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A message from the Chairman

Mar 18, 2020 | Business and Leadership Skills

Have you seen the ad where an existing client of a faceless business visits their customer service team in disguise so that he is mistaken for a new lead?

We must all have felt like that on occasion, and screamed “What about my loyalty?”, “Is this all I get for always choosing your airline?” or something similar.

At Virtuzone, where we operate a business model that depends on your success, and thus ability to remain our client for multiple years, this is more the case than ever. But probably like many businesses there have been times, taking a long hard look at ourselves, where we have wanted market share, wanted the economies of scale that come with a large customer base, and have at least spent a disproportionate amount of time seeking to grow, rather than seeking to grow the happiness of you, our family.

Maybe I’m being a little hard on myself because we have built the only ecosystem to support customers, taken control of processes that used to involve driving to a distant Emirate and crossing one’s fingers and made sure we are always accountable. Indeed, in January of this year we sought to change that by introducing a Head of Customer Experience, fresh from running this function at both Al Futtaim and IKEA. We’re the only Company Formation Specialists to have this function and trust me he’s been shouting a lot in internal meetings this last couple of weeks.

You are a small business owner just like I am. You have a duty to your family, your fellow residents, your staff & partners to be as safe and health-conscious as can be. If you’re like me, you’ve both learnt what social distancing is and had to put it into practice in the last couple of days and you’re still pulling out of handshakes at the last moment with a nervous laugh. You also need to plan for the mid-term and long-term survival of your business, hoping but not assuming things will be much better soon. And if there is one thing that can help with this, it is cashflow. So, you’ll be wanting to bring in revenue. And like old iPhone sales, the week before the new version launches, you’ll know that you have to incentivize customers to stop them waiting, and that price is pretty much the only driver.

This time however, we’ve been really lucky. Not only have our free zone partners joined us in helping with the set-up price, but uniquely they have agreed we need to reward loyalty, facilitate renewals from customers who need their visas, and wish to stay here in this wonderful country.

So, we will shortly announce a raft of discounted renewal options. You should know that Virtuzone has been here eleven years, will be here another eleven, and fully intends to share that experience with you.

I pray this message comes across with the sincerity it is meant. I apologise for taking your time up during these difficult times and to any of you not concurring with my thoughts, but I felt it vital to say that we share your heartache and to re-emphasise we are doing all within our power (and constantly looking for more) to both work safe and alleviate as much of your financial burden as we might.

Thank you for your attention; on behalf of my entire team and their families thank you for your support; and thank you for trusting in us, when trust is perhaps the most important commodity in times of uncertainty.

Stay safe, but stay positive as you will have employees and family looking to you for a helping hand.

Best regards,

Neil Petch,
Chairman, Virtuzone

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