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Is your company set-up specialist helping you beat the competition?

Aug 22, 2019 | UAE Company Setup

If you’ve launched a company before, you will be well aware of the pain points: establishing your brand; setting up your IT, mail and telephone; managing your accounts; filing paperwork.

For startups in the UAE it can be invaluable to have a specialist company taking care of these tasks while you focus on making a success of your business. But the support of a company set-up specialist should not end there.

If you want to take the UAE by storm, you need an expert who can give you the benefit of their experience on an ongoing basis

1. Making your brand stand out

The design of your brand image creates that all-important first impression, so it’s important to find a graphic designer who understands branding and understands your business.

Finding good designers takes a certain amount of trial and error, especially when setting up in a new country. It can take a long time to gather recommendations and check them out before deciding who you are going to trust your brand to.

Experienced brand design from VirtuDesign

At Virtuzone, we recognised how difficult it is for new businesses to find designers they can trust with their branding, so we set up our own brand design resource: VirtuDesign. The benefit for new business owners setting up in the UAE is that they don’t have to spend time researching designers, nor briefing them about the nature of their business.

VirtuDesign is staffed by skilled graphic designers who specialise in brand design for new businesses in the UAE. That sort of specialism is very hard to find and will give your business a significant head start.


2. Establishing fast & secure IT connections

Regardless of how tech savvy you are, getting set up with a website, hosting and email can be a tricky and time-consuming task. And that’s before you start thinking about servers, backups, cyber security and multiple devices.

IT is an essential function for all businesses these days and the ongoing service and maintenance is just as important as the initial set-up.

By taking away the burden of managing your IT, a company set-up specialist can save you a lot of time and stress at a time when you want to be focusing on making an impact in a new market.

24/7 technical support from VirtuTech

From our experience of working with new startups in the UAE, we are able to identify the IT challenges new businesses face. We will work with your web designers and developers to arrange web hosting that is best suited to your website requirements, as well as email mailboxes.

We will set you up with the latest version of Microsoft Office and help to organise your internal IT, making sure its properly secured and backed up. Our VirtuTech service offers 24/7 IT support, giving you peace of mind around the clock.

3. Navigating bureaucracy

The words ‘government administration’ are enough to strike fear into the heart of the most robust entrepreneur. While the UAE is one of the easier countries in which to set up a new business, it still has its share of paperwork and bureaucracy to navigate.

Knowledge of the local regulatory landscape and contacts in government offices are of great benefit when it comes to registering a company, applying for visas, driving licenses and ID cards, taking medical fitness tests. The list goes on.

VirtuPro : your guide through admin

The number of bureaucratic requirements can be daunting for anyone setting up a new business in the UAE. With our VirtuPRO service behind you, you can forget about it all and concentrate on doing what you do best.

VirtuPRO covers all the paperwork required for launching and staffing a new business in the UAE. With our knowledge of the local bureaucratic system, we can speed up the process and make sure you get it right first time.

We will keep you informed of progress and let you know of any actions you need to take. Apart from that, though, you can focus solely on your business without any unwanted distractions.

4. Putting you in the spotlight

With more and more virtual companies setting up in the UAE, many new businesses focus on their online communications and forget about the traditional channels, telephone and mail.

But having a business address and a landline telephone number are still important for establishing validity and trust in the UAE.

If you don’t have premises of your own, you will benefit from having a PO box service that can take your mail deliveries at any time of day or night and a telephone answering system that will take your calls and respond to them in a way that keeps leads warm.

A professional presence with VirtuLink and VirtuMail

VirtuLink is our telephone service. Staffed 24/7, it makes sure there is always someone on the end of the phone to convey your greeting and take a message. It could be the call that you’ve always been waiting for.

We’ll provide you with a local 04 landline number, which will give your business kudos in the UAE. Similarly, a postal address right next to the Burj Khalifa is as prestigious as they come. That’s what you get with our VirtuMail service – a premium office address where there is always someone in to receive your mail, sort it, store it and notify you that it’s arrived.


5. Keeping your accounts in order

Diligent accounting is essential for a successful business launch. You don’t want to fall foul of local financial regulations before you’ve even started.

Balance the books with VirtuAccounts

Our VirtuAccounts service saves you the trouble of finding yourself an accountant in the UAE. We provide book keeping, payroll, VAT advisory as well as general advisory services. So you can use VirtuAccounts just to take care of the basic requirements or our experts can advise you on your financial strategy.

An advantage that lasts

By offering these business services at a cost that can be tailored to the individual business, we help our clients push ahead of the field from the day they launch in the UAE. And once they are launched, we help them with everything they need to stay ahead.

Setting up your own business has never been easier. Virtuzone takes care of it all so you can focus on what matters – building your business. For more information about company formation in the UAE mainland or free zones, please call us on +971 4 457 8200, send an email to info@virtuzone.com, or click here.

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