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Find the Best Animation Software for 2022

Sep 17, 2022 | Business Software and Tools

With many animators making over $70,000, or 257110د.إ, in their careers, animation is certainly an industry worth understanding. But finding out what the best animation software is might not be the easiest task.

There are a few things to look out for if you’re choosing between different types of software. Firstly, consider your level of animation skill. You should also look at how much your software will cost and if the price is a worthwhile investment.

If you’re ready to hear more about the best animation software in 2022, have a look at the list below.

What Is Animation Software?

Animation software helps graphic designers, artists, and animators to turn their visual files into moving images. It is also used by filmmakers to create animated films so many people love!

There are different kinds of animation software that allow the artist to create various types of images. They may be 2D or 3D renderings or CGI. Animation software can also be used to give life to drawings once they are uploaded as a visual file.

Businesses also rely on animation, particularly for advertising. Animation software creates moving logos or mascots on TV and social media. This is a great way to gain customer attention and stay memorable.

What Features Should An Animation Software Have?

There are some basic functions every animation software should have. These enable them to be more user-friendly and to create animated work more efficiently.

Firstly, animation software should have some templates already available to use. These might be character templates or scene templates that the graphic designer can then change to meet particular specifications.

A second feature every free and paid animation software should have is a toolset for character creation. These tools are often called “rigging” and “bone” tools. They simply make character features and designs easier to create.

Finally, good animation software should allow you to edit curves. Curves are an important part of animation as they make characters and settings look more believable. Your animation software should include features that allow for bouncy and elastic curve edits.

The Best Animation Software Available Today

If you want to create beautiful and attention-grabbing animation, you need to use the best software available. However, the right software for you will depend on what you need it for and your level of skill.

If you are a beginner, there are many great animation software options to help you learn and grow. Plus, some beginner animation software options make the animation process enjoyable to learn, so you won’t even feel like you’re working too hard!

Conversely, if you’re an expert animator, you want software that offers you the most tools and the most efficiency. You’ll be looking for software that makes doing multiple tasks at once easy so that you can get your work completed on time and to the highest standard.

Finally, if you’re somewhere between beginner and expert, there are plenty of animation software choices for you! If you want to challenge yourself you’ll find some great options that allow you to explore different tools. Or if you just want to keep things simple, pick the most user-friendly option that will allow you to get your work done with ease.

Have a look at the wide range of animation software available below.


Crello is great for those who want to get their animation project finished fast without compromising on quality. It features a range of template options so that you can get straight to animating.

One reason animators love Crello is that it is so smooth to work with. You should experience very few lags or crashes when using this software. It’s built with the animator’s interests in mind, so its design will give you the smoothest animating experience possible.

Crello also offers frame to photo technology. This is great for anyone who is animating images to use on an Instagram page. it allows photos to be easily and beautifully brought to life so that they jump right off the screen.

Crello also allows you to flip your images to make them face whatever way you desire. This is an excellent option for any business interested in using animation for advertising.

Autodesk Maya

If you know anything about animation at all, you will probably have heard of Autodesk Maya. It is a great choice for those seeking to try their hand at frame animation. This program is designed for every kind of animation artist, from beginner to expert.

Maya is well known for its 3D rendering assets. Learning how to curve 3D objects is often the bane of any animator’s life! However, Maya uses well-labeled and accurate tools to make this daunting task easier.

Maya is well recognized within the animation industry. It has been used to create visuals and animation for several award-winning films and big-name animation studios. The experts rely on it for being efficient, detailed, and capable of creating high-quality moving images.

However, Autodesk Maya is an expensive application. A year’s subscription to the software costs almost $2000 or 7,346د.إ. While the price tag may seem daunting, Maya is well worth it thanks to its ease of use and many advanced features.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D provides a wide range of tools for any animation needs. From 3D modeling to painting, whatever you’re designing can be brought to life with Cinema 4D.

Animators like this software because it is so easy to use. Its user interface is simple to navigate, which makes it a great option for anyone just starting in the world of animation.

Cinema 4D also offers a range of different lighting options. Lighting is a difficult skill to master when it comes to animation, and this software makes the process much more simple.

Cinema 4D provides a free trial for those who want to try it before they buy. After that, you will be given a quote-based plan to make payments through. This quote will change depending on whether you’re a business or an individual animator.

This software is ideal for businesses that wish to get more out of animation.

After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an excellent choice of software if you wish to create video animation. Whilst it is often marketed as a video editing application, it has proven to be very useful for animators seeking to upgrade their graphics.

Adobe After Effects is the perfect option for those seeking to create advanced visual effects. The keying tools are very useful if you wish to blend different scenes into one and erase the background from your drawings and pictures. Plus, you can use many of its rendering tools to create clouds, flame, smoke, and other moving objects.

Motion graphics, such as moving titles, banners, “lower thirds,” visual effects, charts, and more, can be easily produced with Adobe After Effects. Additionally, you may merge several video clips and photographs using its blending features to produce a single, unified scene.

Adobe Animate

A good program for making 2D animations, characters, and dynamic material is Adobe Animate. You simply need to roughly sketch your images, digitize them as photos, and then import them into Adobe Animates files to make a basic animation.

You can make use of the interactive tools in Adobe Animate to create input fields and buttons relevant to your project.

Use the motion tweening tools in Adobe Animate to produce more intricate anima. By doing this, you’ll be able to animate without the need to sketch each frame.

One feature Adobe animate is particularly well regarded for is its character creation ability. Character rigs are simple to make, and you can easily manage positions and animate them. Additionally, Adobe Animate offers a bone tool that enables you to make lifelike skeletal animations.

Adobe Animate also allows you to create detailed and accurate 2D animation. For the business owner, this is exceptionally beneficial for advertising purposes. Creating memorable and relevant 2D animations will help your business to stick in your potential customer’s minds.

Your animations can be exported in a variety of formats, including HTML5, SWF, and MP4. Very few other applications or animation software offers FLA format, making Adobe Animate great for experts.


Blender is one of the best free animation software options available. It offers a wide range of tools and is very user-friendly. Even top-level animators love it because of its efficiency.

What makes Blender so good is the fact that it is an open-source animation suite. Animators, software developers, and other creatives have all contributed to the creation of Blender to make it what it is today. This means it has been designed for the people by the people and it, therefore, offers all the tools both beginner and expert level animators need.

If you want to share your animation across different computers or other software, Blender offers cross-platform options. You’ll have the option to share your animation process and get feedback on it to help improve your work.

Another great Blender feature is that it allows you to import other visuals from your computer. This gives you freedom over the textures you use so that you can create your ideal animated world.

You can create 2D and 3D animations using Blender. It is also a great platform to learn to animate thanks to the range of rigging features and tools available on it.

You also have the option to completely customize your user interface with Blender. It is software designed to offer you the most freedom to create when it comes to animation. Blender is even used by many professional animation studios and services who work to create video game animation.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is another animation software that is industry recognized. Companies such as Disney use it regularly to create their next blockbuster and bring the animated stories people love to life.

With Toon Boom Harmony, you have the choice to animate using cut-out animation or traditional animation. Plus, you can blend the two styles where appropriate. This helps animators to take their creations to the next level and create moving images with depth and style.

Toon Boom Studio will cost you about $150 or 550د.إ. This is perfect for any animator and comes with all the tools you need to create moving images. If you are a business seeking to create an animated logo, Toon Boom Studio is the best option as it allows for creative and easy-to-use tools without compromising on quality.

Like Adobe Animate, you can also scan your drawings into Toon Boom. This gives you the ultimate level of creative freedom over your designs.


Unity is mostly used in game development, however, as an animation software, it is regarded as one of the best. Like Blender, Unity also offers cross-platform options. This makes it easier for animators to share their work and receive feedback.

Unity has received praise for its rendering quality. Animators have been able to create high-quality and detailed renderings to bring the world some of the most well-known video games.

Unity has a free version for those pursuing animation as a hobby. However, if you intend to sell any animations you create using Unity, you will need to purchase their commercial package.

Unity is considered one of the most user-friendly animation software available.


Houdini has been used to create some big-name industry projects. This includes Disney’s Frozen and Zootopia. Animators like it because of the many helpful tools it offers and because of its user-friendly interface. This software also offers a huge range of tools for the new and the expert animator.

With Houdini, you’ll have full use of one of animation’s most important tools: dynamics. This tool is used to define fluid motion in animation. Your character’s movements will be defined and realistic. This tool is also used for other useful animation features, such as cloth and crowd simulation.

Houdini is one of the more expensive options on the list. Houdini Core, one variation of the platform, costs $355 or 1303د.إ a month. Plus, it needs to be continuously updated to keep up with the latest software changes.

However, if you have the money and the time to invest in Houdini, it is certainly worth it. There is also a free apprentice version of the software available. Whilst it may not be the best pick for businesses, it is a great way to learn all the basics of animation.


Procreate lets you use frame-by-frame animation to create both simple and complex work. It is widely used by artists to create digital art, which can then be animated.

Whilst it doesn’t offer the same wide range of tools as other animation platforms, it is an excellent way to get started with sketches intended for animation. It drawing tools, such as “realistic blur”, help animators see what their end product will look like once they finish sketching.

Procreate will cost you a one-time purchase of $9.99 or 36د.إ. With this very cheap price tag, it’s certainly worth downloading for those interested in digital art and animation.

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is so well recognized that it has its own Emmy Award. This software works by importing layered documents from Adobe Photoshop into Adobe Character Animator. These documents are turned into “puppets.” An animator makes the puppets do particular things, such as winking or smiling, to make them come alive.

One advanced feature of Adobe Character Animator is the use of your computer’s webcam for face-tracking. This allows animated renderings of a face to be more accurate and to capture the fluidity of facial movements with more precision.

Adobe Character Animator costs just under $600 or 2203د.إ per year. Given all the useful tools available on this software, this is quite a reasonable price. Your business will benefit from the huge range of creative features on this platform.

Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is an excellent open-source animation software. This software allows you to create 2D animations based on your drawings. It is easy to use and a great platform to learn key animation skills.

Pencil 2D features all the tools any animator needs. It features a useful drag-and-drop feature so you can easily import your custom designs from your computer.

Pencil 2D is the perfect animation option for businesses. If you have a logo or character you want to bring life to for advertising purposes, you’ll easily be able to do so with Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is completely free to download and use, making it a great option for both beginners and professionals.


Powtoon is a visual communications software that features an excellent animation platform for the beginner and the expert. You can use it for whiteboard doodles and create moving images for presentations.

One excellent feature of Powtoon that makes it a beginner’s dream is the wide range of pre-installed templates. These templates work with you to make animating easy and stress-free. Plus, animating with templates is the best way to nail the basics of animation and practice your skills.

Another innovative feature of Powtoon is that you can work between it and other platforms, like Powerpoint and Adobe. By doing so, you can share your work across multiple platforms making it easier to keep all your ideas and creations in one place. If you are using Adobe or Powerpoint as open-ended platforms, your colleagues can step in to make changes to your work to improve it.

There is a free plan for Powtoon that features all the necessary tools you need to get started in animating. After this, you can choose to pay for extras and add-ons to continue practicing.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is an easy-to-use animation software. It is relied on by animators for its exceptional performance regardless of the computer it is run on.

Clip Studio Paint features a very useful asset store. This allows those using the platform to download extra tools, such as additional images, that improves the quality of their animation.

Clip Studio Paint costs $29.99 or 110د.إ. With additional updates, further charges may be applied. However, it is a cheap and excellent choice for beginner animators.

Moho Pro

Although Moho Pro isn’t used often in the animation industry, several animators have made use of this software and created award-winning animations with it.

Moho Pro has exceptional 2D rigging abilities. This helps to create precise and realistic 2D characters and improve the fluidity of their motions.

Moho Pro is good for professionals and beginners. Whilst it offers many advanced tools, it also has a very user-friendly interface, making it an easy platform to learn with.

Moho Pro also offers different kinds of effects. These are used to add shading and shadow and to modify particular colors.

Moho Pro has two price packages. The basic package, Moho Debut, is $59.99 or 220د.إ. The pro package, Moho Pro, is $399.99 or 1,469د.إ. The pro package is the best option for those seeking to use Moho for big-scale projects.

Get the Best Animation Software To Bring Your Ideas To Life

Use the best animation software available to creatively promote your business. From fun and relatable characters to serious and informative ads, animation helps your business to stand out.

The wide range of animation software options above are user-friendly and make animation easy to learn. Each has a range of useful features, so it’s up to you to decide which software is best for you. Always consider the budget and what you want to use your animation for when making your decision.

To find out more about bringing your ideas and business to life, check out this page. Contact the great expert team to launch your business idea off the ground. They’ll support you every step of the way and provide you with everything you need to get started.

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