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Navigating Emirates ID Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep 29, 2023 | Human Resources

An Emirates ID isn’t just an identification card; it’s your key to unlocking various services and facilities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Whether you’re a seasoned expat or a tourist planning a more extended stay, getting to know the Emirates ID is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel everything you need to know about the Emirates ID, from its purpose and the legal implications of not having one to its multiple uses and the application process. We’ll also tackle common issues and provide answers to frequently asked questions. So, why wait? Arm yourself with this essential knowledge and experience a smoother, more convenient life in the UAE!

Understanding the Importance of the Emirates ID

The Purpose of the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID, a smart card with advanced technology and nine security features, is designed to prevent falsification. The Emirates ID is your legal identity card and document in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that confirms your status as a resident in the country. It’s a must-have for all UAE citizens and residents, including newborn babies. The card consists of a 15-digit number, an electronic chip, a photograph, and personal data. You’ll use this ID for many reasons, from getting a new SIM card or home internet package to paying utility bills, opening a bank account, or applying for a driver’s license.

You’ll also use the Emirates ID to access government services, vote in elections, travel within the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and pass immigration through eGates and smart gates at airports. It makes airport immigration a breeze for UAE citizens and residents, allowing them to use e-gates for quick passport control procedures. It’s also handy for banking purposes, accessing credit history, processing medical insurance, and even refuelling at certain service stations.

Legal Implications of Not Having an Emirates ID

Having an Emirates ID is a must for all citizens and residents of the UAE. You’ll need it for various activities such as opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone plan, registering for government services, or travelling in and out of the country. It’s against the law for companies to seize Emirates ID cards. They’re only allowed to take personal data.

Suppose you need to be on time to renew your Emirates ID. In that case, according to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), you might be exempted from fines or penalties. However, after the 30-day grace period, late fines of USD 5.44 USD (AED 20) per day will still apply for a new one, with a maximum of USD 272.29 (AED 1,000). UAE citizens, GCC citizens, and expatriate residents can apply for the exemption from late payment fees.

Other Uses of the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID has multiple uses, including facilitating transactions and applications, both government and private, as identity cards and online processing and smart services. You’ll need it for tasks such as getting a new SIM card, paying utility bills, applying for a driver’s license, and more. The card is made of polycarbonate and can last up to 10 years. Banks require the Emirates ID for account opening. It can be used as proof of identity to request government services and protects against fraud and identity theft.

The Emirates ID has benefits for travelling, including serving as a resident’s visa status from April 2022 and making airport immigration simple for UAE citizens and residents. It can be used at smart gates for quick passport control procedures. The Emirates ID can also be used for banking and credit history purposes and for medical history and integration into the medical insurance system.

Who Needs an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement issued by the UAE Government, which all UAE citizens must obtain. This ID confirms your identity across all the in the country. The Emirates ID is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for and carry with them at all times. The Emirates ID is used for government services, voting in elections, travel within the GCC, and passing immigration through eGates and smart gates at airports.

Screenshot Of ICP Website For Applying For An Emirates ID Card

Applying for the Emirates ID: Step-by-Step Guide

Registering Online for the Emirates ID

The first step towards obtaining your Emirates ID is online registration. This can be done on the ICP’s website or at an accredited typing centre. Be prepared with necessary documents such as copies of your passport, visa, and a passport-sized photo.

Registration for a UAE Pass is also required for UAE nationals, GCC nationals, expatriates, or residents. This digital identity provides access to a range of government services. After securing your UAE Pass, you can apply for your Emirates ID and settle the required fees.

Scheduling Your Biometrics Data Collection

Following online registration, an appointment for biometric data collection must be scheduled. This takes place at an ICP Customer Happiness Centre, where your fingerprints and other biometric details are collected for authentication.

Collecting Your Emirates ID

Upon approval of your application, you’ll receive a notification about your Emirates ID status. This status can be checked online on the official website using your application number or the Emirates ID number. The new ID card is typically ready within five days.

Your Emirates ID can be collected through a delivery company or at a service centre. Monitoring your Emirates ID status is important to ensure the application process is completed promptly.

Tips and Troubleshooting During Application

During the application process, you may encounter some challenges. If your Emirates ID card is lost, stolen, or damaged, report the incident at an ICP Customer Happiness Centre and complete an application form. The fees for replacing a stolen or lost card or damaged ID are USD 81.68 (AED 300), in addition to application fees.

Any changes in the details on your Emirates ID card should be reported to the competent department in ICP within a month from the date of the change.

Remember to surrender your ID card to the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs when cancelling a UAE residence visa.

For any queries or complaints about the Emirates ID, you can reach out through various channels, including social media, email, website, chatbot, and a call centre. A FAQ section on the website provides answers to common questions about the Emirates ID.

Screenshot Of ICP Happiness Centers Webpage

Emirates ID Requirements

The Emirates ID is a crucial document issued by the ICP.

Documents Needed for Emirates ID Application

For UAE nationals, the required documents include a personal photo, a valid passport, and a GCC ID card if you’re over 21 or for parents of those under 21.

For residents or expats, a personal photo, a valid passport, and an original birth certificate or Emirates ID are necessary if you’re under 15 years old.

Understanding the Medical Testing

Certain visa categories may necessitate medical testing, which is typically separate from the Emirates ID application process.

Photo Requirements for the Emirates ID

Your Emirates ID application photo should be 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm with a white background. This image will be displayed on the front of your ID card, along with your name and nationality. The back of the card will contain your gender, date of birth, card number, and your signature.

Important Requirements for Non-Residents

Non-residents applying for an Emirates ID must have a valid residence permit linked to their application. A visit to an ICP Customer Happiness Center may be necessary to provide your biometric details, or you can check their website for applications and renewals.

The cost of obtaining an Emirates ID includes the regular stated fees and an additional urgent service fee for the ‘Fawri’ service, which expedites the issuance of the Emirates ID card within 24 hours for UAE nationals and GCC nationals officially residing in the UAE. The fees for an Emirates ID vary depending on the application type and the validity duration. For residents, the fees range from USD 27.22 (AED 100) to USD 81.68 (AED 300), while for citizens, the fees range from USD 27.22 (AED 100) to USD 54.45 (AED 200).

To monitor the progress of your Emirates ID, you can contact the ICP via their website or call centre. The online application status service allows you to track the progress of your application and know when your Emirates ID will be ready for collection.

Renewal and Replacement Processes for Emirates ID

When and How to Renew Your Emirates ID

As an ID holder, being aware of the renewal process is crucial. The ICP will alert you via SMS 30 days prior to your ID’s expiration. UAE nationals can initiate the renewal process between six and one month before the expiry date. However, UAE residence visa holders can only renew their ID when their residence visa is reissued or renewed.

The renewal can be done online via the ICP website or the ICP App. Sometimes, a visit to an ICP centre may be necessary for biometric data collection. The renewal fee is USD 27.22 (AED 100) for each year of validity of the original valid passport.

Documents Required for Renewal

The necessary documents for renewal of your residency visa will vary based on your status. UAE nationals need a personal photo with a white background. GCC nationals should provide a valid travel passport and GCC ID card. For residents or expats, an original document proving kinship with a citizen up to the third degree, along with identification documents of the citizen, is required.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Emirates ID

A replacement can be requested at an ICP centre with the necessary documents in case of a lost or stolen ID. Prompt reporting of the incident is crucial to prevent potential misuse. If you can’t get to a physical centre, you can use their online portal for lost or stolen cards to organise your replacement.

Updating Information on Your Emirates ID

Any changes in personal information, such as address or marital status, should be updated on your ID. This can be done at an ICP centre with the required documents. Keeping your ID current is crucial as it is a key identification document in the UAE.

Remember, the ID provides access to various services and privileges as long as it is valid. Therefore, ensure you renew your ID promptly when it’s expired or nearing its expiration date.

Screenshot Of ICP Webpage For A Lost Or Stolen Emirates ID Card

Troubleshooting Common Issues and FAQs

Navigating the process of obtaining an Emirates ID you might encounter some obstacles. Here are some of the frequent issues and how you can address them.

What to Do if Your Emirates ID is Rejected

If your Emirates ID application is not approved, stay calm. This often occurs due to inaccuracies during the application process. Your initial action should be to verify that all the data you’ve submitted is precise and corresponds with the details on your passport and national ID card. This includes your name, which should be written per the guidelines, with the first, middle, and last names entered distinctly.

If you’ve utilized an auto-generated Arabic name, ensure it’s accurate. If you’ve applied using an email address, consider using a different one when reapplying, as repeated use of the same one might result in the system flagging it as spam.

If your application continues to be rejected, it’s time to seek assistance. The ASK HAMAD service, accessible via the ICP website portal, can help resolve the issue. If you require further assistance, you can reach out to customer support through email or other available channels.

Addressing Misprints or Errors on the Emirates ID

If you discover any misprints or inaccuracies on your Emirates ID, rectifying them promptly is vital. The ICP mandates any alterations in the details of the Emirates ID card to be reported within one month from the date of the change.

To amend the errors, you’ll need to visit the nearest ICP branch, complete an information changing form, submit the necessary documents, and pay the application fee. The process typically takes about two days.

FAQs about the Emirates ID Application

During the Emirates ID application process, you might have specific questions. For these, it’s advisable to refer to the official ICP website or reach out to their customer support. They can provide guidance on the necessary actions to take, documents needed, and any other pertinent details to ensure a seamless application process.

Getting Assistance with Your Emirates ID Application

If you’re finding the Emirates ID application process challenging, feel free to seek help. The ICP offers several customer support channels, including the ASK HAMAD service and a 24-hour call centre. They can guide you through the application process, assist you in resolving any issues, and provide information on the necessary steps and documents required.

The Emirates ID is a crucial document for UAE citizens and residents, so keeping the information current and accurate is essential. Whether you’re applying for an Emirates for the first time or updating your details, don’t hesitate to seek assistance if needed.

Screenshot Of Ask Hamad Help Centre Webpage

Wrapping Up the Emirates ID Guide

The Emirates ID is an indispensable, multi-functional, and secure identity document integral to UAE life. It’s your legal identity and is required for all citizens and residents in the country. Whether applying for the first time, renewing, replacing, or updating your Emirates ID, getting to know the process can make it seamless and straightforward.

Though it might initially seem complex, the process is streamlined with a smart app, user-friendly online services and prompt customer support. Remember, the ID doesn’t just authenticate your identity but also offers convenience, security, and accessibility to a range of government and private services. The bottom line? Keep it safe, keep it valid, and keep it handy!

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