at 600590000 with any questions.

In addition to these methods, you can utilise the live chat feature on the MoHRE website or send an email to ask@mohre.gov.ae for your inquiries. If in-person interaction is preferred, you can visit the Ministry’s offices in Abu Dhabi or Dubai during official working hours. And for those who are frequently on the go, the Ministry’s mobile app is another convenient channel for inquiries.

Required Documentation for Inquiry

When submitting an inquiry, it’s important to provide all the necessary documentation to facilitate a prompt response. The Ministry will only consider comments and inquiries if they come directly from you, the concerned individual. This ensures the process remains personal and secure.

The Ministry reviews each application, processes the content of your inquiry, and provides a solution, responding directly to you. You’ll be informed about your application’s status through automated notifications via SMS and email.

Different Inquiry Types

MoHRE handles a variety of inquiries, from general questions about services and initiatives to specific complaints submitted against decisions made by the Ministry. If you have a grievance, it’s important to submit it within thirty days from when you first become aware of the decision.

The Ministry also addresses inquiries related to administrative fines for breaches of labour laws and regulations. The call centre can assist you if you require information on such matters.

MoHRE’s commitment to offering multilingual services reflects the UAE’s diverse population, ensuring that support is accessible to everyone, regardless of their language proficiency. Whether through the website, smart app, call centre, or in-person visits, MoHRE strives to provide comprehensive inquiry services to meet your needs.

Screenshot Of MoHRE Website

Navigating the MoHRE Website

The MoHRE online platform is designed to facilitate access to various services and information for both employers and employees. It simplifies the process of conducting various inquiries and transactions related to labour and employment.

Guide to Online Inquiry

The MoHRE website features a dashboard that allows users to easily find information. Employers can view details about their establishments and domestic workers and access statistics and reports. Employees can look up their personal data and contact information and monitor their wages through the site and interactive wage protection indicator.

The platform also supports electronic signatures, enabling users to complete transactions without the need to visit service centres physically. Contract data can be sent to workers for remote approval and signing, streamlining the entire transaction process.

Utilising the Mobile App for Inquiries

The MoHRE mobile app mirrors the ministry’s strategy to enhance communication channels. It is designed based on user needs and includes a variety of services such as information services, inquiry services, e-services, labour services, and company owner services. Users can access details about labour cards, company information, recent transactions and work permits, permit status, and a list of company transactions.

The app integrates with transportation services to facilitate visits to establishment locations. It offers a booking feature for the queue system at service centres, reducing wait times.

Customer Service Hotlines and Assistance

MoHRE provides support through an external website and various channels, including 24/7 customer service hotlines. Assistance is offered in multiple languages, and an auto-reply system is available in several languages.

Users can also contact MoHRE via email or engage with the ministry on social media platforms like Twitter. Additional services such as ‘Customer Voice’ and the option to request a callback are available for personalised support.

The mobile app is regularly updated to enhance user experience, with features such as registration via UAE Pass, improved self-evaluation flows, and streamlined cancellation services. These updates aim to improve performance and user satisfaction.

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Common Issues Addressed by MoHRE

Employment Contracts Information

Employment agreements are pivotal in delineating the specifics of the employer-employee relationship. These documents stipulate provisions such as the duration of the workday, which is generally capped at eight hours or forty-eight hours per week. For the duration of Ramadan, these hours are typically curtailed.

Employees are entitled to breaks and overtime remuneration, subject to certain conditions. The law mandates a weekly day off and annual vacation for employees working there, ensuring sufficient downtime for personal activities.

WPS Inquiries

Employers are required to adhere to the WPS, and any instances of non-adherence can be reported through MoHRE’s inquiry channels.

Workplace Dispute Resolution

For issues concerning potential breaches of legal duties by employers, individuals can seek assistance or file a grievance within a specified timeframe. MoHRE aims to resolve such issues swiftly, often within a fortnight. Should a resolution not be reached, the matter may be referred to the courts.

Health and safety regulations are also enforced, including restrictions on outdoor labour during peak summer temperatures. The laws also guard against discrimination, harassment, or involuntary servitude, promoting a work environment rooted in fairness and respect. While employees are expected to fulfil their responsibilities, adhere to confidentiality, and observe safety measures, employers are prohibited from compelling service from their workers.

The UAE’s adherence to global labour standards reinforces its commitment to fair employment practices, addressing issues such as equitable compensation, minimum working age, and the abolition of involuntary servitude.

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Follow-Up on MoHRE Inquiries

Tracking Your Inquiry Status

After initiating an inquiry, you can monitor its progress through the dedicated channels provided by MoHRE. These include the call centre and smart applications, which offer real-time updates on the status of your inquiry, reflecting MoHRE’s dedication to transparency and communication.

Expected Response Times and Resolutions

MoHRE is committed to resolving disputes efficiently, with a focus on amicable solutions. For claims not exceeding AED 50,000 (USD 1,360) or related to non-compliance with a settlement decision, MoHRE intervenes directly. If a peaceful resolution is not feasible, the Ministry refers the matter to the appropriate court within two weeks, along with a summary of the dispute, the parties’ positions, and MoHRE’s recommendations.

Further Actions Post-Inquiry

Following a decision by MoHRE, parties have the option to appeal to the Court of Appeal within 15 working days. The Ministry’s decision is suspended upon the filing of a lawsuit. The Court of Appeal’s ruling is conclusive and binding.

If an employee continues to work during the court proceedings, they may be eligible to receive up to two months’ wages. MoHRE can mandate the employer to pay these wages or refer the issue back to the court if necessary.

For collective disputes involving a significant number of workers, a specialised committee is in place to intervene if a settlement cannot be reached. Workers have the right to appoint representatives in these matters. MoHRE also has the authority to implement interim measures to safeguard workers’ rights during the resolution process.

MoHRE’s role extends to ensuring compliance with labour laws, including monitoring recruitment agencies and maintaining up-to-date worker statuses in line with the Decree-Law. The Ministry is empowered to inspect for infractions and impose sanctions as determined by the legislation and the Minister’s directives.

Additionally, MoHRE organises the Emirates Labour Market Award, which recognises outstanding contributions to the UAE’s labour market, highlighting the Ministry’s commitment to promoting a competitive and supportive work environment.

Screenshot Of MoHRE Website

Your Partner in Employment Rights

Navigating the complexities of employment regulations can be daunting. Still, with MoHRE’s dedication to accessibility and fairness, assistance is never far away.

Through the Ministry’s well-structured inquiry services, mediation efforts, and commitment to legal compliance, individuals and businesses in the UAE have a robust ally in ensuring a harmonious labour market.

Whether through cutting-edge digital platforms or direct personal support, MoHRE continues to adapt and cater to the multifaceted needs of the UAE’s dynamic and diverse workforce.

Remember, every inquiry is a step toward upholding the rights and responsibilities that underpin the UAE’s labour landscape.

Should you need guidance or intervention, MoHRE is your steadfast advocate, working tirelessly to maintain a fair and competitive work environment.


How do I contact MoHRE?

MoHRE offers several methods for contacting it. You can call its toll-free number at 800 60, which is available for queries within the UAE. If you prefer online communication, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the MoHRE website or engage via its official social media channels. MoHRE also provides a live chat service on its website for instant assistance.

How Can I Check my Visa Status in MoHRE?

To check your visa status through the MoHRE link, you must visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP). Although MoHRE oversees employment relations, the ICP manages visa status. You can access the service by entering your personal details, such as your passport number and nationality, on their eServices portal.

How Can I Check My Contract in MoHRE?

To check your employment contract details, log in to the MoHRE website or download our mobile app using your Emirates ID and password. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Contract Information’ section, where you can view the details of your current and previous employment contracts. This digital record will include all pertinent information regarding your job description, salary, and other terms as registered with MoHRE.

How Can I Check my Labour Card Status?

To check the status of your labour card, you need to log in to the MoHRE portal or mobile app with your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the section titled ‘Labour Card Information’ or a similarly labelled service where you can view the status of your labour card, its expiry date, and other relevant details. MoHRE keeps a record of all issued labour cards and their current status.

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