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TIDAL Digital’s experience incorporating a business with Virtuzone

Sep 20, 2019 | UAE Company Setup

Virtuzone has incorporated thousands of businesses, but every now and then we come across a start-up which stands out from the crowd. Over the years we’ve helped incorporate hundreds of marketing and digital marketing agencies, but after chatting to Tony Small, Head Of Commercial & Managing Partner at Tidal Digital, we realised they are doing something different than many other agencies – and it’s good news for businesses looking to grow via digital channels.

I spoke with Tony to find out a little more about Tidal Digital and his experience in setting up a business in the UAE with Virtuzone:

CVP: Digital marketing agencies aren’t anything new. What separates Tidal Digital from the crowd?

TS: As a performance marketing agency, we specialise in scaling businesses through digital channels. However, our team leverage data to drive decision making. Not only does this mean we can spend our clients’ budget much more efficiently and drive a faster ROI, it means that our clients have complete transparency on the performance of their digital campaigns and marketing budget. We also have a more hands-on approach than other agencies which means we operate like an extension of our clients marketing departments, rather than simply an external supplier.

CVP: Sounds like a good approach, especially for businesses looking to scale quickly. Why did you decide to set up your business in the UAE, specifically Dubai?

TS: Based on our own experiences of working with agencies in Dubai we saw a clear opportunity in the market to run a data-driven digital marketing agency that focuses on ROI and gives clients complete transparency over their digital marketing spend and performance. A number of the Tidal team had either worked in or with agencies in Dubai and had been underwhelmed with the level of competence, digital marketing knowledge, understanding of tracking and measurement and ability to demonstrate ROI.

As a result, we’ve built a business model that helps our clients scale efficiently, whilst also giving complete transparency over what their budget is being spent on and what results are being delivered.

A lot of agencies here in Dubai will spend their clients’ budget and not know what is coming out of the other end, whether that be leads, transactions or general awareness. As a result, there’s a feeling of distrust among digital agencies in the country and region. We wanted to break this mould and offer something that other agencies aren’t, grow trust among our clients and, most importantly, deliver results that help our clients grow.

CVP: That’s a refreshing approach to digital marketing! Why did you choose Virtuzone as your business incorporation partner?

TS: After speaking with and meeting a handful of potential business setup and company formation partners, it was clear that Virtuzone had a much better understanding of the process than their competitors. The team at Virtuzone were all extremely knowledgeable and outlined the steps that were required for us to form a company in the UAE. We felt we were in good hands and it was an easy decision to go with Virtuzone.

CVP: What specifically did you like about working with Virtuzone?

TS: The team at Virtuzone have been extremely helpful at every stage of the company formation process.

From initial contact and the sales process to business setup and visas, the entire process has been extremely well managed.

We’ve been kept in the loop at every step and felt well looked after.

CVP: Finally, what would you say to other businesses looking to set up in Dubai or the UAE?

TS: First and foremost, do your due diligence and make sure there is a market for the product or service that you’ll be selling. Setting up a business in the UAE isn’t cheap, so you need to make sure that there is enough demand in order for your business to survive. Secondly, choose a business setup partner that understands your business needs, understands the company formation process and, arguably most importantly, you trust. We’d highly recommend Virtuzone as they ticked those 3 boxes, and more.

To learn more about how Tidal Digital can help your business scale through digital marketing visit www.tidal.digital for more information.

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