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Best Crypto App In UAE: Buy and Sell Crypto Today

Oct 1, 2022 | Finance

Crypto assets have become mainstream investment tools in recent years, with more and more people looking to get involved in the market. Especially if you want to invest in Web3 tech, Crypto can get you started! All you need to know is which is the best crypto app in UAE.

UAE has been at the forefront of crypto adoption in the Middle East, with several cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms receiving formal approval.

So, what are the best crypto apps for UAE residents? In this article, we’ll look at the best crypto apps in UAE and what they have to offer users.

What is the Best Crypto App In UAE?

You can access quite a few local, regional and global crypto exchanges and apps in UAE, letting you buy and sell crypto assets smoothly. Therefore, we have comprehensively compared their features, trading options and fee structures.

Considering various aspects, we have found BitOasis as the best crypto app in UAE. The homegrown crypto app packs a lot of features similar to the global cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, you will also find several exclusive benefits for UAE residents.

We have compiled our list after examining the features and benefits of many categories of crypto trading platforms, including: availability in the United Arab Emirates, crypto exchanges, best crypto exchange, digital currencies, trading tools, bank transfers, Bitcoin exchange, whether it is secure crypto trading platform, deposit funds, retail investor accounts, crypto trading and more.

Let’s now look at our top picks for the best crypto app in UAE.

BitOasis – Overall the Best Crypto App in UAE

A screenshot of Bit Oasis- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


Founded in 2015, BitOasis is a UAE-based cryptocurrency exchange, which is highly popular in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for trading crypto assets. BitOasis is the best crypto app in UAE, and the platform allows you to deposit in AED directly from the UAE bank account.

BitOasis supports over 60 cryptocurrencies. Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), authorised BitOasis in early 2022 to carry out trading operations in the UAE. Henceforth, it is our top choice for the best crypto app in UAE.

Top Features

  • Local deposits: Perhaps the most substantial benefit you will enjoy when trading on BitOasis is that you can deposit AED through your local bank accounts, debit or credit cards here.
  • Compliance: Being a UAE-based cryptocurrency exchange, BitOasis fully complies with the local regulatory bodies.
  • Various options: The platform supports over 200 trading pairs, including crypto and fiat currencies, so you can quickly take advantage of the price movements in the market.
  • Multi-device compatibility: BitOasis lets you use their highly functional trading interface and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Lite and Pro versions: BitOasis have multiple versions of their trading interface that you can use based on your expertise. BitOasis Lite is beginner-friendly, whereas BitOasis Pro is suitable for advanced and frequent traders.


A screenshot of Bit Oasis pricing options.

BitOasis transaction fees are pretty straightforward and transparent.

  • Fiat Deposit
    • Wire transfer: 0% (UAE and several other countries)
    • Easy funding (allowing you to connect your bank account inside the app): Up to 0.55%
    • Credit or debit cards: Starts from 3.675%
  • Fiat Withdrawal: Inside UAE: 0%
  • Trading fee
    • Lite Version: 0%
    • Pro: Up to Maker/Taker: 0.10%/0.15%
  • Sending and receiving fee:
    • Receiving: 0%
    • Sending: Varies. For BTC, it is 0.0005 BTC per sending

Bottom Line

Being a UAE-based entity, BitOasis can offer exclusive currency-related benefits for UAE residents, which you cannot find in the global cryptocurrency exchanges. Download BitOasis from your mobile app store and start trading crypto assets now, as BitOasis is the best crypto app in UAE.


A screenshot of Rain- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


Founded in 2019 as a regional cryptocurrency exchange focused on the MENA region, Rain has its headquarters in Bahrain. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) approved Rain to operate as a crypto assets trading platform in early 2022.

In 2019, Rain won a seed fund of $2.5 million from Blockwater, a Kuwait-based crypto investment fund and BitMEX ventures, a leading global crypto trading platform.

Top Features

  • Compliance: Rain has fulfilled all the compliance requirements, which gives you peace of mind as a UAE-based investor.
  • Zero fees: Rain was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the MENA region to introduce zero trading fees when you buy crypto assets using fiat money, making it the best crypto app in UAE regarding transaction fees.
  • AED trading pairs: Rain is one of the few platforms in the UAE that shows you AED trading pairs for buying and selling digital currencies.
  • Fast verification: You can start trading crypto assets in less than 24 hours on Rain.
  • Coin swapping: Rain allows you to do frequent coin swapping if you want to get benefitted from the market dynamics and price changes.


A screenshot of Rain pricing options.

Rain has a flexible and affordable fee structure. Here’s what the basic fee structure looks like:

  • Trading and swap fees: 0%
  • Deposit fees: Bank charge only
  • Withdrawal fees: AED 50, flat fee for international withdrawal (to your UAE bank account)
  • Dynamic send fees: Applicable for BTC and ETH only.
  • Storage fees: Zero

Bottom Line

Rain offers super convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Rain’s relatively low fee structure makes it an excellent choice for you to trade crypto assets in the UAE.

Binance – Best Crypto App in UAE with a Global Presence

A screenshot of Binance- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


According to CoinMarketCap, a crypto market news and data provider, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange based on 24-hours trading volume. Binance is also one of the latest cryptocurrency exchanges to receive its initial approval from the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) of Dubai, allowing you to trade crypto assets legally in the UAE.

The average 24-hour trading volume of Binance is $76 billion, and the platform currently supports over 350 cryptocurrencies. Binance also offers an integrated NFT wallet to store your digital assets.

Top Features

  • Zero fees for Bitcoin: Binance has recently introduced zero-fee trading for Bitcoins allowing them to spot trade frequently without incurring any network fees or maker/taker fees.
  • AED deposit: You can view your transaction data in AED pricing on Binance, making the trading experience convenient and confusion-free.
  • Desktop and mobile applications: Binance offers cutting-edge apps for both desktop and mobile platforms. You can also effortlessly use the web interface without installing the Binance app on the go.
  • Real-time price: Investors globally consider Binance one of the best places to get all the updated pricing and market data.
  • Historical data: Binance provides downloadable historical market data, which comes in handy for investment research and analysis.


A screenshot of Binance pricing options.

Binance has a transparent fee structure, which is also lower than many competitors.

  • BTC spot trading: 0%
  • Spot trading: Maker/Taker: 0.10%/0.10% (regular users)
  • Margin borrow interest (daily): Varies on coins (0.008027% for BTC)
  • P2P transactions (applies to maker only): 0.01% for BTC (no taker fee)

Bottom Line

Binance is one of the most comprehensive and affordable cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE. If you want to take your crypto trading enthusiasm to the global level, try the Binance mobile app now.

eToro – Best Crypto App in UAE for Versatility and Ease of Use

A screenshot of eToro- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has granted in-principle approval to eToro in September 2022 to open offices in the UAE. eToro is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly trading and investment platforms globally for various conventional and crypto assets.

Founded in 2007 in Israel, eToro came to the market even before cryptocurrencies. At present, eToro has a total registered user base of over 25 million. The platform supports over 60 crypto assets.

Top Features

  • Community trading: eToro’s core specialty is its community-based trading features. The exchange lets you replicate the trading strategies of other expert traders. This is an excellent feature if you do not want to do much research yourself.
  • Various assets: eToro has many different asset categories, and it’s super convenient to have them within a single platform.
  • Zero trading fee: Apart from the margin or leveraged trading, eToro does not take any trading commission.
  • Solid security: As a global cryptocurrency exchange, eToro complies with all the latest industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your transactions and investment.


A screenshot of eToro pricing options.

eToro’s pricing plan is transparent and affordable. Here are some pricing highlights:

  • Account opening: Free
  • Management fees: none
  • Commission: 0%
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Withdrawal: $5 flat fee (minimum withdrawal $30)
  • Trading fee: 1%
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Inactivity fee: $10/month, after 12 months of inactivity

Bottom Line

Copy trading and multiple asset categories have made eToro a genuinely unique global trading and investment platform. Download the eToro mobile app now from the app stores to get started.


A screenshot of Crypto.com- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


VARA approved the MVP license for Crypto.com in June 2022 to begin full-scale operation as a crypto assets trading platform in the UAE. It is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges globally, with over 50 million registered users.

You can buy and sell over 250 digital and cryptocurrencies using your Crypto.com account. The platform also offers crypto staking or holding cryptocurrencies in your account for a reward.

Top Features

  • Earning from crypto: Crypto.com lets you earn up to 14.5% interest per annum from the digital currencies you hold in your account.
  • Visa card: You can easily obtain a Visa card from Crypto.com, which you can use to pay bills to any visa-supported merchants globally.
  • Wide portfolio: You can build a substantial and diversified crypto trading portfolio with Crypto.com, with over 250 crypto assets and over 20 supported fiat currencies.
  • Latest security technologies: Crypto.com has implemented the latest security and server technologies to ensure fast and secure transactions. Their technologies include the 2.7 m TPS machining engine that has a core latency of 50 microseconds.
  • DeFi wallet: Crypto.com also has an integrated DeFi and NFT wallet to help you store all your digital assets and tokens.


A screenshot of Crypto.com pricing options.

Crypto.com offers a competitive fee structure for both beginners and professional traders.

  • Regular trading fees (spot and margin): Maker/Taker: 0.0750%/0.0750%
    • Maker benefit: Zero fee
    • Taker benefit: 12% discount
  • VIP trading fees: Maker/Taker: 0%/0.040%
  • Deposit fee: Free
  • Withdrawal fees: Varies, 0.0005 BTC for Bitcoins (minimum withdrawal 0.001 BTC)

Bottom Line

With a beginner-friendly mobile app interface and advanced trading features like margin trading and derivatives trading, Crypto.com is an ideal trading platform for every investor. Start buying and selling crypto assets from your Crypto.com app today.


A screenshot of Kraken- a contingent for the title of best crypto app in UAE


Kraken is considered one of the most beginner-friendly crypto trading platforms. But is it the best crypto app in UAE? Kraken received its full regulatory approval from ADGM in April 2022 to establish a base in the UAE. At present, you can trade over 185 cryptocurrencies at this exchange.

The average quarterly trading volume of Kraken currently stands at 207 billion. More than 9 million users from over 190 countries registered their cryptocurrency trading accounts on the platform.

Top Features

  • Full-featured mobile app: Kraken’s mobile app packs a full range of features within an intuitive dashboard. You can perform all the functionalities using the app to manage your crypto portfolio on the go effectively.
  • Kraken Pro: The Kraken Pro app takes crypto portfolio management further. In addition to the regular version, you can manage your crypto staking or holding, along with many advanced trading features with the Kraken Pro app.
  • Vast learning resources: You will find an excellent pool of diverse resources related to crypto investment and trading at Kraken Learning Center. The resources include trading strategy analysis and tons of how-to guides.
  • Crypto staking: You can earn up to 23% per annum from Kraken simply by holding over 12 crypto assets in your portfolio. Kraken clients have so far earned a total reward of over $100 million through staking.


A screenshot of Kraken pricing options.

Kraken offers different fee structures for regular and pro users.

  • Instant buy
    • Kraken fee: 0.9% for stablecoins, 1.5% for any crypto or fiat pairs
    • Card and wallet processing fee: From 3.75%
    • Online transfer/ACH processing fee: 0.5%
  • Trading
    • Maker/Taker: 0.20%/0.20% (Regular)
    • Maker/Taker: 0.16%/0.26% (Pro)
  • Margin trading: Varies. For BTC, 0.01% opening fee, plus 0.01% rollover fees every four hours.

Bottom Line

Kraken offers various crypto trading features, including basic and advanced ones. Try the Kraken app right away from UAE. It’s an excellent choice for beginner and pro users alike, and a worthy contender for the title of the best crypto app In UAE.

What are Crypto Apps?

Crypto apps let you buy, sell, store and trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. These apps also provide real-time market data and price charts to help you make informed investment decisions. Also, most crypto apps also have a built-in wallet that lets you securely store your digital assets.

Wrap Up: Best Crypto App in UAE

So, we have looked at the top crypto apps, including local, regional and global ones that you can use for crypto trading. Therefore, BitOasis is our top pick for the best crypto app in UAE as it offers some solid features, a beginner-friendly interface, and several exclusive features for the UAE market.

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