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The Best Mac Cleaner Software: which one is right for you?

Sep 12, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

Macs are known for their sleek design and easy-to-use interface, but even the best machines can slow down over time as they accumulate large files, applications, and digital debris of all sorts, which is why finding the best cleaner software is essential for maintaining the ease of your workflow. This is especially true for anyone working from home who relies on optimal mac performance.

This is where a Mac cleaning software comes in handy to remove unnecessary files and uninstall apps that are taking up a lot of disk space. Overall, the best Mac cleaners can maximise the performance of your computer and disk usage, thus saving you the money you would need to purchase extra storage space or cloud services.

Due to the existence of different and competitive products available, it can be difficult for Mac users to decide which one is right for them. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Mac cleaner software available on the market, discuss their features and benefits, and put forward our top picks.

What is the best Mac cleaner software?

When it comes to picking the best solution to keep your Mac free of junk, it is crucial to think about features, prices, user-friendly interfaces, and efficiency. The following overview of some of the best Mac cleaner software on the market will give plenty of insight and guidance into their functionality and benefits.

1. CleanMyMac X by MacPaw (our pick – best Mac cleaner)

A screenshot of CleanMyMacX which is the best mac cleaner software


CleanMyMac X is a one-in-all software that combines many powerful functions to keep your computer free of junk files and running fast and smoothly. It is a beautifully designed and easy-to-operate cleaning software that does the job of several optimization tools at once.

Once you launch the SmartScan, this amazing cleaning software will track down all the junk that is buried in every corner of your Mac computer, including your system folder, and give new life to your machine by reestablishing free disk space.

A screenshot of CleanMyMacX

CleanMyMac X also detects all potential malware that could harm and compromise your data and computer. Its malware detection algorithm is updated regularly and ensures the safety of your files and privacy. Thanks to another special function, it can destroy confidential data you want to remove and leave no digital footprint behind.

Finally, thanks to the combination of its Updater and Uninstaller pair, CleanMyMac X manages and maximizes the functionality of your applications by automatically installing new updates and uninstalling unwanted apps.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • All-in-one Mac cleaner app
  • Removes email attachments, hidden files, incomplete downloads, outdated caches, and broken files stored by iTunes and Photo
  • Up to 17 times faster than previous versions
  • Allows you to see what files and applications have been selected before you proceed with their removal
  • Offers safe internet browsing
  • User-friendly interface with an appealing look and bright, bold colours
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free version with limited functionality available for trial


CleanMyMac X offer a free trial version. Here are the details of what is included in the trial mode.


The one-year subscription plan starts at $47.72 for 1 Mac.

A screenshot of CleanMyMacX pricing

Alternatively, they offer a one-time purchase at the following prices:

A screenshot of CleanMyMacX pricing which is the best mac cleaner software

Wrap up

Overall, CleanMyMac X is a complete and easy-to-use cleaning software that offers a wide range of functions. It is a great choice both for private use and for small to medium businesses alike.

2. CCleaner for Mac

A screenshot of CCleaner


The new CCleaner for Mac is the fastest and easiest way to scan your photo library and reclaim hard drive space. Its smart scanning technology can quickly find poor, blurry, or duplicate photos within seconds, and with just a few clicks you can have them removed from your system for good.

You can also clear up more disk space by finding and removing unwanted system junk, cache files, and temporary files. Plus, this Mac cleaning app will automatically empty your Trash folder for you and keep your browsing safe and private by removing history, autofill login details, and cookies.

CCleaner does not offer protection against viruses and malware, so it may not be the best solution for customers that are looking for viral protection as part of the package.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Brand new interface with six individual functions
  • Simple to use and extremely fast
  • Removes unneeded files and bad system files
  • Quick retrieving of duplicate and bad photos to maximise storage space
  • App Uninstaller included
  • Clears online activities for safe browsing

A screenshot of CCleaner


Although a free version is available, we recommend taking advantage of all the Mac cleaning tools included in the Professional version, which is currently billed at $47.95 for a yearly subscription for one Mac computer.

Here’s where you can purchase this app:


Wrap Up

This Mac cleaning software is recommended for people who have large libraries of photos. CCleaner is efficient at removing junk files, eliminating duplicate photos, and keeping your online activities safe and free of leftover files but does not cover you from malware.

3. MacKeeper

A screenshot of mackeeper


MacKeeper provides a suite of decluttering and performance optimization tools to help clear junk, free up storage space, and make sure your machine runs effectively and fast.

The Safe Cleanup feature automatically removes unwanted files on completion, the Smart Uninstaller ensures old programs don’t linger after installation and the Duplicate Finder eliminates redundant files.

MacKeeper also provides security features such as malware removal and protection from phishing attacks. In addition, the app offers a range of utilities such as a disk repair tool and a duplicate file finder. MacKeeper is a powerful mac cleaning tool that can help you keep your Mac running smoothly.

A screenshot of mackeeper- mac cleaner software

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Offers multiple features such as cleaning, performance, security, and privacy
  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation
  • Fast operation
  • Detects 99.7% of existing malware, from viruses to spyware (AV-Test Verified)
  • Trusted by over 3 Million Mac users and industry experts
  • Great support service and 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Includes VPN for extra browsing safety


Packages start at $10.95 for a 1-Month subscription for one computer. The yearly package for one Mac is priced at $60. The family deal, which covers four computers for one year, is billed at $62.64 and offers a 30% discount.

A screenshot of mackeeper pricing

Wrap Up

MacKeeper is one of the best Mac cleaning software available on the market. With its extensive and powerful set of cleaning, protection, and optimization tools, it is highly recommended for private users and companies alike.

5. Software Ambience Daisy Disk

A screenshot of daisy disk- mac cleaner software


With its elegant and colourful user interface and powerful scanning engine, Daisy Disk is one of the best Mac cleaner software on the market and is quite fun and simple to use.

This Mac cleaner application helps you clean up your hard drive and reclaim space on your mac. After scanning all the connected disks on your Mac, DaisyDisk displays a circular graph that shows how much space each file and folder is taking up. You can then select which files and folders you want to delete and even bypass Finder’s Trash.

A screenshot of daisy disk

Daisy Disk also has a built-in shredder that helps you permanently delete files so they can’t be recovered. This cleaning software also links up to your cloud storage accounts and helps you remove junk from there as well. For a very competitive price, this Mac cleaning guarantees junk file removal at a fast speed.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Elegant and eye-catching interface
  • User-friendly application
  • Graphical renditions of storage and files
  • Scans all your computer’s volumes at incredible speed
  • Very affordable price
  • Connects with your cloud accounts to keep it free from junk
  • Suitable for photographers, artists, film-makers, and IT professionals


One of the most striking features of DaisyDisk is how affordable it is. A free trial with limited functionality is offered and the fully inclusive license fee is only $9.99 for a one-time payment.

Wrap Up

DaisyDisk is one of the most fun and stylish Mac cleaning apps out there. It doesn’t offer protection against viruses, but it performs very efficiently and fast.

6. MacCleaner Pro

A screenshot of MacCleaner Pro- mac cleaner software


MacCleaner Pro offers a wide range of features to help you declutter your computer by accessing all folders of your Mac. The set of tools included in this application proves to be powerful, efficient, and fast. A comprehensive tutorial opens up when you use each module for the first time, thus making the process of learning this application very easy.

The disk space analyser is capable of removing unwanted files, while the Duplicate file remover can track down the exact number of redundant images you may lingering around.

The Speed Up Mac function focuses on giving your Mac extra gear, by clearing up RAM, getting rid of unneeded startup applications and blocking browser extensions.

A screenshot of MacCleaner Pro- mac cleaner software

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Powerful multi-functional cleaning app with efficient and fast tools
  • Tutorials explaining each function
  • Five unique modules include CleanUp, SpeedUp, Duplicate Finder Remover, Uninstall Applications, and Disk Space Analysing
  • Simple interface and smooth operation
  • Corporate and educational discounts are available
  • Free trial


MacCleaner pro offers a one-time payment starting at $44.95 for one computer up to $112.95 as a family pack which covers five Macs. 20% discounts are offered to students and other forms of discounts are available for purchases of ten or more licenses at once.

A screenshot of MacCleaner Pro price

Wrap Up

Overall, MacCleaner Pro is a simply designed and effective software that delivers all the standard tasks of similar Mac cleaner apps. Thanks to the discount offered when purchasing 10 or more licences, it may be a great option for corporations and large businesses alike.

7. Parallels Toolbox Pro

A screenshot of Parallels- mac cleaner software

This multi-faceted, lightweight, and highly-functional application consists of 40 unique tools that will expand the productivity of your Mac. Each application is shown in alphabetical order for maximum clarity and ease of use.

A screenshot of Parallels

Parallels Toolbox offers standard tools to help you clear space in your HardDrive by finding and removing duplicate files, uninstalling unneeded applications, freeing memory, and cleaning up unwanted junk.

This unique Mac software shines in the area of presentation, video recording, downloading multiple files from YouTube, resizing images, and creating GIFs to name a few.

Parallels ToolBox also includes some privacy features such as blocking your camera, muting your microphone, and keeping your screen locked.

You can also stop receiving annoying notifications, change your screen resolution, and stop your computer from going into sleep mode, which is very handy if you use your Mac for longer presentations.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Unique Mac cleaner software with added tools for productivity and creativity
  • 40 unique functions to expand the capability of your Mac
  • Switch to Presentation Mode in one click
  • Privacy features such as block camera and mute mic
  • Record screen mode
  • Downloads multiple videos at once
  • Free trial version is available


Parallels Toolbook Pro’s yearly subscription is $19.99.

Wrap Up

Although this is not your typical dedicated Mac cleaning software, we included Parallels ToolBox Pro in our guide because it offers some interesting and creative features. This application is suitable for people in the creative industries, students, and small business owners, and it is ideal for those who make great use of presentations at work and in their academic life.

8. Intego Washing Machine X9

A screenshot of Intego- mac cleaner software

Who would have ever thought that putting your Mac through a washing machine would be a good idea?

Jokes aside, Intego Washing Machine X9 is a fantastic Mac cleaning software and performance enhancement tool that has been trusted since 1997.

Its fast-scanning processor tracks down all the files that are redundant in your system. This includes caches that are obsolete and even language files that you are not using.

Moreover, this Mac cleaning software is great at finding duplicate files that are laying dormant in your disk and removing them in the blink of an eye. In addition, Intego Washing Machine X9 organises your Desktop files by filing them in the appropriate folders.

The combination of these three powerful features is capable of clearing up gigabytes of space, increasing the speed of your Mac by 30%, and making apps three times more efficient and responsive.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • Leading company in Mac software
  • Enhances the performance of your computer
  • Applications run more efficiently
  • Removes unwanted and redundant files
  • Free up disk space
  • Currently on a 60% discount


Intego Washing Machine X9 is currently priced at $25.99 for a one-year subscription (60% discount). Great discounts are also available when licensing more than one computer: for example, covering five computers only costs $43.99.

Additionally, they are offering a limited offer that includes a premium VPN for $25.99.

If you like this product, we highly recommend purchasing the MacPremium Bundle, which includes protection against malware, Firewall network protection, anti-phishing protection, and plenty more on top of the Washing Machine X9 tools. The bundle is currently listed at $45.99 (60% off).

Buy here


A screenshot of Intego- mac cleaner software

Wrap Up

Intego is a great company that has been trusted by companies and private users for decades. Their products are top notch and they offer amazing Customer Service and Technical Support. Considering the great deals and discounts they are offering at the moment, we highly recommend purchasing one of their products.

Drive Genius ver. 6 by Prosoft Engineering

A screenshot of Drive Genius

Drive Genius is a phenomenal and all-inclusive Mac cleaner app that is built with 18 impressive tools including malware protection, cleaning up, and performance enhancement.

Their award-winning technology DriveSlim enables you to find duplicate and large files, such as old email attachments and videos, and quickly remove them.

Through its sophisticated repartition process, it allows you to organize your operating system more efficiently by managing different volumes of your hard drives. Drive Genius also performs regular checks to make sure there are no errors and corrupted files, which can cause loss of data and system failures over time.

In the protection department, Drive Genius excels at ensuring your computer is safe from any type of cyber attack. The malware database is updated many times a day. The DrivePulse function automatically scans all downloaded files to make sure there are no potential threats lurking around.

Highlights/Top Features/Benefits

  • 18 powerful tools to keep your computer safe and in optimal shape
  • Great for removal of large files and duplicate data
  • Repartition tool to manage your hard drives
  • Finds disk errors and potential failures
  • Exceptional protection against malware
  • Virus database updated daily
  • Mail and phone support provided


Drive Genius is the most expensive software in this guide and offer the following type of plans:

  • Standard license: covers three computers per year – $79
  • Professional license: covers 10 computers per year – $299
  • Perpetual License: this is one-time payment per Mac priced at $99.


A screenshot of Drive Genius- mac cleaner software

Wrap Up

When it comes to features and performance, Drive Genius is a stand-out product on this list, hence the higher price. Essentially, Drive Genius combines a powerful cleaning application with one of the best malware protection available today.

It performs a wider variety of complex tasks that may not be suitable for users looking for a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Drive Genius may be best suited for more advanced users and large companies when considering the high price per license.

What makes the best Mac cleaner software?

Mac cleaner application is a type of utility software that helps you clean your Mac and free up space on your hard drive quickly and efficiently.

It works by scanning your computer for files that are taking up space but are no longer needed, such as temporary files, cache files, log files and so on. It then deletes these files to free up disk space in your machine.

Mac cleaner software can also help you remove unwanted applications and binaries, as well as remove duplicates and repair corrupt or damaged files. In addition, some Mac cleaners also include features such as disk defragmentation and virus removal.

While not all Mac cleaners are created equal, a good quality Mac cleaner can make a significant difference in the speed and performance of your computer. In addition, it has to make sure there is always free space for your data so you do not need to invest money in getting a disk upgrade or a cloud storage service.

There are a number of different Mac cleaners available on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you? The following five factors are worth considering before a purchase:

  • Simplicity,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Features,
  • Prices,
  • Customer Service and Technical Support

The best mac cleaner is simple

Look for a Mac cleaning app that is easy to use and understand. The best Mac cleaners will have an intuitive interface that is easy to operate, thus making the process of finding and deleting unwanted files and keeping your Mac in excellent shape stress-free. Take advantage of the trial version most of these products offer and see if you are comfortable navigating a particular interface.


Make sure that the Mac cleaner you choose is effective at polishing your system and freeing up disk space. A good way to test this is to download a trial version of the software and see how well it works on your system and how fast it performs the task of scanning and removing accumulated digital junk. Most software are incredibly fast these days, so be wary of slow applications.


Mac cleaners range in price from around $9.99 to over $100. Choose the one that best fits your budget and consider whether the product you are after offers a one-time payment vs a monthly or yearly subscription type of deal.


Some Mac cleaners come with additional features such as disk defragmentation, malware removal, and cloud storage cleanup to name a few.

As we illustrated in the article, applications such as Parallels ToolBox offers a whole range of interesting productivity tools that expand the scope of what your computer can do in a creative and functional way. If you think you need these features, then choose a Mac cleaner that includes them.

Customer Service and Technical Support

When considering a Mac cleaner, it is important to look at the customer service and technical support that is offered by the company. Some companies have excellent customer service, with quick and easy-to-reach support channels.

It is also important to look at the technical support that is offered. This includes how detailed the support is, how easy it is to access, and how knowledgeable the support staff or virtual assistant are about the product.

Before purchasing a Mac cleaner, be sure to read reviews of the product to get an idea of the quality of customer service and technical support that is offered.

Conclusion – what is the best Mac cleaner?

Among all the great products we reviewed, our top pick for the best Mac cleaner app is MacKeeper. It performs all the tasks that are expected by a great cleaning application and adds top-notch protection that will keep your computer and your personal data and privacy safe.

MacKeeper is endorsed by Apple, has been trusted by millions of users, endorsed by industry experts, and has been downloaded 60 million times worldwide. Its anti-virus scanning process is AV-TEST certified, which is one of the top independent security labs in the world.

MacKeeper also includes a VPN in its package, which is a feature no other software provides. With an affordable 12-month plan billed at $60, we highly recommend this product if you’d like for your Mac to perform at its best and enjoy safety while browsing.

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