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How To Check Your RTA Fines In Dubai

May 4, 2024 | Human Resources

Navigating the bustling roads of Dubai requires strict adherence to traffic rules, and with the Dubai RTA fines check, motorists can easily ensure they remain on the right side of the law. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has streamlined the process of monitoring traffic violations and fines, making it accessible for drivers to check and settle any infractions online. This proactive measure helps maintain a clean traffic file and avoid the accumulation of ‘black points’, which can lead to severe penalties, including the suspension of driving privileges.

We provide a detailed walkthrough on verifying and paying your RTA fines online, through mobile apps, or via various offline channels, ensuring you can enjoy the roads of Dubai with peace of mind and legal compliance.

RTA Fines in Dubai

Common Traffic Violations and Penalties

In Dubai, the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) takes following traffic laws very seriously. Cameras and radars are set up all over the city to keep an eye on traffic and catch any violations. These systems are always on, ready to record any road missteps.

When you break a traffic rule, the system quickly adds points to your traffic file, known as ‘black points’. Each violation adds to your total.

Racking up these points can have serious repercussions. For instance, if you collect more than 24 black points, you risk losing your driving licence and being banned from driving for a year. This tough rule highlights why keeping track of your traffic file status is so important.

The Importance of Checking for Fines Regularly

Drivers in Dubai must check for fines regularly. The RTA makes sure you’re aware of any violations quickly, usually by sending a text message right after the incident. But staying on top of your traffic file is still up to you.

To help you out, the Dubai Police website has an online service where you can check your current black points. The RTA website also makes it easy to see if there are any fines against your vehicle. Just log into the RTA’s official website and head to the ‘Inquiry and Payment of Traffic Fines service’ to see all the fines linked to your vehicle.

This online inquiry service is free. But if you want a printed copy of your fines, you’ll have to pay a small fee of $1.30 (AED 5). If you think a fine was given by mistake, you can easily challenge it through the Dubai Police Portal. The portal lets you submit complaints about traffic fines to get things sorted.

Paying traffic fines is super easy and can be done in several ways. Both the Dubai Police and RTA websites let you pay online. Plus, there are mobile apps for both the Dubai Police and RTA that you can download on your phone, making it even more convenient to handle fines.

If you prefer to do things face-to-face, you can always visit the vehicles and driver’s licence service centres. And if you need help with anything related to traffic fines, a dedicated helpline at 901 is ready to assist you. Keeping up with your traffic fines and paying them on time isn’t just a legal must-do; it’s part of being responsible for keeping Dubai’s roads safe and running smoothly.

Dubai Police Website Screenshot

How to Check RTA Fines Online

Step-by-Step Guide to RTA Fine Inquiry

To begin the process of checking your fines online, navigate to the ‘Check Your Fines’ tab on the RTA’s homepage. You will be prompted to enter specific details from your traffic file, such as your ‘Traffic File Number’ and other pertinent information. Once submitted, the website will display a list of any fines incurred, detailing the nature of the violation, the date it occurred, and the amount due.

Required Information for Checking Fines

Ensure you have all the necessary information at your disposal before you start the inquiry. This includes your vehicle’s plate number, your driver’s licence number, and the traffic file. If available, the fine number should also be at hand. This preparation will facilitate a smoother inquiry process.

Official RTA Website and Alternative Channels

The RTA’s official portal is not the only avenue for managing traffic fines. The Dubai Police website also provides a user-friendly interface for this purpose. By selecting ‘Traffic Services’ under the ‘Services’ tab or navigating directly to the ‘Fines Inquiry and Payment’ section, you can access the relevant page to input your vehicle information and view any fines.

The Emirates Vehicle Gate caters specifically to vehicles registered in Dubai. By accessing their website, creating an account, logging in, and selecting “Pay Traffic Fines” from the menu, you can search for outstanding fines using your vehicle details.

The Ministry of Interior’s website provides comprehensive traffic-related information across the UAE. To use their service, click on ‘Payment of Traffic Fines’ on the homepage, then ‘View More’ to either ‘Start Service’ or ‘Register’ for newcomers. After logging in, select Dubai as your emirate and input your vehicle details to check for fines.

For those who prefer using mobile devices, applications such as DubaiNow, RTA Dubai, and Dubai Police are available for download and facilitate easy payment. These applications offer a user-friendly interface and support various payment options.

Alternatively, customer happiness centres and authorised kiosks throughout Dubai are equipped with smart kiosks for those who opt for in-person transactions. These kiosks accept both cash and card payments and provide a straightforward method for settling fines.

Addressing any outstanding fines promptly ensures you can continue driving without legal concerns. Most platforms provide a range of payment methods, including secure transactions via credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and the aforementioned mobile applications and smart kiosks. Maintaining a clean traffic file is essential for a hassle-free driving experience in Dubai.

Dubai RTA Website Traffic Fines Screenshot

Checking RTA Fines via Mobile Apps

Introduction to the RTA Dubai App

The RTA Dubai App is a comprehensive digital platform developed by the RTA to facilitate access to various transportation services. This application consolidates numerous functionalities into a single interface, aiming to streamline the user experience for parking and license renewal tasks.

How to Use the RTA Dubai App for Fine Checks

After downloading the RTA Dubai App from your respective app store and registering via UAE Pass, you will be presented with a personalised dashboard. To inquire about fines, simply proceed to the designated section for fines and violations. Here, you can view any outstanding fines and examine your transaction history for all services, ensuring you remain informed about your payments.

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Fine Inquiries

The convenience of using the RTA Dubai App for fine inquiries is evident as it eliminates the need to visit RTA service centres. The app’s integration of artificial intelligence, exemplified by its ability to display parking space availability, enhances the user experience. Additionally, the app features Mahboub, a chatbot designed to assist with inquiries and guide users through the fine-checking and payment process. By linking your Nol Plus Account, you can accrue rewards, incentivising the use of the app for various services.

The RTA has tailored the app to cater to the needs of all users, including People of Determination and Senior Emiratis, by offering specialised services such as parking permit management. With over 40 services available, the app demonstrates the RTA’s dedication to providing efficient and accessible transportation-related services.

RTA Dubai App Download Website

Payment Options for RTA Fines

The Payment Process

To settle your dues, you’ll need to provide the traffic file number and the licence holder’s date of birth. Keep in mind that payments are final and cannot be refunded. Any fraudulent use of credit cards during the transaction could result in legal consequences.

The payment process is divided into four steps. Initially, you’ll input identifiers such as the fine number, Emirates ID, passport, and a captcha for security verification. After reviewing the results for accuracy, you’ll confirm the details of the fines and then proceed to the payment stage. This method is designed for quick and hassle-free transactions.

Online Payment Methods

The RTA, Dubai Police, and Emirates Vehicle Gate websites provide secure online platforms for fine payments using Visa or Mastercard. These sites offer clear instructions for a seamless transaction process.

Mobile applications like DubaiNow and Dubai Police also allow for fine management and payment from your smartphone, offering a practical solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Offline Payment Channels

For offline payments, RTA customer happiness centres and authorised kiosks are equipped with smart kiosks that accept both cash and cards. Financial institutions such as Emirates NBD facilitate payments through mobile and online banking services, ATMs, and cash deposit machines (CDMs). The full amount of the fine must be paid in one go, and your banking package and daily withdrawal limit may limit the maximum payment.

Certain fines issued by the Dubai Police may have unique payment conditions and might only be settled at their counters. The Dubai Police website is the best resource for the latest information on these specific fines.

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Tips to Avoid RTA Fines

Safe Driving Practices in Dubai

Navigating the streets of Dubai requires adherence to stringent driving regulations. With the UAE’s overhaul of traffic laws effective since July 6, 2023, vigilance is paramount. These modifications aim to enhance road safety and contribute to the Vision 2021 goal of minimising road deaths to 3 per 100,000 people.

Running a red light now incurs a penalty of $817 (AED 3,000) and accrues 12 black points on your driving record. Such infractions pose a significant danger to all road users. Engaging in reckless driving incurs a penalty of $545 (AED 2,000), adds 23 black points, and may result in vehicle impoundment for 60 days.

Securing every passenger with a seatbelt is mandatory, with non-compliance resulting in a $110 (AED 400) penalty and four black points. Similarly, distractions such as mobile phone usage while driving attract the same penalty, emphasising the necessity of undivided attention while behind the wheel.

Staying Updated with Traffic Rules and Regulations

Being well-informed about the latest traffic regulations is crucial for avoiding penalties and ensuring road safety. The police have released a comprehensive list of updated fines and penalties. The federal traffic law, introduced on July 1, 2017, has been amended to reflect the gravity with which road safety is treated.

Exceeding the speed limit by 80 kmph results in a $817 (AED 3,000) fine, 23 black points, and the potential for vehicle impoundment for 60 days. Driving under the influence has severe repercussions, including a one-year suspension of your driving privileges following a court ruling.

Utilising RTA Resources for Responsible Driving

The RTA offers numerous resources to promote responsible driving and traffic law awareness. Through the RTA website, drivers can promptly address any infractions. Collaborative efforts with the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai include MoUs aimed at raising traffic awareness, particularly among operators of trucks and heavy vehicles.

The RTA’s strategy includes educational initiatives targeting drivers about the necessity of adhering to safety standards and the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, especially during the hotter months. These educational efforts are designed to underscore the risks associated with negligent driving practices and the critical nature of vehicle upkeep.

Leveraging these RTA tools and staying informed about the most current traffic regulations can significantly reduce the likelihood of incurring fines and contribute to the overall safety of Dubai’s thoroughfares.

Dubai Now App Download Screenshot

Stay Ahead of the Game with RTA

Keeping track of any RTA fines and adhering to Dubai’s traffic laws helps maintain your peace of mind and ensures the safety of all road users. With multiple platforms at your disposal, from online services to mobile apps, checking and paying your fines is more convenient than ever.

Remember, staying informed and proactive about your traffic fines is not just about avoiding penalties. It’s about embracing your role in the collective effort to keep Dubai’s roads among the safest in the world. And, if you do find yourself on the wrong side of a traffic violation, these tools are here to help you swiftly address the issue—keeping your driving record as impeccable as the city’s highways. Drive smart, stay safe, and make the most of the RTA’s resources to enjoy the ride.


How Do I Find my RTA Fines?

You can check for any RTA fines by visiting the official RTA website or using the RTA Dubai app. Enter your vehicle’s plate, license, or traffic file numbers to view any fines. You can also use Dubai Police’s website or their smart app for this purpose. These platforms provide a detailed list of any traffic violations and the corresponding fines.

Do You Get a Discount on RTA Fines in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai often offers discounts on RTA fines as part of specific initiatives. For example, drivers can receive up to a 100% reduction in fines if they maintain a clean driving record for a certain period. These discount offers are typically announced periodically and have specific terms and conditions, so it’s essential to check the latest updates on the RTA or Dubai Police website.

What is the Fine for Crossing the Road in Dubai?

The fine for jaywalking or crossing the road in non-designated areas in Dubai is $110 (AED 400). This is enforced to enhance pedestrian safety and encourage the use of designated pedestrian crossings, underpasses, and overpasses.

How to Remove Black Points?

Black points can be removed by attending a traffic points reduction course offered by the Dubai Police. Drivers eligible for this course must have accumulated fewer than 24 black points and hold a driving license issued in Dubai. Completing the course successfully can reduce black points; however, it’s essential to meet all eligibility criteria and register for the course through official channels.

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