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Expo 2020: 20 + 1 Reasons Dubai Is Set to Take Off

Sep 15, 2021 | Business Success and Challenges

If anyone were to ask where the tallest building can be found, you’ll find Dubai at the top of the answers. Just like how the Burj Khalifa cemented Dubai’s fame as a land of architectural feats, the Expo 2020 is set to catapult the Emirate once again into the global limelight, as it welcomes the world for a six-month-long trade fair that starts on October 1, 2021.

Held every five years, the World Expo showcases a myriad of feats and achievements made by over 100 participating countries and exhibited through their respective pavilions.

In 2013, Dubai won the bid to host the global trade fair against Sao Paulo, Brazil; Izmir Turkey and Ekaterinburg, Russia, making the UAE the first Middle Eastern nation to host the Expo.

Although the event was delayed by a year due to COVID-19, Dubai is now set to take centre stage and be a beacon of hope for nations recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Here are 20 + 1 reasons the Expo 2020 will help Dubai take off.

1.  Millions of visitors from all over the world will flock to Dubai.

Experts are projecting the number of visitors to reach 25 million. With more than 190 countries participating, the Expo 2020 is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Middle East. This is expected to give Dubai – and the UAE – a significant boost in tourism and travel activities.

2. More visitors mean more business opportunities.

If you are looking to start a business in the UAE, now is the perfect time to do it! With investors, government officials and business tycoons converging in the Expo, you will have more opportunities to make real business connections and get more visibility in both local and international markets.

3. It’s not just for celebrating milestones in business and trade – it’s a cultural festival.

Dubai is a melting pot of different people and cultures, which will be exclusively displayed with creative flair and meaningful designs at the Expo 2020.

So whether you are looking to experience Dubai’s biggest tourist and cultural attractions, or sample the country’s cornucopia of local and international cuisine, the Expo 2020 will be your gateway to a culturally diverse experience.

4. There’s a place for every business engagement.

Planning a seminar? Looking for a venue to hold your product launch or business conference? The Dubai Exhibition Centre offers you the perfect location to hold your business activities. It is near the heart of the Expo 2020, which means you will always be close to the crowd.

5. It’s an experience you’ll never have anywhere else.

The Expo 2020 will be housing hundreds of pavilions, each featuring unique designs, immersive technological experiences, innovative tributes to cultural heritage, and more.

It’s a one-of-a-kind event where you can experience the best of the world in one gigantic venue.

6. Marvel at the finest architectural displays.

Dubai is renowned for its breathtaking architecture. Aside from the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai is home to the stunning sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, the dhow-inspired Dubai Opera, the calligraphy-covered Museum of the Future, and the Dubai Frame, which holds the record as the largest frame in the world.

At the Expo 2020, you can expect to see a collective display of ingeniously designed pavilions conceptualised by revered architects from across the globe, including the vibrantly coloured pavilion of Russia, the refreshingly white pavilion of Japan that welcomes guests with traditional origami shapes, and the modern and eco-friendly pavilion of Germany.

7. Expo 2020 will bring USD 20 billion worth of investment.

Experts anticipate the Expo 2020 to generate more than USD 20 billion (AED 73.4 billion) in direct foreign investment across different sectors – from finance and real estate, to construction and retail – in the coming years. Consequently, the massive trade fair is forecasted to generate over 270,000 jobs.

8. Dubai’s modern transportation infrastructure will get even better.

Dubai has allotted billions of funds to expand and further upgrade its transportation infrastructure throughout the years it has been preparing for the Expo. With better roads, metro rail lines and airport infrastructure, the Expo 2020 is definitely going to leave a long-lasting positive impact on the Emirate’s transportation sector.

9. Dubai’s real estate sector will see a huge increase in demand.

Organisers of the event have reportedly awarded 47 construction contracts worth AED 11 billion in preparation for the Expo.

There has also been an increase in residential real estate projects to accommodate the expected huge numbers of visitors and expats coming to Dubai for the Expo 2020.

In addition, market analysts forecast the event to boost the value and sales of residential properties in Dubai.

10. Demand for office space will also skyrocket.

As new businesses, foreign companies and renowned conglomerates gather in Dubai to capitalise on new trade opportunities brought by the event, experts are anticipating this will amplify the demand for office and commercial spaces across the Emirate.

If you are starting to look for residential and commercial properties for sale or for rent, check out houza, the largest real estate portal in the UAE.

11. The hospitality industry will get a huge chunk of the market.

With the Expo 2020 estimated to attract millions of visitors, with 70% of these coming from outside the UAE, an increase in demand in the hospitality industry is expected. That means more hotel rooms will be needed to accommodate the influx of visitors during and even after the Expo.

In turn, this upwards trend will create more jobs in the hospitality sector, revitalising one of the country’s biggest income-generating sectors.

12. Stronger international relations and cooperation are in the works.

More than 190 countries will be participating and sending their delegates to the Expo. This is not just an opportunity to showcase their innovation, but also a chance to create open and more collaborative international relations with one another.

13. There’s an increase in employment opportunities.

Construction, real estate and transportation sectors have been preparing for the Expo for years. The increased demand for workers and contractors in these sectors means more jobs for residents even long after the event.

Plus, the impact of the Expo is projected to benefit other sectors, including food and beverage, retail, hospitality, business services and more.

14. The food and beverage sector will also get the spotlight.

With the entire Expo running from October 2021 to March 2022, food and beverage suppliers will have the chance to offer locally sourced, organic food to a wider market throughout the event. Additionally, with visitors coming from different parts of the world, F&B businesses can grab the opportunity to introduce a more diverse culinary offering.

15. Tourism can provide additional boost for Dubai’s economy.

One of Dubai’s main drivers of economic growth is tourism. The Expo 2020 is expected to provide additional positive effects to the city’s economy, aiding the UAE’s V-shape recovery.

16. More talented professionals will come to the city due to increased economic activities.

Businesses looking for more competitive and talented professionals can benefit greatly from the activities surrounding the Expo 2020. According to reports, around one million job-years is expected to be created by the Expo 2020.

17. It’s a great time for SMEs to scale.

Dubai’s District 2020 offers SMEs more opportunities for expansion and growth alongside corporations. Plans to redevelop the Expo 2020 site have been proposed to provide a location for startups and corporations to set up their businesses.

18. Precious metals are expected to be a hit.

Dubai is known for its luxury items, including gold and other precious metals. With the Expo attracting numerous foreign visitors, experts anticipate a 40% increase in the sales of precious metals.

19. Sustainability will be the main highlight of the event.

The Expo 2020 is a prime example of Dubai’s commitment to sustainability. One of the sites developed for the Expo is the Sustainability District, which houses projects championing eco-friendliness. More people will be exposed to understanding how sustainability can provide positive effects – not just on the environment, but also on the economy.

20. Expect an increase in GDP due to Expo 2020 activities.

Experts are anticipating an increase in local and tourist spending during the Expo. Economic activities from the Expo are expected to drive around 1.5% growth to the UAE’s annual GDP.

Bonus: It will be another opportunity for Dubai to make history.

Hosting the Expo 2020 provides Dubai with an opportunity to showcase all the things that make the city and the region a great place to work, invest and do business.

From being a small desert and port town, Dubai has become an important scene for technology, architecture, business, finance, luxury and tourism in the Middle East region. Mega projects and infrastructure gave Dubai the spotlight, making it one of the most attractive cities for foreign direct investment.

All these building blocks make Dubai the perfect stage for celebrating ideas from all over the world and showing humanity’s greatest advancements at the Expo 2020.

Ready to see what the Expo 2020 will bring?

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