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Best Crypto Tax Software

Sep 18, 2022 | Finance

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and invest in cryptocurrency. Congratulations! You are now part of a growing community of people using cutting-edge technology to take control of their financial lives. For this, you will need the best crypto tax software.

But as with any new venture, there is a learning curve—and one of the things you will need to learn is how to file your taxes on your crypto earnings.

The good news is that there are now several excellent crypto tax software programs that can make filing your crypto taxes much easier. In this article, we will review the ten best crypto tax software programs currently available.

What is The Best Crypto Tax Software?

Firstly, there are quite a few strong contenders for the title of best crypto tax software; choosing the best crypto tax software is not easy. We have compared them comprehensively based on features, usability, pricing, and user review, and have found Koinly to be the best crypto tax software from a holistic perspective.

Let’s go through our top picks to make crypto tax calculation effortless for you and help you choose the right one:

Koinly (our pick- best crypto tax software)

A screenshot of Koinly- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


Koinly is evidently one of the best crypto tax software programs on the market. The intuitive and beginner-friendly crypto tax calculator can help you find your crypto tax accurately in less than 20 minutes.

Koinly lets you seamlessly connect your external crypto exchange accounts and wallets, including Coinbase, Binance, and others. The software automatically and intelligently categorizes most of your crypto transactions and saves you from hours of research.

Top Features

  • Easy import: Koinly supports over 300 exchanges and wallets and can automatically import transaction records via API or CSV files.
  • Intelligent transfer matching: Koinly smartly filters out inter-wallet transaction costs from your original earnings for tax calculation.
  • Portfolio tracking: You will get a comprehensive view of your total portfolio, including growth, ROI, profit/loss, profit realization, etc.
  • Future trading and margins: Koinly supports data import for your margin trading in supported exchanges such as BitMex, Kraken, Binance, and others.
  • Multiple transaction types: Koinly can track a variety of less frequent transaction types such as lending, DeFi, or staking.
  • Historical price: You will find over eight years of historical prices for crypto and fiat money at your fingertips for data-driven decision-making.


A screenshot of Koinly pricing options.

You will find four different Koinly pricing options, including a free membership.

  • Free – Always free – All essential features except tax reporting and form downloads
  • Newbie – $49/tax year – Custom file import and tax analysis
  • Holder – $99/ ax year – Up to 1,000 transaction tracking
  • Trader – $179/tax year – Up to 3,000 transaction tracking

Bottom Line

Koinly’s exceptional features and ease of use have put it right at the top of our list for the best crypto tax software. As the software has a free version, you can try it out to see how it performs before making a financial commitment.


A screenshot of CoinLedger- one of the best crypto tax software programs


CoinLedger is one of the best crypto tax software programs you can find if you are looking for a comprehensive solution to handle all your crypto tax calculation and reporting needs. The software connects smoothly with TurboTax, TaxDirect, and other similar platforms. CoinLedger also gives you a 100% money-back guarantee within the first two weeks.

Top Features

  • TurboTax partnership: CoinLedger is one of the official TurboTax partners, making it very convenient to prepare and submit your tax files. Official partners comply with all regulatory requirements.
  • Various transaction support: CoinLedger can track different crypto or digital transactions, including trading and NFT purchases.
  • Data import: You can connect CoinLedger to any major crypto platforms, including marketplaces, exchanges, and wallets, to import data in API or CSV formats.
  • Learning resources: CoinLedger offers extensive learning resources on its website to guide you through every step of your tax reporting.
  • Client management capabilities: Apart from personal tax filing, CoinLedger also offers excellent functionalities for tax professionals. You will get an individual client dashboard, Form 8949 creation, and audit trail management.
  • NFT tax: CoinLedger gives you a complete picture of your NFT investment, including portfolio details and profit/loss.


A screenshot of CoinLedger pricing options.

CoinLedger has different pricing tiers to serve various investors, from beginners to professionals.

  • Hobbyists – $49/100 transactions
  • Day Trader – $99/1,500 transactions
  • High Volume – $199/5,000 transactions
  • Unlimited – $299/unlimited transactions

The CoinLedger pricing plans are straightforward as you will get all options across all plans. The only difference is the number of transactions you can include.

Bottom Line

CoinLedger is a fully functional crypto tax calculation and reporting software letting you track transactions from many exchanges and marketplaces. Get started with CoinLedger today.

Accointing (our pick for a user-friendly best crypto tax software program)

A screenshot of Accointing- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


Accointing has made it to our list of the best crypto tax software due to its user-friendly interface, feature-rich mobile apps, and comprehensive reporting solutions.

The software has earned hundreds of positive feedback on its TrustPilot page from users globally. In addition, many global media outlets, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Coindesk, CNBC, and CoinTelegraph, have featured Accointing as a premium crypto tax solution.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive coverage: Accointing lets you track the full range of your crypto transactions within a single platform.
  • Total integration: The software supports integration with over 300 crypto platforms to import all relevant transaction data automatically.
  • Real-time insights: Accointing will present great insights related to your crypto transactions by analyzing data in real time.
  • Total compliance: The platform is fully compliant with most globally-accepted tax accounting principles.
  • Quick filing: You can prepare your final tax report with as little as five clicks.
  • Market research: Accointing lets you monitor the overall crypto market and portfolio in real-time. You can fully customize the information you want to follow.


A screenshot of Accounting pricing options.

You will get all the features in every Accointing pricing plan.

  • Starter – Free – Up to 25 taxable transaction filing
  • Hobbyist – $79/year – Up to 500 transactions
  • Trader – $199/year – Up to 5,000 transactions
  • Pro – $299/year – Up to 50,000 transactions, a solid option for crypto professionals or tax accountants.

Accointing provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Bottom Line

Accointing is an excellent choice for beginners who have just started crypto trading and need to file crypto taxes. You can sign up for the free version of Accointing today without a credit card.


A screenshot of CryptoTaxCalculator.


Excellent customer support and customization tools have helped CryptoTaxCalculator, an Australia-based software for calculating crypto taxes, make it to our top ten list of the best crypto tax software.

One of the best features of CryptoTaxCalculator is the one-to-one crypto tax consultation you will get with any paid subscriptions. You will find the customer support team tremendously helpful in reconciling your transactions and tax calculations.

Top Features

  • Customizability: CryptoTaxCalculator offers fully customizable and configurable tax settings so that you don’t have to Excel or any other spreadsheet.
  • Full coverage: You will get all-in-one crypto solutions, including DeFi, DEX, and NFTs, within one platform.
  • Easy integrations: You can integrate CryptoTaxCalculator to work seamlessly with over 500 digital assets, wallets, exchanges, and crypto platforms.
  • Dedicated accountant portal: CryptoTaxCalculator offers a dedicated portal for professionals and accountants for efficient and smooth client management.
  • Easy categorization: The platform categorizes various crypto transactions such as DEX trading, staking rewards, ICO participation and others in no time.


A screenshot of CryptoTaxCalculator pricing options.

CryptoTaxCalculator offers four different pricing plans that are billed yearly.

  • Rookie – $49/year – Up to 100 transactions
  • Hobbyist – $99/year – Up to 1,000 transactions
  • Investor – $189/year – Up to 10,000 transactions
  • Trader – $299/year – Up to 100,000 transactions

You will get all the supported features available in all four CryptoTaxCalculator pricing plans.

Bottom Line

CryptoTaxCalculator provides great customer support so that you can effortlessly prepare your crypto tax report even as a beginner. The platform comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it tension-free now.

Fyn (formerly, Bear.Tax)

A screenshot of FYN, one of the best crypto tax software programs.


BearTax was known as one of the market’s most affordable crypto tax management solutions before Fyn acquired and rebranded the platform. Followed by the acquisition, Fyn has added many new and convenient features and has made itself one of the best crypto tax software.

Fyn lets you add a smooth API to your business websites and web3.0-based platforms. It offers excellent functionalities to tax consultants to efficiently handle thousands of transactions.

Top Features

  • Intelligent tax calculation: Once you connect Fyn with your business website, it performs intelligent raw data categorization and automatic tax calculations that comply with regulatory requirements.
  • All exchanges supported: Fyn covers every major crypto exchange for effortless data integration and imports. Fyn also supports custom data uploads in all popular formats if there’s a new one.
  • Tax saver ideas: The platform automatically finds innovative and regulatory-compliant tax saver ideas for you after comprehensively analyzing your transactions.
  • Tight security: The crypto tax software implements the latest security protocols to safeguard the privacy of your data, API, private keys, and transactions.
  • Auto rule adjustment: Once you select your country to file the tax report, Fyn automatically adjusts all the applicable rules for that country.


A screenshot of FYN pricing options.

Fyn pricing plans include a fully functional free solution that is an excellent option if you want to try the platform. Apart from the number of transactions you can do, all other features remain the same across the plans.

  • Free – $0/year – Up to 20 transactions
  • Basic – $49/year – Up to 200 lifetime transactions
  • Plus – $149/year – Up to 25,000 lifetime transactions
  • Pro – $499/year – Up to 1 million lifetime transactions

Bottom Line

Fyn is one of the most functional crypto tax software for entry-level individual traders who can test it for free for up to 20 transactions. Similarly, it’s excellent for trading professionals, too, with support for a million transactions. You can try Fyn now for free.


A screenshot of Ledgible- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


Regarding professional crypto tax accounting and management, Ledgible offers some of the most advanced capabilities, making it one of the best crypto tax software in the market.

Although the software is helpful for individual traders and beginners, it also has a pro version that focuses on professionals, including CPAs and institutions.

Top Features

  • Seamless support for tax software: No matter what filing system you use, Ledgible supports all of them, including the standard IRS Form 8949, TurboTax, Tax Act, and others.
  • Categorization: It intelligently categorizes all possible crypto transaction types, such as regular transactions, gift exports, and income-generating transactions.
  • Portfolio management: Ledgible lets you effectively and intuitively manage your crypto portfolio where you can perform current and outstanding tax calculations.
  • Exchange integration: You may have crypto transactions across ten different exchanges. Ledgible connects them all and shows transactions in one place.
  • Transaction matching: When you simply move your crypto assets from one holding to another, there are scopes for cost-saving accounting. The software intelligently factors them all into the calculation.


A screenshot of Ledgible pricing options.

One of the unique features of Ledgible pricing plan is its usage-based pricing structure. Unlike the competitors, Ledgible lets you pick a straightforward package that costs you $49/year and supports up to 200 transactions.

You can then add 200 – 1000 transactions with an additional payment of $50 without spending a larger amount. The platform offers customizable pricing plans for professional accountants and business managers.

Bottom Line

Ledgible is a solid choice for both individuals and professional crypto tax accountants. You can sign up now to check out some of the great features it offers.


A screenshot of ZenLedger- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


ZenLedger is one of the best crypto tax software solutions for beginners, as it offers a full-featured free package and some solid crypto tax calculation capabilities under the hood.

Even if you don’t pay, you will still get excellent customer support to help you proceed with tax preparation and filing.

Top Features

  • Tax saving policies: ZenLedger complies with the latest regulatory compliance and industry standards to offer you a wide array of tax-saving ideas for your country.
  • Effortless filing: It lets you integrate easily with the IRS filing system and other popular tax filing software like TurboTax.
  • Import tracking: The dashboard intuitively shows you the import history combining all the sources, including wallets, exchanges, CSV files, and others.
  • Free form download: ZenLedger is one of the rare crypto tax software programs that let you download tax forms for free.
  • Wide support: The platform supports real-time integration with over 400 crypto exchanges, over 100 DeFi protocols, and over 10 NFT platforms.
  • Knowledge base: You will get in-depth information on tax calculation techniques, regulatory information, and transaction management ideas from the ZenLedger website’s knowledge resources.


A screenshot of Zenledger pricing options.

ZenLedger pricing plans are easy on your wallet and include a robust free plan for beginners.

  • Free – $0/year – Up to 25 transactions
  • Starter – $49/year – Up to 100 transactions
  • Premium – $149/year – Up to 5,000 transactions
  • Executive – $399/year – Up to 15,000 transactions
  • Platinum – $999/year – Unlimited transactions

Bottom Line

ZenLedger is a solid crypto tax solution for beginners, professionals, and businesses. The platform’s free plan does not require any credit card information, so you can try it out now without any worries.


A screenshot of TokenTax- of of the best crypto tax software programs.


TokenTax provides crypto enthusiasts and professionals with all-inclusive crypto tax calculation and filing support. It is also one of the best crypto tax software with many advanced features.

TokenTax lets you do automated tax filing and comprehensive reports from certified tax accountants. The detailed filing report will ensure that your tax filing complies with regulatory guidelines.

Top Features

  • Focused on professionals: TokenTax aims to streamline the crypto tax filing experience so that you can easily manage as many clients as you want from the dashboard and individual client management portal.
  • Full integration: You may rarely need to manually import data into TokenTax, as the software supports integration with almost every exchange and platform.
  • Vetted accountants: You can reach out to the certified accountants of TokenTax any time if you need any help with your crypto tax calculation and filing.
  • Add-ons: You may not need all features for your tax filing. So TokenTax lets you choose features from various add-ons and pay accordingly.
  • Real-time report: All your forms and reports get automatically updated within your TokenTax dashboard so that you never miss a bit.
  • Comprehensive tax guide: TokenTax provides extensive learning resources and tax filing guidelines.


A screenshot of TokenTax pricing options.

TokenTax pricing plans are designed for serious traders and professionals.

  • Basic – $65/year – Up to 500 transactions
  • Premium – $199/year – Up to 5,000 transactions
  • Pro – $799/year – Up to 20,000 transactions
  • VIP – $3,499/year – Up to 30,000 CEX transactions, many professional features and expert consultations

TokenTax lets you increase the transaction limits for any plan based on your needs.

Bottom Line

TokenTax is a professional-grade comprehensive crypto tax software for industry leaders and frequent traders. Book your TokenTax subscription now to experience the advanced features.


A screenshot of TaxBit- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


TaxBit offers excellent convenience as one of the best crypto tax software for professional and entry-level traders. You can integrate TaxBit with a wide range of external tools and platforms to access all of your transaction records from a unified system.

TaxBit has strong accounting features such as audit trail analysis, capital loss deduction management, and transaction history tracking to ease your tax reconciliation experience.

Top Features

  • Great automation: TaxBit provides robust automation tools so that you can categorize hundreds of transactions in no time and prepare detailed tax reports for regulatory filing.
  • Wide coverage: TaxBit supports over 500 exchanges, many digital assets, and NFT so you rarely have to import any transaction data manually.
  • Form 8949: TaxBit lets you download Form 8949 for free if your transaction data is within the TaxBit Network.
  • Real-time sync: Once you connect your desired crypto wallet or exchange with TaxBit, it syncs all the data in real-time and you can instantly see the tax impact in your TaxBit dashboard.
  • Pre-transaction tax impact: TaxBit’s advanced plans show you the tax impact for each transaction even before you make it. The feature is super convenient for professional and regular traders.


A screenshot of TaxBit pricing options.

TaxBit pricing plans are suitable for both entry-level traders and professionals.

  • Free – $0 – Unlimited transaction without form download support
  • Basic – $50/year – Tax management for current and previous tax years
  • Plus+ – $175/year – Full range of services
  • Pro – $500/year – Unlimited transactions, CPA review, and IRS audit consultation

TaxBit does not limit the number of transactions you can perform in any pricing plan.

Bottom Line

TaxBit is a reliable tool to help you calculate your crypto taxes. You may sign up for the free version and explore the functions before you pay to download tax forms.


A screenshot of CoinTracker- one of the best crypto tax software programs.


Founded in 2017, CoinTracker is one of the most all-around tax management solutions for crypto traders and has secured its place in our list of the best crypto tax software. The dashboard is very detailed in showing you real-time data imported from all connected exchanges and wallets.

CoinTracker offers some exclusive features that are hard to find elsewhere, such as real-time token price data, market caps, portfolio performance analytics, and all-inclusive transaction details.

Top Features

  • Portfolio tracking: CoinTracker lets you monitor your total crypto portfolio across all of your connected exchanges and cryptocurrencies. You can connect to over 300 exchanges and over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • Tax optimization: CoinTracker monitors your transactions and portfolio to find the most optimal and tax-saving accounting methods for you. The algorithm considers all applicable tax regulations for your country.
  • Full compliance: CoinTracker always ensures complete regulatory compliance with relevant tax authorities. The platform also lets you file taxes with TurboTax or other filing software.
  • Feature-rich mobile apps: CoinTracker offers high-quality mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms so that you can always stay connected on the go and oversee your tax management.


A screenshot of CoinTracker pricing options.

CoinTracker pricing plans are pretty straightforward and let you choose from only two available consumer tax pricing plans.

  • Hobbyist – $59/year
  • Premium – $199/year

Both plans include all the features and full tax management support for the US, India, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Bottom Line

CoinTracker is an excellent tool for crypto enthusiasts, offering tons of real-time trading and portfolio insights. You can get your CoinTrack subscription worry-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Crypto Tax Software?

Crypto tax software is a digital solution that helps cryptocurrency investors calculate and file their taxes. The best crypto tax software programs will have tax management features, such as connecting to multiple exchanges and wallets, support for multiple currencies, and a wide range of tax-reporting functions.

Wrap Up

There you have it—our review of the ten best crypto tax software solutions currently available. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right crypto tax software for your needs. Carefully consider their available features, pricing structure, integration capabilities, and trading volume when choosing the right one for you to calculate your crypto taxes.

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