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Best Crypto Wallet in UAE

Sep 26, 2022 | Finance

So, you have finally decided to buy some cryptocurrency and partake in crypto exchange. Now, where do you store it? In your wallet? Pretty close, but not exactly. You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your new digital coins for cryptocurrency exchanges. But with so many different types of wallets and features, choosing the best one for you can be challenging. The crypto industry in United Arab Emirates is still in its early stages. Not to worry, this guide will help you choose the best crypto wallet in UAE.

Let’s find it out which one is best for you.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet in UAE?

We have found Trust Wallet as the best crypto wallet in United Arab Emirates. It’s essential to take into account your circumstances before choosing a wallet. You’ll want the best choice for you- whether its for bitcoin exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges, bank transfers or as a crypto trading platform UAE.

For instance, there are a few questions that might help you pick the right one.

Are you a beginner or a more experienced user when it comes to your digital currencies and cryptocurrency exchanges? Do you want a wallet for everyday use, portfolio management, or long-term storage? Will you be using it for crypto exchange through crypto trading platforms? Bitcoin exchange or checking your trading volume? Do you need advanced features like cold storage, or are you looking for something simpler? What do you require for your crypto trading platform in United Arab Emirates?

Once you know what you need, you can start narrowing down your options. Let’s now compare our top picks for the best crypto wallet in UAE so you can choose the right one for your crypto exchanges UAE.

Trust Wallet: Overall the Best Crypto Wallet in UAE

Screenshot of Trust Wallet- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


US-based Trust Wallet came into operation in 2017 as a software-based crypto wallet service, and since then, over 25 million users globally have registered their accounts in the Trust Wallet. The wallet app is available for your Android and iOS devices in the United Arab Emirates.

Trust Wallet’s convenient features and versatility have made it the best Crypto wallet in UAE. You can easily connect Trust Wallet with major global trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges for effortless crypto trading and storage. More importantly, it does not require any ID verification to secure your confidentiality in the United Arab Emirates.

Top Features

  • Intuitive and easy operations: After opening your account with Trust Wallet, you can buy Bitcoin or other trade digital currencies in under five minutes.
  • Trading service: You won’t have to leave the app and navigate to another crypto exchange app to perform trading. Trust Wallet lets you trade within its app in no time. Fantastic for your cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Credit card support: Trust Wallet is one of the few options in UAE where you can buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card without having to connect your bank account.
  • Solid confidentiality: Trust Wallet does not ask for any personal information for you. So you can always remain confident about the privacy of your transactions and storage.
  • Exploring DApps: Trust Wallet lets you explore and use a large number of decentralized apps and crypto-based games within the app.


Screenshot of Trust Wallet fees, pricing and payment options.

Trust Wallet is free to use as a decentralized app. However, to comply with decentralized networks, you will have to pay some other fees related to transaction and network management.Some of these fees can apply (but not be limited to) bitcoin exchanges, trading volume, bank transfers or as a crypto trading platform UAE.

At times of high demand, Ethereum gas fees exceeded $10 per transaction. You can set your priority for transaction fees at Trust Wallet, which means paying higher fees for urgent transactions and lower fees for less urgent ones.

Bottom Line

Trust Wallet offers a lot of conveniences, such as a user-friendly interface, trading volume and trading functionalities, and DApps browsing, making it one of the top crypto wallets in UAE. Visit the Google Play or iOS app store now and search for Trust Wallet to download it for free.

Coinbase Wallet

Screenshot of Coinbase- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms and wallets, has recently added its supported country list. this includes the United Arab Emirates. Now UAE residents can use Coinbase wallet to manage their crypto portfolios and to store various digital currencies and assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

As Coinbase supports the storage and trading of hundreds of thousands of digital asset types, you will find the platform highly convenient. Coinbase is hot storage, which means it remains connected to the internet. It is a great crypto trading platform in UAE for crypto exchange, such as bitcoin exchange.

Top Features

  • Non-custodial: Being a non-custodial wallet, Coinbase shares an encrypted key with you at the time of installation and then deletes it entirely from their system. Afterward, you will be the only person with access to the key and the wallet.
  • Various asset supports: You can store almost every digital asset in your Coinbase wallet. This includes all ERC-20 and EVM-compatible tokens.
  • Integrated trading platform: Coinbase lets you store and trade crypto assets (like a bank for when you buy bitcoin) and perform crypto exchange within a single platform, check your trading volume- which a time-saving feature. Great platform for your cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Hardware wallet integration: You can also connect Coinbase to any popular of these to add an extra layer of security.
  • Browser extension: You can use Coinbase as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.


Screenshot of Coinbase fees, pricing and payment options.

Coinbase wallet is free, just like Trust Wallet. You won’t have to pay transaction fees when using Coinbase as a trading platform. The platform even pays you for cryptocurrency storage through crypto staking.

Transaction and network charges may incur if you send or receive cryptocurrencies from other wallets or exchanges or when you trade digital currencies using bank transfers.

Bottom Line

Coinbase is easily accessible and one of the most suitable wallets for beginners. Due to its wide compatibility and zero fees, it is an excellent option for crypto enthusiasts or just anyone who loves to buy bitcoin. Try Coinbase now with your Chrome or Edge browser to use it in the United Arab Emirates.


Screenshot of MetaMask- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


If you are searching for a top crypto wallet that works across your mobile phones and desktop browsers alike, MetaMask is your go-to choice. Over a million crypto enthusiasts (or those who just like to buy bitcoin) have downloaded and used MetaMask.

Although the platform is user-friendly, the advanced features are suitable for expert traders, gamers, NFT collectors, and developers.

Top Features

  • Open for contribution: MetaMask acts like a purely open-source platform where developers globally can contribute to improving the platform while complying with a specified community guideline.
  • Cross-platform: You can use MetaMask from your desktop browsers through add-ons. Currently, supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave. MetaMask is also available on the Apple app store and Google Play store.
  • Integrated exchange: MetaMask comes with an integrated crypto exchange and crypto marketplace so that you can buy and store your coins without leaving the platform (such as when you buy bitcoin).
  • Blockchain apps: MetaMask lets you connect many blockchain apps or decentralized apps and games to store in-app assets.
  • Strong security: MetaMask does not ask you to provide any personal information. The platform also does not save any copy of the security key; only you can access your wallet account to optimise the safety of your trading volume of your digital.


Screenshot of MetaMask fees, pricing and payment options.

MetaMask does not charge anything for storage. However, the platform takes a 0.875% service for cryptocurrency swapping. By swapping, you can substantially reduce the gas fees as you require fewer transaction approvals.

In addition, MetaMask monitors the blockchain networks to identify the best gas price offers for you in the United Arab Emirates.

Bottom Line

MetaMask wallet packs many advanced features like slippage protection, swapping, and gas fee monitoring, making it one of the best crypto wallets in UAE for frequent traders. Download MetaMask now for your desktop or mobile device.

Ledger Nano X: Hardware-based, Best Crypto Wallet in UAE

Screenshot of Ledger Nano X- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


No matter how secure your software-based and hot wallets are, you cannot avoid some network-related vulnerabilities with those. That’s where hardware wallets or cold wallets step in. One of the best you will find in the market is Ledger Nano X, which strikes a balance between security and cost.

Ledger Nano X is the entry-level variant, whereas its elder brother, Ledger Nano S Plus, packs many advanced features for professional users.

Top Features

  • Mobile app support: Although Ledger Nano X is cold storage, you will find it very easy to connect with your PC or phone via the Ledger Live app.
  • Cold storage: Your NFTs and digital assets will remain physically secure once you store them in Ledger Nano X.
  • Asset management and growth: Ledger Nano X lets you store everything from DeFi app resources to NFTs within one device.
  • Full range of functionalities: The Ledger Live app lets you perform various crypto trading tasks, including purchasing, crypto exchange, lending, and exploring apps.
  • Supported platforms for UAE residents: Ledger Nano supports many popular platforms for UAE residents to trade crypto assets, such as Banxa, Mercuryo, Ramp and Simplex for buying coins; Zerion for managing crypto assets; Bitrefill for paying with cryptocurrency; 1inch and Paraswap for swapping.


Screenshot of Ledger Nano X fees, pricing and payment options.

Ledger Nano X costs you USD 149 at its official online store. You can order it from the main store as they ship to the UAE. Alternatively, you can also find it from a local UAE-based retailer. The prices vary from AED 700 to AED 740 in the United Arab Emirates. Many Ledger Nano X accessories and covers are available at the Amazon UAE store.

Bottom Line

Ledger Nano X is a top choice when you are looking to safeguard your precious crypto assets with the best crypto wallet in UAE that has cold storage. Grab yours now from the official Ledger e-store.

Trezor Model T

Screenshot of Trezor Model T- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


If you are looking for an advanced and feature-rich, hardware-based crypto wallet, Trezor Model T and Trezor One are excellent options for UAE. Trezor One offers basic features at a highly affordable price, whereas Trezor Model T brings you state-of-the-art security features that any crypto professionals will find handy.

Trezor Model T provides you with both PIN and passphrase-based securities for solid protection in the United Arab Emirates.

Top Features

  • Multi-platform support: You can easily connect Trezor Model T with your desktop and mobile devices to manage your crypto funds on the go.
  • Excellent display: Trezor Model T impresses the users with its large, bright, and interactive display that clearly shows many fund management options.
  • Comprehensive support: You can store over a thousand types of digital coins (great for when you buy bitcoin!), currencies, and NFTs from your entire crypto portfolio in your Trezor Model T.
  • Built-in exchange: You don’t need to leave your Model T device to purchase or trade/ crypto exchange any assets. You can do it smoothly from the integrated trading platforms.
  • Premium security features: Some of the cutting-edge security features available with Trezor Model T includes SSH, Shamir backup, GPG encryption, FIDO2 authentication, and U2F authentication.


Screenshot of Trezor Model T fees, pricing and payment options.

Trezor Model T costs you EUR 270 (approximately USD 270) to order and ship from the official Trezor e-store. You will receive the product in the UAE within 2 to 7 business days. Alternatively, you can purchase it from a local retailer like Carrefour, which sells it for AED 1,000 in the United Arab Emirates.

Bottom Line

Trezor Model T is an elegant hardware wallet suitable for advanced crypto enthusiasts who value aesthetics and the latest features. Get your Trezor Model T from the official store and secure your crypto assets from any cyber threats right away.


Screenshot of Exodus- one of our top choices as the best crypto wallet in UAE


Exodus is an all-around crypto wallet that has many essential features under the same roof. For example, Exodus is compatible with all available platforms including desktop, mobile devices, browsers, or even hardware wallets. Exodus lets you efficiently store your web 3 NFTs including Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand.

Exodus is a non-custodial wallet in nature, which means you can enjoy total control over your crypto funds, and the platform does not keep or ask for any of your personal information.

Top Features

  • Built-in trading platform: Exodus has a built-in crypto trading platform where you can buy over 25 types of cryptocurrencies in the UAE directly using USD, EUR or GBP. Great for crypto exchange.
  • Payment methods: The platform supports all the frequently-used payment methods including bank account, credit card, and Apple pay.
  • Various services: The Exodus browser extensions for Chrome and Brave browsers allow you to explore DeFi apps, NFT marketplaces, and many Web 3 features without leaving Exodus.
  • Excellent mobile apps: You can access all the features you need on Exodus right from your mobile phones including Android and iOS. The mobile apps also sync smoothly with the desktop app and browser extension.


Screenshot of Exodus fees, pricing and payment options.

Exodus does not charge a fee for the transactions you perform on the platform. However, you will need to pay the transaction fees, network fees, and gas fees like you do with every other crypto wallet and trading platform.

Keep in mind that Exodus does the fee calculator automatically as determined by its algorithm, and you cannot interfere in the calculation process.

Bottom Line

Exodus is probably the most comprehensive crypto wallet in UAE that is compatible with a wide variety of coins, NFTs, and platforms. Register on Exodus now for free.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet lets you store, receive, and send cryptocurrency. They are the best tool for crypto exchange. Unlike a regular wallet, a crypto wallet doesn’t physically store your currency. Instead, it stores your public and private keys like a digital fingerprint. Most also have a built-in exchange, so you can easily swap one currency for another.

Wrap-Up: Best Crypto Wallet in UAE

So, these were our top picks for the best crypto wallet in UAE. Trust Wallet is our top choice for crypto wallet use in the United Arab Emirates for its ease of use, security features, and support for many cryptocurrencies. Also, don’t forget about hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X if you want extra security for your digital assets.

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