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How to Choose the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Aug 23, 2022 | Finance

There are currently over 16,598 cryptocurrencies on the market. With so much innovation and buzz, there is no shortage of opportunities for crypto investors. Bitcoin remains the top dog with Ethereum not far behind.

We have seen NFTs, the metaverse, and stablecoins come onto the crypto scene too. With so much information and technology to keep up with, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. If only there was a way to keep track of your crypto assets.

In this guide, we’ll explain just what a crypto portfolio is. Is there a best crypto portfolio tracker? We’ll also discuss what features you will want in your crypto tracking apps.

Read our post below to get the inside knowledge and become a savvy crypto investor in no time.

What Is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

As an investor, a crypto portfolio tracker is your best friend. It is a platform (app or site), where you can check the value of your crypto assets.

You can connect your cryptocurrency wallet so everything is automatically updated in real-time. Some will even allow you to connect crypto exchange accounts.

What Are Crypto Portfolio Trackers Used For?

It’s hard to get a bird’s-eye view of your crypto portfolio with a crypto portfolio tracker. As you invest in crypto, you will be able to keep better track of cryptocurrency trends and any coins you’ve got your eye on.

When you know where your money is going and how it’s performing, you’ll take your profits to new heights. You’ll know when to rebalance, take profits, or hold (hodl).

The crypto market can be volatile at times. Since technology is ever-changing, your crypto portfolio will reflect that. The crypto markets operate 24/7/365 too.

A diversified crypto portfolio is one way to set yourself up for success. Crypto tracking apps help to maintain a well-balanced and well-diversified portfolio. Without one, you’ll never know well or poorly your crypto assets are performing at any given time.

What Features to Look For in a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

When searching for the best crypto portfolio tracker for you, you’ll want one that denominates your crypto holdings into fiat. While some are leaning towards tracking with bitcoin, for most of us it’s still easier to wrap our minds around fiat. If you’re in the U.S., this means viewing your crypto portfolio with a value in U.S. dollars.

Aside from this, let’s discuss some of the features you’ll want in your crypto tracking app.

Integration With a Range of Financial Institutions

The best crypto portfolio tracker will be able to pull information from a wide range of financial institutions. This feature exists thanks to API aggregators.

Aside from financial institutions that support cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, you may want to pull in data from legacy platforms that service traditional markets as well like banks, credit cards, and investment accounts.

You’ll want to compare and contrast to find the best crypto portfolio tracker for your wants and needs too. Just make sure the crypto portfolio tracker you choose has the technology to handle certain crypto feeds and reports.

A High Level of Security

When you invest in crypto, this is all thanks to the blockchain—a decentralized ledger. This means your transactions are public yet sometimes difficult to track. It’s also important to note that once your crypto transactions have been initiated, you won’t be able to reverse them.

How does concern crypto tracking apps though?

Their security and yours are of utmost importance.

Crypto portfolio tracking apps will connect directly to cryptocurrency wallets. This means that you need to make sure that you don’t get scammed in the process. Malicious actors could hide behind these crypto tracking apps to get a user’s login credentials.

How can you stop this from ever happening to you? The solution is to do your own research (DYOR). Thankfully, this won’t be too difficult too (and we’ve done much of my legwork for you below).

Head to their website first. Do they encrypt the data they manage? Do they use 2FA (two-factor authentication)?

We think that the best crypto portfolio tracker shouldn’t even touch a user’s account credentials. They’ll let the trust aggregator services handle this vital data.

Usability Through Automation

Many crypto investors will start using crypto tracking apps so that they have a one-stop shop for their assets. Rather than logging into each online account one by one, you can keep an eye on everything all at once.

If setting up the best crypto portfolio tracker takes just as long as opening up a bunch of tabs and logging in to each site, then what’s the catch?

This is why you want to find a crypto tracking app that takes automation seriously.

It’ll only take a few clicks to set all of this up. You won’t have to manually import information from popular crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini. Connect to all of them in a matter of minutes and see your transactions populate.

You want something that offers to track for a wide range of coins as well.

Entire Portfolio Unification

A diversified portfolio will improve the overall health and grow your net worth. Some crypto tracking apps will have a tough time seeing how all of these assets and investments work together.

Going beyond crypto-only tracking apps is a way to get a bigger picture of what is occurring in your portfolio.

You want one with a robust dashboard that can condense your net worth and other valuable investment information. Some will even come equipped with news aggregators so you can stay in the loop of current cryptocurrency trends and newsworthy events.

Direct Blockchain Support

Some of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps will sync directly with blockchains. For example, when you enter your ETH wallet address it will put in your DeFi (decentralized finance) transitions and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Calculate Your Crypto Taxes Automatically

When tax season rolls around, it’s easy to feel like the process is daunting. Especially with a new asset class like crypto, it can be difficult to distinguish what asset class each one falls under.

For seasoned crypto investors, having a portfolio tracker will make this process much simpler. You don’t have to find a separate platform for all your tax reporting needs. With the click of a button, you can generate an in-depth crypto tax report.

Identify Tax Loss Harvesting Opportunities

It’s hard to see your tax-loss harvesting opportunities without a crypto portfolio tracking app on your side. This has the potential to save you thousands of dollars on your next tax bill.

Sleek Interface

The best crypto portfolio is one that reaches a mass appeal. It should be friendly enough for people who are just entering the crypto markets as an investor. Having a solid intuitive design and user interface goes a long way in today’s landscape.

Finding the value of your crypto assets shouldn’t be difficult. You want something that is both aesthetically pleasing and powerful under the hood.


Crypto investors and traders know the importance of speed all too well. Even a minute can be the deciding factor for a profit or a loss.

Find a tracking app that will load quickly whether you’re on your desktop, or mobile (iOS and Android).

Aside from the snappiness of the actual platform, you want the cryptocurrencies to be quoted in real-time.


Most of the crypto portfolio apps you’ll come across as free. If you’re looking for more bells and whistles, you’ll have to be willing to spend some money. We recommend trying the basic or free versions first before moving on to a paid pro version.

The Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers on the Market

The crypto space is constantly evolving with new developments. New software is constantly being introduced to the community. We have cultivated some of the best crypto portfolio trackers on the market below.


Accointing is perfect for someone new to trading in general. They will become accustomed to Accointing’s crypto portfolio tracker and insight tools.

Connect all your wallets and exchanges (supports 300 wallets and exchanges) easily and effortlessly. The intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use templates make managing your portfolio a breeze.


If you’ve come accustomed to being social online, you’ll feel right at home with Altpocket. Communicate with other crypto-minded people. Check out their profiles and trades.

See a user you like? Follow them and set up notifications to see when they make a trade.

You can sync with popular crypto exchanges and add your crypto wallets easily too.


With Altrady you can connect to exchanges like KuCoin, Huobi, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro, OKEx, etc.

You’ll want to check out the break-even calculator and real-time price alerts. There is interactive charting with automation too.


Blox works with popular exchanges and platforms like eToro, TenX, Bittrex, Coinbase, etc. Take your tracking to the next level with accounting and management features. It positions itself as a B2B but also offers B2C services.

Companies can utilize multiple blockchains, wallets, and exchanges.

Blox also supports over 30 cryptocurrencies where you can trade in-app. You can even buy using Euro fiat too.

Coin Market Manager

Partnered with Binance, Coin Market Manager bridges the gap for the investor used to trading on Binance.

Their automated journaling and analytics platform helps the crypto investor gain an edge over the competition.


CoinMarketCap has been a staple for many in the crypto space for years. Track the price and value of 11,000+ cryptocurrencies right at your fingertips.

Simply search for the coins you hold, sold, or bought. Monitor the data such as 24- hour volumes, market cap, etc.


CoinStats has all the features you would expect from a crypto portfolio tracker—security, coin price watch, coin price alerts, notifications, a crypto news feed, etc.

You can even sync with the popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask. Other popular ETH-based wallets (Trust Wallet, Coinbase, etc.) will sync too. If you’re a crypto investor who is into altcoins and DeFi, CoinStats is one of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps to choose from.


With CoinTracker, you can easily connect popular hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor as well as ~300 crypto exchanges. Some of these exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, and eToro. Automate capital gains with over 8000 cryptocurrencies supported.

Export CSV files from the provided exchanges for proper portfolio management.


There is a slew of customizable reports and interactive charts with CoinTracking. What sets it apart is its crypto tax preparation.

Generate real-time reports for your profits and losses.


Coinbase is a household name at this point. What first started as a crypto exchange has blossomed into much more. Its sleek and modern design will attract newcomers to the space.

Beginner crypto investors will feel comfortable trading right away. You can even take educational courses and are rewarded with crypto!


With Coinmama, users can buy with Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Skrill. You’ll also be able to sell your crypto for fiat.

For long-term portfolio management, regular traders can use the White Glove Service.

Learn all about crypto with their Academy section. Be sure to take advantage of their affiliate and loyalty programs too.

Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro first began in 2015 as a simple Bitcoin ticker for the Apple Watch. Users could glance at their watch to see Bitcoin prices when out and about.

Today, users can track 5,000+ cryptocurrencies within their portfolio, scope out the news, and set price alerts.

The app works within the Apple ecosystem including a Mac menu bar widget.


Crypto.com is technically an exchange. You can invest in crypto (buy and sell with a credit card and bank accounts) when logged in on the site or mobile app. You can check pricing and your portfolio within the dashboard.

You’ll be able to see volume, top gainers and losers, newly added, create a watch list, and market cap (7-day chart for each coin). There is even NFT support.


While you can keep track of your precious crypto with CryptoCompare, you’ll also be able to check out content, read crypto guides, and use data as a service.

Follow market insights on multiple crypto exchanges. Stay on top of crypto news and monitor the prices of 5,000+ cryptocurrencies.

This free platform is available on Android and iOS in addition to its web app.


This portfolio tracker is owned by the crypto exchange—Kraken. This means that the app supports 1,000+ cryptos.

Use their APIs to add cryptocurrencies and track their value via exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Binance, FTX, etc. In addition to this, you can see liquid asks and liquid bids. Another metric you may be interested in is the number of orders of particular crypto across multiple exchanges.


Delta has grown from a simple crypto app to a solid tracker. Aside from tracking your crypto investments, you can also track stocks, ETFs, and various other fiat currencies.

Delta sets itself apart from the pack with its attention to detail. You’ll be able to view price changes, social profiles, white papers, etc. They were acquired by eToro in 2019.


The crypto trading platform allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and track right in its dashboard. You’ll get to do technical analysis, market research, and get ProCharts.

You’ll get to follow cryptocurrency trends, track 40+ cryptocurrencies, and monitor gainers and losers.

If you’re new to trading crypto, you’ll be able to copy top crypto investors. This simple copy approach will help alleviate some pain points and take much of the guesswork out of the question.

By signing up and investing $100 you’ll get an extra $10.


Formerly Blockfolio, FTX is mostly known as an exchange. On the tracking side of things, FTX is very approachable. Having been around since 2014 and integrating with 15 crypto exchanges builds trust with their ever-growing user base.

You’ll be able to spend your crypto in the wild with the FTX card. Crypto investors will also love the OTC Portal and Derivatives.


Investing.com is among the best crypto portfolio tracker you’ll come across. You’ll tend to agree due to its competitive features like tracking stock quotes, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

Customize your watch lists and predict markets whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device.


Produce a crypto tax report easily with Koinly. You will be able to preview capital gains freely. Don’t be surprised when tax season comes around.

Auto sync your trades with 350+ exchanges supported.


For modern crypto investors, you can’t go wrong with Kubera. We believe it to be one of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps out there.

On top of being a tracking app, it is also a personal balance sheet. You will be able to manage your crypto assets and fiat side by side. There is a plethora of banks, brokerages, exchanges, wallets, and financial institutions you can connect to Kubera.

Users love that they can manage cash, antiques, NFTs, precious metals, and DeFi coins too. Keep track of individual stocks and crypto assets by adding tickers.

There is even a beneficiary management feature that is similar to a safe deposit box. You can feel secure when you pass down important documents and accounts.

Lunch Money

With Luch Money, you can track, manage, and budget your cryptocurrencies and fiat. Plug in your credit cards, checking, savings, credit, loans, investments, balances, etc.

You can track your net worth over time too.

Try Lunch Money for 14 days and pay $6.67 per month thereafter.


Much like eToro, NAGA offers a copy trading feature too (but with a twist). The copy trading feature has a social component to it. This way as you increase your profits, you can discuss trading ideas while learning from others.

The copy trading feature not only includes crypto, but forex, stocks, CFDs, and 90 financial assets.

You’ll be able to earn passive income by staking over 10 cryptocurrencies. You’ll want to take advantage of their NFT features too by creating, collecting, and trading.


Before you commit to a monthly package, it is free to sign up with Pionex. Decide on your favourite trading bot to get your feet wet.

The Grid Trading Bot allows you to buy and sell cryptos in a specific price range. Lower your risk with the Spot-Futures Arbitrage. Offset the volatility of the crypto markets with the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) bot.

All of these bots (18 native trading bots) make Pionex one of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps we’ve come across.


We recommend Shrimpy for those who are diversified traders who prefer to hold. This leading portfolio rebalancing tool also functions as a social platform.

You will feel right at home with their clean user interface, tracking tool, and responsive customer support.

Take advantage of their advantage portfolio backtesting. Optimize your portfolio and automate a trading strategy with Shrimpy.

Find the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker for Your Needs

Crypto investors are all different. That’s why we say to find the best crypto portfolio tracker that fits your needs. Some will prefer to be more social and share with others, while others will take a different approach entirely diving into projects.

No matter your style or position, you’ll be sure to find one for yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to try just one. We recommend trying a handful of them to test out the features that matter to you most.

If you are interested in trading as a business owner, you will need a trade license. Take your business to new levels and complete this step ASAP. Get started today with Virtuzone!

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