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Best CRM Software In UAE

Nov 3, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

When you open or expand your business in the UAE, investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the best moves you can make. Fortunately, there are plenty of cloud-based CRM software Dubai solutions with reasonable monthly subscription fees.

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions will help you manage your customer relationships efficiently and effectively. This article will review some of the best Customer Relationship Management software in the UAE on the market that can take your business to new heights.

What Is The Best CRM Software In UAE?

At the top of our list for the best CRM software in UAE is Zoho CRM for its exceptional scalability, integration capabilities, and budget-friendly cost structure. A good CRM can automate and keep track of your customer interactions – something that Zoho does excellently. However, you will also find several alternative CRM solutions in Dubai and the UAE.

Let’s review our top picks and see what they offer for your UAE business in terms of customer relationship management.

Zoho CRM – Overall, The Best CRM Software In UAE

A screenshot of Zoho- the overall best CRM software in UAE.


Over 250,000 businesses globally trust Zoho CRM to manage sales and service management activities, making Zoho one of the best CRM software in UAE. Abu Dhabi Aviation, the largest commercial helicopter operator from the Middle East, is one of the most prominent Zoho clients in the UAE.

Zoho CRM focuses on improving your efficiency throughout the customer and leads the management process through various automation techniques. The CRM software’s built-in support for Arabic, among many other languages, makes it suitable for companies in the Middle East.

Top Features

  • Project management: Zoho makes it easy for teams of any size to collaborate effectively for project management. The platform offers feeds, chat, notes, subject-based tagging, and internal groups for prompt communication.
  • Mobile friendly: Zoho’s mobile apps can handle various tasks based on user roles. Sales and customer support teams can share their updates in real-time.
  • Analytics: Zoho provides real-time analytics based on the inputs it receives from all your team members across different functional teams. The software presents detailed data and analysis with engaging visual tools and charts.
  • Channel integration: Zoho makes it easy for you to bring communications from all the platforms, including email, website, text messages, instant messaging apps, and phone calls to one unified dashboard.
  • Self-service portal: You can set up a highly intuitive self-service portal with Zoho, allowing your clients to interact and customise their services or pay subscription fees.


A screenshot of Zoho pricing options.

Zoho offers competitive and very convenient pricing suitable for small or large businesses. Their packages per user include:

  • Standard – $20/month – Sales-focused
  • Professional – $35/month – Helps with customer acquisition
  • Enterprise – $50/month – Full range of CRM features
  • Ultimate – $65/month – Suitable for large teams

Zoho promises to help you implement its CRM solution 50% quicker than competitors. You will also get a discount of up to 34% if you pay annually.

Bottom Line

Zoho CRM is one of the best CRM software in UAE, considering its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and easy implementation system. Book your free Zoho trial now – no credit cards required.

Salesforce Customer 360 – Best for Cross-Unit Collaboration

A screenshot of Salesforce Customer 360- one of best CRM softwares in UAE.


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions globally, with over 150,000 companies using it daily to manage their customer service and sales. Some industry leaders that use Salesforce include Amazon, T-Mobile, Toyota, and Walmart.

The CRM-focused Salesforce software is called Salesforce Customer 360, which you can buy as a stand-alone tool or in addition to the Salesforce Sales platform.

Top Features

  • Multi-department collaboration: Customer services often require multiple teams and departments within your business to collaborate. Salesforce lets you connect up to six business units to serve your clients.
  • Quickly scalable: Salesforce Customer 360 is a highly customisable solution. You can quickly add new features or remove unnecessary features with assistance from the friendly customer support team.
  • Productivity tools: Salesforce Customer 360 has various intelligent productivity tools to make your call centre agents efficiently address and forward customer queries.
  • AI-powered communication: Salesforce offers AI-driven calling and chat tools to respond quickly to many customer queries.
  • Smart analytics: The software intelligently tracks your business activities and provides excellent analytics and insights for the sales and service teams.


A screenshot of Salesforce Customer 360 pricing options.

Salesforce pricing plans are suitable for any industry and any business size. Starting from the basic package, you can quickly add strong capabilities based on your business needs. Here are the basic packages per user:

  • Essentials – $25/month – Sales & support features
  • Professional – $75/month – Full-fledged CRM solutions
  • Enterprise – $150/month – Customizability
  • Ultimate – $300/month – Enterprise-level

Salesforce bills all of its pricing plans annually.

Bottom Line

Salesforce is one the best CRM software in UAE, allowing you to coordinate among different business units. The company offers a free 14-day trial. Book your Salesforce Customer 360 trial now to check out the features yourself.

Pipedrive – Best CRM Software in UAE for Ease of Use and Offering Deals

A screenshot of Pipedrive- one of the best CRM softwares in UAE.


If your business in the UAE is looking for a robust CRM that is easy to use and quick to implement, Pipedrive is one of your best choices for CRM software Dubai. Pipedrive enables sales teams to perform more efficiently with its data-driven decision-making tools. Pipedrive also supports in-app calling to regular mobile numbers.

Top Features

  • Cross-industry support: You can customise Pipedrive to use for any industry, such as real estate, pharmaceuticals, telecom, manufacturing and so on.
  • Powerful insights: You can quickly generate custom reports to find valuable business insights and make accurate sales forecasts.
  • Mobile app: Your on-field sales and support team can easily use Pipedrive on the go and send real-time service and communication updates.
  • Custom design: In addition to custom features, Pipedrive lets you create and design your user dashboard to fully align with your business.
  • Automation: Pipedrive lets you use an intelligent automation process to handle many of your recurring tasks and easily address frequent queries.


A screenshot of Pipedrive pricing options.

Starting from as little as $11.90/month per user, Pipedrive pricing plans are one of the most affordable in the market. Their pricing plans per user are as follows:

  • Essential – $11.90/month – 3,000 deals
  • Advanced – $24.90/month – 10,000 deals
  • Professional – $49.90/month – 100,000 deals
  • Enterprise – $74.90/month – Unlimited deals

Pipedrive pricing plans differ in terms of the maximum number of deals, custom fields, and reports they can handle. You will also get additional discounts by paying annually.

Bottom Line

Pipedrive is one of the best CRM software in UAE, especially for businesses that use deals and discounts as key selling points. The 14-day free trial gives you full access. So, go ahead with your Pipedrive trial now.

Apptivo – Best CRM Software Dubai for Managing Business Processes

A screenshot of Apptivo- one of the best CRM softwares in UAE.


Apptivo offers a comprehensive range of functionalities and individual apps for small and medium businesses across various industries as part of its CRM solutions. Over 200,000 businesses globally use Apptivo CRM for various CRM and sales tasks. The platform’s client base includes industry-leading companies like Audi, Los Angeles Times, exult, and Ironistic.

Top Features

  • Total lead management: Apptivo provides an end-to-end lead management solution that includes lead generation, lead filtering, and sales funnel management.
  • Unified customer view: The Apptivo customer management app lets you easily see the full list of your customers and how they have interacted with your organisation.
  • Opportunity management: Apptivo lets you find insights on all of your prospects or business opportunities. You will quickly know who your top priority customers are.
  • Territory management: Apptivo offers a dedicated app for your territory management, where you can build tailored strategies based on specific characteristics of that territory.
  • Integration: Apptivo CRM solutions integrate easily with office and documentation apps like G Suite or Office 365 and let you share processes or documents with customers and external users.


A screenshot of Apptivo pricing guide.

Apptivo’s budget-friendly packages provide an excellent opportunity for small businesses and startups to utilise a full-featured CRM. The per-user pricing plans are:

  • Lite – $10/month – 18 apps
  • Premium – $15/month – 46 apps
  • Ultimate – $25/month – 57 apps
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing and features

All of the Apptive packages are fully cloud-based and include 24/7 customer support. You will enjoy up to 20% discount if you pay annually.

Bottom Line

Apptivo offers over 50 individual apps in its comprehensive office automation and customer relationship management tool. You can sign up for a free trial without any credit card to explore all the features.

Close – Best for Sales-focused Teams

A screenshot of Close- one of the best CRM softwares in UAE.


Close customer relationship management software is one the best CRM software in UAE that can help you convert more leads into successful sales. Afterwards, the software also takes you a long way forward to provide high-quality customer support. You will find many built-in functionalities such as calls, texts, and emails to reach out quickly to your leads and prospects.

Top Features

  • Sales functions: Close offers specific tools for the on-field sales representatives and sales manager. Sales managers will find valuable insights and customised reports from their dashboards.
  • Communication tools: Sales Reps will find all types of communication functionalities integrated right into the Close mobile apps. They won’t have to use external apps or leave the screen while contacting the leads.
  • Search: Close also packs some extraordinary search features within the app, enabling you to search for any information about your prospects from the recorded database in no time.
  • Centralised inbox: Close brings all your communication platforms within one standard dashboard in a unified email inbox format. You can quickly track your progress from the inbox view.
  • Remote sales: Close helps your sales team communicate across the globe. You can opt for local phone numbers to call your clients and use integrated Zoom for video calls.


A screenshot of Close pricing options.

As Close CRM primarily focuses on acquiring more sales, the software comes with quite a few high-end features to justify its above-average pricing packages. Here are the packages per user:

  • Starter – $29/month
  • Basic – $69/month
  • Professional – $99/month
  • Business – $149/month

Close provides free implementation support for all of its packages if you migrate from an existing CRM.

Bottom Line

Proper implementation of Close CRM will help you quickly manage and optimise your sales. You can request a demo walkthrough or book a 14-day free trial to see what Close can do for you.

Freshsales – Best Software Offering A Free Package

A screenshot of Freshsales- one of the best CRM softwares in UAE.


Freshsales is one of the best CRM software in UAE that you can use free of charge. You can totally customise your client communication with Freshsales, and the platform has bagged many awards because of its user-friendly and intuitive design.

The personalised communication process offered by Freshsales often helps you achieve quick sales and significantly shorten the lead conversion time.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive customer view: Freshsales gives you a complete 360-degree view of your customers by combining any external or internal information available to them.
  • Automation: Sales teams spend a fair amount of time every day doing recurring tasks related to sales data organisation and administration. You can streamline many of those routine tasks with Freshsales automation, like creating and sending invoices to customers, allowing your sales team to spend more time on meaningful tasks.
  • Flat learning curve: Freshsales is a very intuitive platform; you won’t need any sophisticated IT knowledge to manage it. The software is easy to learn and implement.
  • Intent analysis: The AI-powered Freshsales chatbot quickly and intelligently analyses your website visitors’ intent to discover the highly prospective ones.
  • Dynamic forecast: Freshsales can perform real-time revenue or sales forecasts by analysing data gathered from various sources and teams.


The Freshsales pricing scheme includes a free plan, which gives you a solid opportunity to experience the software without paying anything. The pricing packages per user are as follows:

  • Free – $0
  • Growth – $18/month
  • Pro – $47/month
  • Enterprise – $83/month

All paid pricing plans include the AI-driven chatbot, Freddy.

Bottom Line

Freshsales is one of the most suitable CRM solutions for small businesses and startups. To check whether the software is a good match for your business in Dubai, sign up for the free version today.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, is a system that helps businesses manage their customer interactions and data. CRM solutions typically include contact management, sales force automation, campaign management, and reporting and analytics. Some CRM systems offer social media integration, live chat, and customer portals.


These are the best CRM software in UAE that can take your business to new heights. Zoho CRM is our top pick for its exceptional scalability, integration capabilities, and budget-friendly cost structure. Make sure to choose a CRM software Dubai that fits your business needs and budget.


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