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Real Estate CRMs

Oct 28, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

As a real estate professional, you will always want a competitive advantage over others in your field. Organising your sales and marketing communication and information is a great way to do this using a CRM or customer relationship management system software. Many CRMs on the market offer various features, so choosing the best real estate software can be daunting. To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of the best real estate CRMs, based on our findings.

What Is The Best Real Estate CRM?

We have found Salesmate for Realtors as the best real estate CRM for small businesses and teams. The cloud-based real estate CRM software platform comes with a pricing structure based on the number of users, making it affordable and scalable for small businesses.

In addition to Salesmate for Realtors, you will also find several worthy competitors for real estate software. Let’s now go through our complete list of highly capable real estate CRMs to discover which suits your business needs the best.

Salesmate for Realtors – Overall the Best Real Estate CRM

A screenshot of Salesmate For Realtors- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Salesmate for Realtors is a specialised real estate CRM that aims to provide solid lead management and client communication experience for real estate professionals. The platform has bagged several awards from industry-leading reviewers such as Capterra, GetApp, and Trust Radius for exceptional usability and affordable pricing.

Top Features

  • Listing automation: Salesmate can gather leads from multiple listing websites through automatic integration. Managers can then assign leads to specific team members.
  • Follow-up tracking: You can easily track all communications with your clients. You can schedule customised bulk SMS, emails, and voicemails for the clients and leads.
  • Call features: Salesmate is one of the few real estate CRMs that has integrated calling features so that you can reach out to your leads with each. You can purchase local numbers and record your voice calls for future reference.
  • Pipeline management: The real estate CRM software has advanced and intuitive pipeline management features so that you always know the updated communication and sales status.
  • Intelligent assistance and automation: Salesmate lets you quickly automate your recurring task and set conditional actions. You can set custom notifications for specific activities.


A screenshot of Salesmate For Realtors pricing options.

Salesmate for Realtors pricing is affordable and includes a 15-day free trial. The pricing plans per user are as follows:

  • Starter – $15/month – Basic features and communications
  • Growth – $30/month – Revenue and sales management tools
  • Boost – $50/month – Great for team and workflow management
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing and features

Salesmate real estate CRM software also gives up to 20% discount for annual payments.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a scalable, cloud-based solution that works across all devices, Salesmate for Realtors is an excellent choice for dynamic real estate professionals and teams. Book your 15-day trial now to check it out.

Salesforce – Most Comprehensive Real Estate CRM

A screenshot of Salesforce- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Salesforce offers a complete package of CRM solutions to help you manage every aspect of real estate sales and customer management. Their real estate CRM software integrates smoothly with many documentation, communication, and office automation platforms to streamline administrative tasks.

Salesforce works seamlessly across various industries, and the platform already has a customer base of over 150,000 companies globally, making it one of the largest global CRM platforms.

Top Features

  • Complete lead management: Salesforce lets you effortlessly manage your leads and use various modes of communication, including calls, email and texts.
  • Mobile app: Your sales team does not need to return to the office to update any data. The team members can do it on the go right from the Salesforce mobile app.
  • AppExchange for integration: Salesforce supports integration with hundreds of external apps, including DocuSign for contract management, Mailchimp for email campaign management, and Dropbox for file management.
  • Scheduled automation: Salesforce helps you reach out to your customers at the right time and through the right channel through scheduled automation and comprehensive calendar management.
  • Team workflow management: The comprehensive dashboard gives a total view of your team’s performance, tasks, and analysis to help make informed decisions.


A screenshot of Salesforce pricing options.

Salesforce pricing packages are fully customisable and scalable to match your business needs. Here is the per-user pricing:

  • Essentials – $25/month
  • Professional – $75/month
  • Enterprise – $150/month
  • Unlimited – $300/month

One of the most remarkable features of the Salesforce real estate CRM software is its huge add-on marketplace, where you can conveniently purchase new features whenever your team needs one.

Bottom Line

Salesforce delivers one of the richest experiences among all real estate software. The free trial does not need any credit card details. So try Salesforce today for free.

Realvolve – The Best Relationship-focused

A screenshot of Realvolve- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Realvolve is a dedicated real estate CRM software that aims to foster excellent client relationships through engaging communications and smooth workflow management. Realvolve also lets you launch customised and scheduled promotional campaigns for specific clients and client groups.

Top Features

  • Automation capabilities: Realvolve’s automation capabilities are one of the best in the industry, allowing you to program various administrative, marketing, and communication tasks depending on specific client behaviour.
  • Insights: Realvolve provides exceptionally detailed team insights for team managers and sales personnel. You can instantly see your team’s performance and find areas to improve.
  • Real-estate focused: Since Realvolve is a specialised real estate CRM software, all the features are entirely relevant to the real estate industry.
  • Property details: The platform stores detailed client and property data, which are easily accessible.
  • Fully searchable: All of the stored data within the system is continuously indexed so that you can instantly search for any information with any relevant keywords.


A screenshot of Realvolve pricing options.

The Realvolve pricing packages are suitable for serious real estate businesses and agents. Here’s what you will have to pay per user.

  • Basic – $94/month – Workflow management, mobile app, support through live chat
  • Accelerate – $99/month – Phone dialer and promotional campaigns
  • Navigator – $869/month – Personalised assistance with implementation
  • Concierge – $2,119/month – Personal workflow management and role-specific training for large teams

Bottom Line

Realvolve is one of the most comprehensive real estate CRMs. The comparatively higher pricing plans are generally suitable for large and scaled businesses. You can book a demo and request a team discount if the features suit your business.

Zendesk Sell – Most Affordable

A screenshot of Zendesk Sell- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Founded in 2007, Zendesk Sell offers real estate CRM software solutions at one of the most attractive prices. Zendesk Sell is a part of the company’s full range of ERP, HRM, and CRM solutions. You can customise Zendesk Sell to work well with any size of business or even independent agents and small start-ups. As your business grows, you can add new capabilities to Zendesk Sell.

Top Features

  • Automated lead generation: Zendesk Sell uses several advanced lead generation tools to help you create high-quality leads for your real estate business.
  • Pipeline management: You can easily manage your lead and client pipeline with Zendesk Sell and get real-time analytical insights on each client and team member.
  • Productivity tools: Zendesk Sell significantly improves your business process through various productivity tools for communications, lead management, payment processing, team collaboration, and automation.
  • Prospect verification: With Zendesk Sell in operation, you won’t have to spend valuable time and resources to pursue unverified and non-prospective leads. Zendesk Sell automatically and intelligently verifies your leads and filters the high-quality ones for you to follow up.
  • Zendesk marketplace: Zendesk Sell has a vast marketplace where you can find hundreds of add-ons and well-designed templates.


A screenshot of Zendesk pricing options.

Zendesk Sell pricing plans are lower compared to many competitors in the market. Small businesses will find the pricing plans convenient and affordable. They offer

  • Team – $19/month
  • Growth – $49/month
  • Professional – $99/month

All Zendesk Sell plans are billed annually. You can also subscribe for a complete Zendesk Suite that includes HRM and ERP solutions at $49/month.

Bottom Line

Zendesk Sell is one of the best and most affordable real estate CRMs for businesses of all sizes. Check out the 30-day free trial to explore the real estate CRM software’s features in detail.

Zoho – Best Real Estate CRM Solution for Team Collaboration

A screenshot of Zoho- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Zoho provides excellent CRM solutions for various industries, including real estate. Businesses of all sizes can customise Zoho to meet their individual needs. You will find comprehensive sales process management, pipeline management, team collaboration features, many third-party integrations, and automation capabilities with Zoho CRM, which is practically an end-to-end process management for your real estate business.

Top Features

  • Communication channel management: You may have received client communications from many communication channels, including calls, text messages, WhatsApp, live chat, and social media. Zoho lets you efficiently manage them with its Omni channel communication management system.
  • Automated campaigns: You can quickly launch your marketing campaigns using Zoho’s template-based marketing tools.
  • API support: You can easily connect Zoho with your business website and mobile apps to ensure a smooth client experience.
  • Service portals: You can quickly log in to your self-service portal to add or remove any capabilities from the Zoho CRM per your business needs. The advanced Zoho packages also allow you to create individual client service portals for your clients to log in and engage with your business.
  • Campaign performance tracking: You will always know how your promotional campaign performs. Zoho will send you detailed statistics and tracking such as email bounce rate, opening rate, click-through rate, survey responses, mentions in social media, number of comments, and many more.
  • Customizable automation: Your team members can substantially boost productivity by automating many recurring tasks with Zoho’s powerful and intelligent automation tools.


A screenshot of Zoho pricing options.

Zoho pricing plans are competitive and customisable. The pricing packages for each user are as follows:

  • Standard – $20/month – Basic CRM and lead management features
  • Professional – $35/month – Rules, macros, and proprietary sales insights known as SalesSignals
  • Enterprise – $50/month – Lead scoring and email parsing
  • Ultimate – $65/month – Data management and individual client portals

Zoho will give you up to 34% discounts if you pay annually, which brings down the Standard package to only $14/month.

Bottom Line

Zoho real estate CRM software provides everything you would expect from a real estate CRM. The platform offers a 30-day free trial without requiring you to provide any credit card information. Book your free Zoho trial now.

Top Producer – Best For Customizable Templates

A screenshot of Top Producer- one of the best Real Estate CRMs


Founded in 1982, Top Producer is one of the market’s oldest real estate solution providers. Due to its long operational history, the developers of this real estate CRM software are well acquainted with the real estate industry trends and necessities, which is apparent in its design philosophy and excellent usability.

Top Features

  • Made by real estate professionals: Top Producer uses inputs from experienced real estate professionals while developing the CRM platform. Everything from team management to promotional campaigns are customised for the real estate industry.
  • Secure database: Top Producer prioritises securing your hard-earned client database whenever you update brokerage.
  • Response automation: You can fully automate the platform to continue conversations with clients and leads 24/7 without your participation. The automation process is fairly intuitive and does not require any programming knowledge.
  • Marketing automation: The personalised and fully customisable Market Snapshot report helps you automate your marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Lead source integration: Top Producer smoothly integrates with over 150 lead generation and management tools, so you won’t have to leave the platform while using those.
  • Transaction management: The dashboard gives you a complete and quick view of transactions with each client throughout your task flow and pipeline.



Top Producers offers reasonable and customised pricing plans for real estate businesses and agents. Here’s what they provide on a per-user basis:

  • Essential – $60/month – Complete database management
  • Professional – $95/month – Marketing automation
  • Professional Plus – Custom pricing – Full range of real estate CRM services

You will enjoy up to 10% discounts by paying annually.

Bottom Line

Top Producer is competent and one of the market’s most optimised real estate CRMs. Book your 30-day free trial now to check out the features yourself.

What Is CRM Software?

Real estate CRMs are software solutions that help real estate businesses and agents manage their customer interactions and data. Real estate CRM software can substantially streamline and automate processes to improve customer relations.

Such real estate software comes with numerous features such as contact management, lead capture, task management, and document management

Wrap-Up: Real Estate CRM

So, we have reached the end of our article on the best real estate CRMs. Salesmate for Realtors is our top pick as the best real estate CRM, thanks to its scalability, features, and affordability. Try as many real estate CRM software as possible before choosing the right one for your business.

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