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Guide To The Technical Services Licence in Dubai in 2024

Jan 25, 2024 | Legal

Obtaining a technical services licence in Dubai is a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the city’s thriving business ecosystem. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to navigating the legal and administrative procedures required for securing the licence. With it, you can offer myriad services ranging from air conditioning maintenance to electrical fittings, all while enjoying the benefits of tax exemptions and access to a larger market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the region’s business landscape, this guide equips you with the essential information to establish a compliant and successful technical services business in Dubai.

How To Get A Technical Services Licence in Dubai

Partner With Virtuzone

You’ll find that navigating the complexities of obtaining a technical services licence in Dubai is much smoother with the help of seasoned business setup consultants. Virtuzone, known for its extensive experience, is a reliable partner for foreign investors like you who are looking to establish a presence in the UAE. They’ll provide expert guidance through the legal and regulatory maze, making sure the process is handled efficiently and in line with local laws.

Decide on Your Business Structure and Business Jurisdiction

Before you start the journey of obtaining a technical services licence, you’ll need to decide on the legal structure of your proposed technical service company. This decision will affect various aspects of your business, such as your liability, the number of shareholders, and audit requirements. Also, choosing the right jurisdiction, be it a free zone or the Dubai mainland, will impact your business operations, including the scope of activities and whether you’ll need a local service agent.

Decide On Business Activities

Choosing the right business activities to obtain a technical services licence is a key step in licensing. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) offers a comprehensive list of activities allowed under the technical services licence. This list includes services like air conditioning, carpentry, and electrical fittings. You’ll want to ensure your chosen activities fit your business plan and are accurately listed in your application to prevent legal issues.

Choose Your Business Name

Your company’s trade name is more than just a label; it’s a key part of your brand identity. When picking a name for your business, it must follow the UAE’s naming conventions and get the green light from the DED. The name shouldn’t violate any existing trademarks and must respect cultural and moral norms.

Partner With An LSA (Local Service Agent)

For some business structures, like sole proprietorships and civil companies, hiring a Local Service Agent (LSA) is mandatory. The LSA, a UAE national, is crucial for liaising with government departments but doesn’t have a stake in your company’s capital or decision-making. You’ll outline the terms of engagement with an LSA in a service contract notarised in Dubai courts. The LSA’s duties include helping with registrations, getting licences, and representing your company in all dealings with regulatory bodies.

Obtain Office Space

You’ll need to secure office space to get a mainland technical services licence in Dubai. The location of your business will determine how many visas you can get. It should be appropriate for the nature of your own technical services company. The office space must be rented and properly documented as part of the licensing process.

Apply For Approval With DED

Getting initial approval from the DED is a big step in setting up your technical service business. You’ll submit your chosen business activities, proposed company name, and legal structure for the DED’s endorsement. Depending on your business activities, you might also need to get external approvals from relevant ministries or government departments.

Apply for Your Technical Services Licence

After completing all the previous steps and getting the necessary approvals, you’re ready to apply for your technical services licence. The DED will review your application and, if satisfied, issue your mainland technical services licence. This licence opens up a world of business opportunities in Dubai’s bustling commercial and residential sectors, allowing for 100% foreign ownership, profit repatriation, and the flexibility to operate both locally and internationally.

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Who Can Apply For A Technical Services Licence In Dubai

Basic Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility to apply for this licence extends to those who ensure the DED sanctions their chosen activities. Your company’s legal structure is another determinant, with options ranging from sole proprietorship to LLC or a Civil Company catering to different business needs and shareholder structures. The trade name you select must adhere to the DED’s regulations to facilitate a smoother approval process.

Required Documentation

Securing the DED’s initial approval is crucial to progress with your application. This step confirms that there are no objections to your business establishment. Subsequently, securing physical office space in Dubai and registering your tenancy contract with Ejari is necessary.

Certain business activities may necessitate additional clearances from other ministries or government entities, particularly for specialised fields with stringent regulations. These endorsements are essential to complete your licensing process.

Qualifying Technical Skills

Applicants for business licences are expected to possess the requisite technical expertise relevant to their service offerings. This expertise should encompass the ability to provide the services your licence will cover, ensuring high-quality service delivery. For foreign investors, consulting with business setup advisers in Dubai can be beneficial for understanding local laws and regulations, thereby facilitating compliance and success in the local market.

Types of Technical Services Licences in Dubai

In Dubai, if you’re an entrepreneur or business looking to offer technical services, you’ll need to get a commercial licence that fits your technical services licence activities well. This technical services licence covers a wide range of services so that you can operate legally within the UAE.

You’ll find that the licence includes a variety of activities. You can do plumbing and sanitary contracting, install electrochemical equipment, and take on painting contracts. There’s also room for insulation contracting, electricity transmission, and plaster and cladding works.

The licence also allows for floor and wall tiling works, air-conditioning and ventilation cleaning services, and carpentry. If you’re into floor contracting, engraving, and ornamentation works, you’re covered, too. You can even install and maintain air filtration systems and satellite equipment, handle electrical fittings, and partition and ceiling contracting.

One of the big perks of having a technical services licence in Dubai is that you’re exempt from personal or corporate taxes, which can save you a lot of money. Plus, the licence lets you offer your services to companies all over the UAE, not just in Dubai, which means a bigger market for your business.

If you’re considering a mainland technical services licence, it’s good to know there’s no minimum capital requirement, making it easier to get your business off the ground. Having this licence also means you can bid for government projects, which could lead to some pretty profitable contracts and consistent work.

The financial benefits continue beyond there. The technical services licence has no currency restrictions, and you can send 100% of your profits and income back home, giving you complete control over your earnings.

Setting up a business with this licence is pretty straightforward. You won’t even need an audit report, which cuts down on the paperwork.

For a more budget-friendly option, Dubai’s free zones offer licence packages that won’t break the bank and are designed for various industries. These packages come with their own perks, like quick business setup, support activities, and financial incentives such as full corporate tax and exemption and no currency restrictions.

The starting cost for a technical services licence in Dubai is USD 5,040 (AED 18,500). But keep in mind that there might be extra fees for DED approval, licence registration, and municipal sponsor fees. The final price tag can change based on things like your company’s size, the other technical services licence cost per business activity you choose, and your location within Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman.

When you’re ready to apply for the licence, you’ll need to hand over some documents to the DED for a mainland licence or to the respective free zone authorities for a free zone licence. These usually include passport copies of shareholders, a visa page or entry stamp, and passport-sized photos with a white background.

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Why You Need A Technical Services Licence In Dubai

A technical services licence is essential for legal compliance and tapping into the technical sector’s potential. It’s your entry point to a market ripe with possibilities, allowing you to specialise in a sector that aligns with your expertise and the needs of the market.

The strategic advantages of holding such a licence are considerable. It qualifies you to extend your services across the entire UAE and positions you to secure lucrative government contracts, which can provide your company with a reliable source of revenue. Additionally, the licence facilitates the application for any number of visas, crucial for scaling your workforce to accommodate project demands.

The financial advantages are clear, with the ability to conduct transactions in various currencies and without the interference of regulatory constraints. The process for establishing a business under this licence is designed to be uncomplicated and efficient.

Free zones are appealing to those seeking to maximise their investment, with cost-effective licence packages, expedited business establishment, and comprehensive support services.

The costs associated with obtaining a technical services licence can differ based on several factors. However, the initial fees are reasonable, with the mainland starting price at USD 5,040 (AED 18,500), not including additional charges for necessary approvals and sponsorships.

To obtain a licence, you must complete a series of steps, including defining your business activities and selecting an appropriate trade name. Partnering with an LSA and securing office space are essential prerequisites before seeking initial approval from a trade licence and the licence itself. Operating without a licence in Dubai is not only illegal, with severe penalties, but it also deprives your business of access to significant local projects, international networks, and government support.

The technical services industry in Dubai offers a landscape rich with growth and expansion prospects. By obtaining the appropriate licence, you can delineate your business’s scope and position yourself to cater effectively to the market’s needs. Engaging with a business expert can streamline this process, ensuring your business structure, jurisdiction, and activities are well-aligned for a prosperous enterprise in Dubai’s vibrant technical services sector.

Ready to Launch

Your path to entrepreneurial success in Dubai begins with the technical services licence. With each step thoughtfully navigated and the official paperwork in hand, the city’s dynamic market awaits your expertise.

Virtuzone is dedicated to making this journey as seamless as possible, from selecting your business activities to submitting your final application. The benefits of your hard work are clear: a diversified customer base, the chance at substantial government contracts, and the freedom to repatriate profits are within reach.

Embrace the opportunity to shape your business in a landscape that rewards innovation and technical proficiency. We are here to guide you into the future of doing business in Dubai.


How Much Does a Technical Services Licence Cost in Dubai?

The cost of a technical services licence in Dubai varies based on several factors including the type of technical services licence, location, and scale of operations. Generally, the price can range from USD 2,723 to USD 13,615 (AED 10,000 to AED 50,000). This includes government fees, sponsorship fees, and other miscellaneous costs. It’s advisable to check with the Department of Economic Development or a professional business setup consultant for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

What is a Technical Service Licence?

A technical services licence permits a service licence in Dubai, a regulatory permit allowing businesses to provide various technical services. These services can include IT support, engineering consultancy, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, and other specialised technical assistance. This licence is mandatory for companies operating in these sectors within Dubai. It ensures compliance with local business regulations and standards.

What is the Purpose of Technical Services?

Technical services offer expertise and specialised support in various fields such as information technology, engineering, repair, and maintenance. These services are crucial for the efficient functioning of other businesses, providing essential support in areas like system maintenance, technical consulting, and problem-solving. They play a key role in enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring safety, and supporting technological advancement in various industries.

What is the Cheapest Mainland Licence in Dubai?

The cheapest mainland licence in Dubai is typically the first commercial licence or professional licence for small-scale businesses or sole proprietorships. The cost can be relatively lower compared to other licences, often from around USD 4,085 to USD 5,445 (AED 15,000 to AED 20,000). However, prices can vary based on the specific business activity, location, and other related costs. It’s important to note that these figures are approximate and subject to change, so consulting with the Department of Economic Development or a business setup advisor is recommended for the latest information.

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