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FTA Announce New Corporate Tax Deadlines

Apr 26, 2024 | Accounting

Are you a business owner concerned about regulatory compliance and avoiding penalties? Timely registration for corporate taxes is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and avoiding financial penalties. The FTA’s recent announcement about new, advanced deadlines for corporate tax registration can significantly affect your planning and financial strategy. While this early preparation can help distribute your workload more evenly throughout the year, it also introduces the challenge of adjusting your schedules and ensuring compliance much sooner than expected, potentially straining your resources.

Revised Registration Deadlines

The FTA has recently announced significant changes to the deadlines for corporate tax registration, affecting all businesses. Originally set for September 2025, the new deadlines have been substantially advanced to various dates throughout 2024. The first group of companies is now required to complete their registration by May 31, 2024, with all businesses expected to be registered by the end of December 2024.

To streamline the process, the FTA has organised businesses based on the month their original licence was issued, regardless of the year. For instance, if your company was licensed in February of any year, your new registration deadline is May. Similarly, businesses originally registered in July will have until September to complete their registration, and those with a December “birthday” will have a December deadline. This staggering of deadlines by the FTA aims to distribute the workload smoothly over the year.

Implications of Missing Deadlines

Failing to meet these new registration deadlines could be costly, with the FTA imposing a fine of AED 10,000 (USD 2,723). It’s important to note that no grace periods are offered for late registration under these new rules. Every company operating within the UAE is mandated to register, and the FTA strongly advises companies to register as early as possible to avoid penalties and reduce risks.

Rationale Behind Changes

The decision to revise the deadlines was primarily made to avoid a last-minute rush of registrations in the latter half of 2025, which could overwhelm the FTA’s administrative capabilities. By staggering the registration deadlines throughout 2024, the FTA aims to manage its workload better, ensuring that it can concentrate on processing tax filings effectively from January 1, 2025, without the added burden of handling a surge in registrations.

This proactive approach not only facilitates smoother operations for the FTA but also helps companies by allowing them to focus on compliance without the hassle of facing hefty fines or scrambling at the last minute. The staggered deadlines are intended to make the registration process more manageable for all parties involved and ensure that the FTA can adequately support companies during the tax filing process.

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