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Dubai Business Services: Why Hiring a Consultant is Important for Your Business

Nov 2, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

Ever wondered how a Dubai business services consultant can help with your business setup? When you’re starting a business, there are a lot of things to think about. From the initial planning stages to the day-to-day tasks of keeping your company running. It can be a challenge to feel confident you’ve covered your bases, especially when you’re new to business ownership. This is where a Dubai business services consultant is worth their weight in gold! You will want to hire professional business setup consultants for your business setup and company formation- and here’s why.

Why Every Entrepreneur in Dubai Should Work with a Business Setup Consultant

Dubai is a world-class city for those wanting to take advantage of its prime location and resources in business. There’s little wonder why people flock here by the millions each year to reap the many benefits. However, if you’re not familiar with the process of starting a business in Dubai, it can be overwhelming. Whether it is a bank account opening or a new bank account, a business license, or a trade license renewal- experienced business consultants can assist you with anything you require for your business setup in Dubai or your offshore business formation. When it comes to the business world, business setup consultants will make your life much easier and your company setup a success. They will often even offer a free consultation!

Enlisting the help of a Dubai business services consultant can take care of all the details for you, from setting up your company, applying for Visas, and securing licenses and permits, to helping with HR and accounting needs. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your business off the ground, with someone else handling the red tape, hiring a business setup consultant is definitely the way to go!

Here are 3 reasons why hiring a dedicated business consultant to manage your corporate needs is the right move for you and your Dubai business.

We Offer Customised Assistance to Suit Your Business Needs

Here at Virtuzone, our experienced consultants have helped hundreds of business owners transform their ideas into a tangible and profitable reality. Whether it’s an online business, IT firm, real estate company, or coffee shop you want to start, we can provide expert guidance in your chosen sector to meet your business needs.

We Take a Birds-eye View to Ensure Smooth Sailing for Your Business

When starting a new business in Dubai, sometimes unforeseen things pop up. It’s completely normal to run into ‘teething’ problems when you’re starting your business venture. Luckily, we have extensive experience in plenty of business sectors, both large and small and as such know exactly how to resolve any issues that may arise. We’re here to guide you through every step so you can keep the momentum of your new business moving.

We Handle the Legal Stuff Too

Worried you’ll miss something when it comes to the legal obligations of starting a business? Relax, we’ve got you covered. We can take care of all the fine print so you can feel confident you’re covering all your legal bases. This gives you more space to focus on your main priority – your business!

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How Can a Dubai Business Setup Service Help?

What could be better than a one-stop-shop service to handle all the details of starting a business in Dubai? It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new on the business scene or you’re a prominent, long-standing entity in the UAE. Here’s an overview of what’s included and how exactly a corporate business service consultant can help.

Corporate Services Dubai: The Details

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We offer thoughtfully curated packages to suit any burgeoning business. Each plan has been designed with the client in mind, so you rest easy and hand over the important and complicated tasks to an expert.

Check out our comprehensive Corporate Services, which include three plans that cater to businesses of different sizes and needs. If you’re a budding business, expanding business or a next-level enterprise, we’ve got a full suite of services to suit.

Dubai Business Services: The Basics

Sometimes you just need the fundamentals taken care of when it comes to starting a business. Tasks like opening a bank account, organising accounting management and navigating the UAE’s government requirements are crucial components to any Dubai business.

Some of the essential Dubai business services to consider include:

  • Corporate Bank Account Opening
  • Business Compliance management (ESR and UBO compliance)
  • VAT, Accounting and Taxation Services
  • Health Insurance

Dubai Business Services: The Essentials

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Next, there’s the operational aspect of business management to think about. This is where tailored business consultancy services in Dubai can help. Creating a website, email account, financial operations and having a personal point of contact are important features of any successful Dubai business.

Some of the relevant operational services include:

  • IT and website services
  • Legal Services
  • Mail management
  • Virtual receptionist services

Dubai Business Corporate Services: PRO Services

If the thought of dealing with the vast paperwork involved with establishing yourself in the UAE or Dubai marketplace gives you a headache – you should consider PRO Services.

With PRO Services from Virtuzone, you can genuinely sit back and let us take care of ALL the boring paperwork. We offer premium expert assistance that makes quick work of setting up your company.

So what exactly are PRO Services?

PRO services are provided by Public Relations Officers, who are also Government Liaison Officers. The company formation and registration process in Dubai is elaborate, involving legal undertakings with the Dubai Economy Development.

PRO Service officers are experienced in UAE laws and can provide services including document processing and the completion of administrative tasks related to UAE government bodies. Some aspects of the PRO Service officer’s role are to help employees, while other tasks adhere to your company’s formation and function.

At Virtuzone, our PRO Services for UAE businesses help expedite the legal process in an easy, stress-free way. We work alongside Dubai government departments to ensure your business has been set up correctly from the start.

As part of Virtuzone’s PRO Services offerings, we can help with a range of important tasks.

Some of these include:

  • Emirates ID card application and processing
  • Labor and Immigration card processing
  • Trade License applications or other license processing
  • Visa approvals – ie Family Visa, Employment Visa, Residence Visa and Tourist Visas

There’s a lot to be said for expert business consultancy services in Dubai. When you engage a business set-up specialist, it takes the worry out of navigating the maze of UAE government regulations. Ultimately, you can relax knowing that we’ve taken care of all the time-consuming admin tasks and important (albeit boring) requirements that come with the terrain of setting up a UAE business.

Golden Visa UAE Services

Image of visa Dubai business services

If you want to set up in the UAE long-term, you may want to consider a Golden Visa. Obtaining a Golden Visa is your ticket to longer-term residence with a host of benefits for you, your family and your business.

The Golden Visa UAE started in 2019 in an effort to draw talented professionals, students, skilled workers and entrepreneurs from across the globe into the country. It affords both UAE nationals and foreign residents plenty of advantages. The Golden Visa scheme differs from many other international Visa programs, in that applicants are permitted 10-year residency.

There’s also different benefits for Golden Visa holders in different UAE Emirates. For Abu Dhabi residents, you are entitled to discounts on various health services, real estate, hospitality, insurance, banking and real estate.

Benefits of a UAE Golden Visa

  1. Long-term UAE residency: A Golden Visa affords the card holder 10-year residency. This means more security and stability for you and your family whilst in the UAE.
  2. No local sponsorship requirements: This eliminates a lengthy and complex process that’s normally part of any residency application. If you’re a Golden Visa holder, you don’t need a local sponsor to work, study and reside in Dubai and the UAE.
  3. You own 100% of your mainland business: For eligible foreign entrepreneurs, investors and business owners, you can have full ownership of your UAE-operated business.
  4. Add business partners or family to your Golden Visa: This streamlines everyone related to you, your life and your work in the UAE onto one visa document.
  5. Open travel in and out of the UAE: In this way, having a Golden Visa gives you similar movement rights as a UAE citizen. Travel for work or leisure as often as you like with the Golden Visa.

Of course, our team can assist you in the Golden Visa application process. The application time can take between 2-4 weeks, and we’re here to help with every step. To learn about the Golden Visa, whether you’re eligible and how to apply, read more here.

Dubai Business Services: Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I set up a Dubai business without the help of a consultant?

The answer here is yes. But, just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s the best idea for you and your business.

The United Arab Emirates is a bustling metropolis with ample opportunities for foreign nationals to establish and develop a business. However, for newcomers to the region, insider knowledge is invaluable. Without this, you could potentially waste time, resources and money on avoidable business setup pitfalls.

Knowing how to traverse the territory of what comes with starting a new business, related government rules and how to maximise future growth can help you to have an easeful start to your flourishing business.

Of course, this is where an experienced, knowledgeable business consultant comes in. Getting expert help can fast-track your new business’ success.

Should I set up my business in a UAE free zone?

The choice between a free zone and mainland location for your business largely depends on a few factors. First, consider your business activity type, the trade requirements you have and if there’s any scope for the future growth of your business. Both free zones and mainland set-up options have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, deciding on what’s right for you may take some careful consideration.

Setting up in a free zone is a popular choice for many entrepreneurs. It serves as an ideal launchpad for many new businesses, especially if you’re a foreign entrepreneur. There are currently 50 free zones in the UAE, and the appeal for any start-up looking to succeed is obvious.

Some perks of establishing yourself in a free zone include:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Unrestricted profit repatriation
  • No personal or corporate taxes
  • Easy set-up for new companies
  • Abundant networking opportunities

However, each zone has its own unique restrictions and rules as well. So, for some business owners, the scope for large scale growth is often limited by the free zone jurisdiction. This is where the UAE mainland might be a more suitable option.

Is the UAE mainland jurisdiction better for my business?

Setting up in the mainland allows you to trade directly with the UAE marketplace and beyond without restrictions. Right away, this serves as a big drawcard for businesses looking to expand themselves locally and abroad. Also, if you establish in the mainland, you can also apply for government contract work which further develops your prospects as your business continues to grow.

Enlisting help from a Dubai corporate business service can be a lifesaver in this instance. Taking a carefully considered approach and talking to an expert with experience in business dealings right in the UAE and Dubai is invaluable. They’ll be able to provide guidance on what the right jurisdiction will be to set up your new business.

Dubai Business Setup Services with Virtuzone

Here at Virtuzone, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes get up and running quickly and efficiently for over a decade. We know the ins and outs of doing business in Dubai, and we can help you avoid the common pitfalls that many new businesses fall into.

If you’re looking to start or expand your business in this amazing metropolis, then you’ll need the help of an experienced consultant. Your to-do list may seem endless, from getting your finances in order, to developing a marketing plan and hiring staff. And that’s just the beginning!

You’ve got enough to think about already.

Fortunately, Virtuzone provides a genuine end-to-end business consultancy service in Dubai. So if you’re ready to start a business or take your business to the next level, contact us today for a free consultation. Get in touch with one of our company formation experts in Dubai.


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