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How to Start a YouTube Channel

Feb 12, 2024 | Business Setup, Business Software and Tools

Learning how to start a YouTube channel can be the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of video content creation. Whether you aim to share your passion, connect with like-minded individuals, or earn a significant income, establishing a YouTube channel with a clear strategy is essential. This guide is designed to take you through the process of identifying your niche, understanding your audience, and setting achievable goals to ensure your new channel not only resonates with viewers but also thrives financially.

We’re here to show you some effective content strategies, the technical setup of your channel, and the various monetisation methods to turn your YouTube presence into a profitable venture. With dedication and the right approach, your channel can become a source of both personal fulfilment and financial success.

Planning Your YouTube Channel

Identifying Your Niche and Audience

Starting your YouTube journey, you’ll need a clear vision of your niche—a segment of content that not only ignites your passion but also has the potential to draw in a dedicated following. The specificity of your content can be a significant advantage on YouTube, as it lets you cater to a particular audience with distinct interests. Explore sub-genres within your area of interest to find a niche that clicks with you and potential viewers.

Consider if there’s a particular aspect that captivates you or an underserved sub-genre where your content could really shine. Take inspiration from successful YouTubers like El Jefe Reviews, who honed in on personal audio rather than covering the broader tech spectrum after noticing a higher viewership in that area. This shows the importance of paying attention to audience feedback and being flexible enough to shift your focus when needed.

Try out different types of content until you hit on what resonates most with viewers. In the end, pick a niche that promises a wealth of content ideas and keeps you excited about the creative process. Your reasons for starting a new YouTube channel should include passion, community engagement, and potential financial gain.

Researching Your Competition

Choosing a niche is more than just following a hobby; it’s about strategic thinking regarding the competitive landscape. Before jumping in, take a look at the competition within your chosen niche. Are there a ton of creators dominating the space, or is there a gap in the market that you’re poised to fill?

It’s often better to create a unique space for customised channels where you can offer something that competitors don’t. Reflect on the experiences of creators who’ve successfully navigated these waters. For example, when Jeff from El Jefe Reviews entered the personal audio niche, he faced little competition, which helped his channel stand out.

If you’ve got a novel concept, it’s key to act on it quickly before it becomes a missed opportunity. The most promising niche is often one that still needs to be saturated but has a clear audience interest.

Setting Goals and Expectations

Now that you’ve nailed down your niche, it’s time to think about the financial side of your own YouTube channel, too. Figure out your main income source: AdSense revenue, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, or selling products. If AdSense is your aim, remember that certain niches command higher CPMs (cost per mile), meaning advertisers are willing to pay more per thousand views.

These profitable niches include health, business, investing, auto reviews, real estate, insurance, and online marketing. Remember that CPM rates can fluctuate based on factors like market demand, seasonal trends, and your audience’s demographics.

Outlining Your Content Strategy

As you create a YouTube channel as a budding content creator, remember you’re not directly competing with established influencers who have millions of subscribers. Instead, focus on the uniqueness of your content and the fresh perspective you bring. It’s crucial to have a solid content strategy that ensures a steady flow of ideas, keeping you from hitting a creative wall in the early months of your channel’s life.

You’ll carve out your space in the vast YouTube ecosystem by consistently delivering content that fits your niche and engages the top right corner of your audience.

Woman Making YouTube Video Content

Creating Your YouTube Channel

Google Account Setup

Begin by establishing a Google Account, which provides access to YouTube and its suite of functionalities. With this account in hand, log into YouTube and initiate the creation of a channel that will serve as your platform’s base.

Naming Your Channel

The name of your channel plays a crucial role in how you’re perceived and located on the platform. It should encapsulate the essence of your content and be distinctive and memorable. Aim for brevity, with a preference for fewer than 20 characters, and incorporate keywords that reflect your channel’s theme to aid in recognition and searchability. Ensure the name you choose is appropriate and non-offensive to maintain a positive brand image.

Verify the availability of your chosen name on your YouTube account and across social media to maintain consistency in your online presence. Select a name that’s straightforward to pronounce and spell, which will facilitate discovery and sharing among potential followers. If your target audience is international, consider a name that transcends cultural barriers and avoids becoming obsolete with changing trends.

YouTube Studio allows for future modifications to your profile picture channel name within the Customization and Basic info options.

Designing Your Channel Art

The visual elements at the top of your channel page, particularly your banner image, are pivotal in establishing a strong first impression. Adhere to the recommended dimensions of 2560 x 1440 pixels, ensuring a 16:9 aspect ratio for optimal display across various devices. Your banner should be simple yet impactful, incorporating a direct call-to-action and adhering to YouTube’s template to guarantee proper alignment.

Select a colour palette that reinforces your brand’s identity and is instantly recognisable to viewers.

Writing an Engaging Description

Crafting a compelling channel description can captivate your audience and contribute to increased engagement. Place your primary keywords prominently to assist YouTube’s algorithm in categorising your content. Incorporate calls-to-action early in your video and channel descriptions to motivate viewers to interact with your content.

Utilise tags and timestamps to enhance the discoverability of specific content within your videos. Add links to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instragam, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok. If you have merchandise, ensure to advertise it as it keeps your viewers within your ecosystem. Take advantage of YouTube’s default description feature to streamline the addition of recurring information across your videos. Ensure your descriptions are succinct and legible on various devices, considering the prevalence of mobile viewership.

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How To Monetise Your Youtube

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

Joining the YPP is a fundamental step for creators aiming to earn money from their channels. By becoming a partner, you gain access to various monetisation options, such as ad revenue sharing.

Your channel must be based in a YPP-supported country and comply with all community guidelines to qualify. Additionally, you are required to activate two-step verification. Your channel should also have at least 1,000 subscribers and either 4,000 valid public watch hours within the last 12 months or 10 million valid public Short views in the preceding 90 days.

After applying, your channel upload then undergoes a review process to ensure adherence to YouTube’s policies. Once accepted, you can start earning through several features, including ads, channel memberships, Super Chats, and merchandise shelves. To maintain monetisation, you must continue to engage with your audience by posting content or interacting on the Community tab at least once every six months.

Selling Merchandise

Another avenue for revenue is through merchandise sales. This involves creating and promoting products that resonate with your brand and audience.

Licensing Content To Media Outlets

Offering your original videos to media outlets for a fee is an additional method to earn income and expand your reach.

Affiliate Partnerships

Engaging in affiliate partnerships can be lucrative, especially when you incorporate product or service recommendations into your content and earn commissions from sales via your affiliate links.

Creating Sponsored Content

Partnering with brands to create content that features their offerings can also be a substantial source of income, provided you maintain transparency to keep your audience’s trust.

Use crowdfunding

Platforms like Patreon offer another monetisation route, where fans can support you through subscriptions or donations, which is particularly beneficial for content that caters to a niche audience.

Podcaster Making YouTube Content

Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Utilising SEO for Better Visibility

A robust SEO strategy is essential for enhancing your channel’s visibility. This means optimising your videos and channel to appear higher in search results. Adjust your video titles, descriptions, metadata, tags, and thumbnails to improve SEO.

Watch time and view count significantly influence YouTube’s ranking algorithm, which prioritises content relevance and utility. You can gain an edge in viewership and subscriber growth by ranking higher in search results.

Keyword research is crucial to discovering your audience’s terms when searching for content. Integrate these keywords into your video file name, title, description, tags, title cards, video chapters, and script. Captions are also vital, as they include key phrases that YouTube’s algorithm can detect.

YouTube cards and end screens can increase viewer retention. Selecting the appropriate category for your videos aids YouTube in understanding your content. Thumbnails are important for improving click-through rates, which can affect SEO.

Embedding your YouTube videos in blog posts can enhance the SEO of both your channel and the blog post. Hashtags ensure your content is discoverable. Organising videos into keyword-optimised playlists can clarify your channel’s focus.

Regular video uploads signal to YouTube that you’re an active contributor to the first video here, benefiting your channel’s visibility. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, TubeBuddy, VidIQ, and Google Search Console are invaluable for keyword research and monitoring your content’s search performance. They provide insights into keywords associated with video-rich results on Google and track your videos’ performance on web pages.

Engaging With Your Audience

Viewer engagement is crucial for a successful YouTube channel. It fosters viewer relationships and provides analytics data that can influence sales. Content that maintains viewer interest often includes quick edits and strategic use of YouTube cards to direct viewers to additional content.

Leveraging trends, collaborating with other creators, and producing YouTube Shorts can attract new viewers and increase engagement. Thumbnails should convey the video’s content and value at a glance. Giveaways can have a lasting impact on engagement rates when used effectively.

Selecting the right tools can streamline your workflow, allowing you to concentrate on producing quality videos. Hootsuite, for example, can assist in planning and scheduling your YouTube content and managing your presence on other social platforms.

Social Media and Cross-Promotion Strategies

Leveraging other social media platforms is an effective way to expand your reach. Share previews and use the Stories feature on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to pique interest. Including your YouTube video link in your social media bio and pinning promotional posts can direct more traffic to your channel.

Posting condensed versions or highlights of your videos natively on different platforms can engage audiences who have platform preferences. Live streaming can be a dynamic method to discuss and promote your content. Participating in relevant online community discussions and collaborating with influencers can extend your reach further.

Cross-promotion with peers can be mutually beneficial. Engaging with your audience through comment replies and initiating discussions can foster a sense of community. Promoting your content in Facebook groups and using hashtags can increase your video or film’s visibility.

Incorporating YouTube cards and end screens with a social media strategy that encourages viewers to follow your other social media accounts can help grow your audience across various channels.

Analysing Performance with YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a powerful feature that tracks your channel and video performance. It reveals which content resonates with your audience and identifies areas for improvement. YouTube Studio is the hub for analytics, offering an Advanced Mode for in-depth data analysis and data export options.

Supplemental tools like Socialblade and VidIQ can complement YouTube’s native analytics by providing additional metrics and insights. These tools assist in monitoring views, subscriber growth, and estimated revenue.

Regularly reviewing your analytics is vital for informed content strategy decisions. Understanding the sources of your views can highlight collaboration opportunities and identify competitors. Consistently producing a video series on a specific theme can enhance your channel’s recognition.

Exploring live video and paid YouTube ads can also be beneficial. Maintaining organisation and adhering to pre-production best practices as your video library grows can ensure a professional and user-friendly channel.

Man Creating YouTube Content

Launching Your Success Story

Your journey to creating a profitable YouTube channel can be as distinctive and exciting as the content you plan to share. By pinpointing your niche, strategically analysing your competition, and setting clear goals, you lay the groundwork for a channel that resonates with your audience and thrives financially.

With your channel now visually and operationally primed and an understanding of your monetisation avenues, you’re ready to engage, captivate, and grow your audience.

Remember, your channel is a dynamic enterprise. Nurture it with regular uploads, authentic engagement, and keeping a keen eye on analytics to steer your ship through the ever-changing tides of the YouTube ecosystem. Your passion, creativity, and persistence are the winds that will propel your channel forward. Sail forth, creator—your audience awaits.

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