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What You Need To Know About The Out Pass UAE

Mar 29, 2024 | Human Resources

Navigating the legalities of the Out Pass in the UAE is crucial for anyone who has overstayed their visa or needs a valid visa. This document is a necessary exit and entry permit issued by the UAE authorities to ensure that individuals can leave the country without facing legal repercussions. With stringent penalties in place for overstaying, including daily fines and potential travel bans, understanding the Out Pass system is essential for maintaining compliance with UAE immigration laws.

We provide an in-depth look at the various types of Out Passes available, the application process, associated fees, and the rules and regulations governing this vital document. Whether you’re a tourist, an expatriate worker, or a resident with special circumstances, securing an Out Pass is a testament to your commitment to adhering to the country’s legal framework and ensuring a smooth departure.

The Out Pass in the UAE

What Is An Out Pass and Its Purpose

An Out Passin the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a critical document for visitors who have overstayed their visa or had their visa application cancelled or denied. It serves as an official permit from the UAE’s national authorities, allowing you to exit the country legally. It’s especially important if you’re unable to leave the UAE due to fines for overstaying your visa.

The fines for overstaying are strict, with a daily charge of USD 13 (AED 50) for individuals who remain in the country beyond the duration their visa allows. To settle these fines and facilitate your departure, you’ll need to obtain an Out Pass, which costs USD 60 (AED 221). This fee might include additional transaction charges if the payment for Out Pass is made through private banks or Amer services.

The UAE authorities introduced the Out Pass system to tighten immigration control. It ensures that individuals meet their legal and financial obligations before exiting the country. The Out Pass is also key for expatriate workers, as it’s linked to the regulation of their employment contracts and helps prevent illegal stays.

To get an oOut Pass, you must submit several documents, including your original passport and a copy, your departure travel ticket, and two passport-sized photos. The processing time for an Out Pass is usually quick, with the document often issued within 48 hours.

Not securing an Out Pass can lead to serious legal consequences, such as hefty fines, travel bans, or even imprisonment. Overstaying a visa without resolving the issue through an Out Pass can result in deportation and a ban from re-entering the UAE for a certain period.

Getting an Out Pass isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s also a sign of your commitment to following the laws of the UAE. It reflects well on your record and ensures a smooth departure process, helping you avoid any last-minute issues at airports or border checkpoints.

The need for an Out Pass generally applies to all residents looking to leave the UAE, whether for a short trip or permanently. In some cases, like when an employer’s consent is needed for the exit permit, you must get the employer’s approval for the permit to be issued. If you have a short-term exit permit and your travel plans change, requiring you to stay outside the UAE longer, you might need to renew the same departure permit.

If your plans change and you need to cancel your exit permit, you can do so by visiting the relevant government authorities and following the necessary steps. The UAE Out Pass is a key step for residents planning to leave the country, ensuring a smooth and lawful exit while maintaining the UAE’s immigration control.

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Types of Out Passes in the UAE

Out Pass for Tourists and Visitors

Tourists and visitors who have exceeded the duration of their stay can apply for this permit through the GDRFA of Dubai or at an AMER centre. The standard fee applies, with the possibility of an extra charge for transactions through certain payment channels.

Out Pass for Expatriate Workers

Expatriate workers may require this document upon the termination of their employment or after their visa has lapsed. Obtaining this permit is essential to confirm that all legal and financial obligations are met. In some instances, obtaining consent from the employer is a prerequisite for the issuance due to receipt of this document.

An additional fee is levied for processing required documents through AMER services. Expatriate workers must monitor their visa expiry dates and apply for this permit in a timely manner to avoid penalties associated with overstaying.

Out Pass for Residents with Special Circumstances

Residents in unique situations, such as those who have misplaced their passports or have recently had a child, must also secure an Out Pass. In the case of a newborn, the personal presence of the father is required during the application process. The individual must be present for lost passports and may need to provide a police report of the loss.

The necessary documentation includes the individual’s passport, travel ticket, photographs, and additional paperwork pertinent to the person concerned in specific circumstances. This permit is crucial for ensuring that the departure is officially recorded. Extensions of the exit permit may be available, particularly for brief exits. However, failing to adhere to the permit’s validity can result in penalties, underscoring the importance of prompt application.

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Applying for an Out Pass

Required Documentation for Out Pass Application

Additional documents may be necessary to initiate the Out Pass application process based on individual circumstances. For newborns, both parents’ passports are required, along with the infant’s passport or a travel document issued by an embassy or consulate, the birth certificate, a letter of consent from the father, and two infant photographs. In the event of a lost passport, applicants must present a replacement passport or travel document, a police report detailing the lost passport, and their travel ticket.

Further documentation may be necessary in situations involving family issues, such as separation or the father being abroad, including a power of attorney, a divorce certificate, or a custody ruling.

Process for Out Pass Submission

Applications can be submitted online via the GDRFA website or at an AMER service centre. For online submissions and service officers, applicants must log into the GDRFA portal, create an account if needed, select the required service, upload the necessary documents, pay the applicable fees, and submit the application.

For in-person submissions, applicants should visit an AMER centre, select the required service, present their documents and service employee for verification, pay the fees, and submit their application. 

Processing Time and Fees

The Out Pass is typically ready within two days. While the base fee is USD 60 (AED 221), additional charges may apply based on the payment method or submission location. For example, commercial banks in Dubai may charge an USD 5.45 (AED 20) commission, and applying at an AMER centre incurs an USD 27 (AED 100) fee.

Once issued, the Out Pass grants a ten-day window to exit the UAE. Adhering to this timeframe is crucial to avoid legal repercussions or additional penalties. The established fees and processing duration facilitate a swift and lawful departure for those without a valid visa.

Rules and Regulations of Out Pass

Duration and Validity of Out Passes

An Out Pass is essential for individuals who need a valid visa. Once issued, the holder must exit the UAE within the stipulated 10-day period. Planning your departure within this window is essential to circumvent any complications.

Conditions and Limitations for Travel

The Out Pass imposes specific conditions. The Out Pass is not a remedy for visa overstay; it is intended for those who are prepared to exit the UAE and need to regularise their status to prevent difficulties during departure.

Penalties for Overstaying or Violating Out Pass Terms

Failing to adhere to the terms of a residency visa or an Out Pass can lead to severe consequences, including the possibility of being barred from future entry into the UAE and being placed on a blacklist. Such measures can significantly affect your future travel or employment prospects within the country. It is crucial for all individuals to comply with the conditions of their visas and Out Passes to avoid legal and financial consequences.

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Can I Come Back to the UAE After the Out Pass?

Re-entry into the UAE after utilising an Out Pass is contingent upon having no outstanding legal issues. It is imperative to ensure that the GDRFA properly cancels all prior visas. Neglecting to do so can lead to prohibitions on future entries or exits. It is advisable to verify with the authorities regarding any potential exit bans that may have been imposed due to unresolved cases.

How Can I Get an Exit Permit in the UAE?

To obtain an exit permit, you must approach an immigration office. This is particularly important for those who need to depart without their original passport. If a sponsor unlawfully retains your passport or if you’re unable to use it for other reasons, securing an exit permit is obligatory.

What is the Cost of an Overstay Fine in UAE?

The financial penalties for overstaying are significant and must be settled before exiting the country. The amount is subject to change, and up-to-date information should be sought from the authorities. Additionally, leaving employment without properly cancelling your work visa could lead to legal action by the government services your employer, potentially resulting in fines or more severe penalties.

How Can I Get Out of Dubai Without a Passport?

Departing without a passport necessitates obtaining an exit pass from an immigration office. The UAE does not accept certain types of passports for entry, transit, or exit and does not recognise dual nationality; only the nationality of the passport used to enter is acknowledged. If you need a passport due to it being withheld or other issues, contacting your embassy or consulate is recommended. However, their capacity to assist may be limited if the passport you entered does not match the embassy’s country.

Navigating Out Passes with Ease

Ensuring a hassle-free departure from the UAE hinges on staying informed about and compliant with the Out Passes procedure. Whether you’re a tourist who has lingered a little longer than expected, an expat transitioning between jobs, or facing unique circumstances that require special attention, understanding the nuances of the Out Pass system is crucial for a smooth exit strategy.

Remember, the Out Pass is more than just a formality; it’s a demonstration of your respect for the UAE’s laws and regulations. With the information provided here, you’re better equipped to manage the Out Pass process effectively, ensuring that your departure — and any potential return — is as seamless as possible. Stay vigilant, meet your obligations, and your journey onwards should unfold without a hitch. Safe travels!

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