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Do I need a business set-up consultant to launch in the UAE?

Jul 30, 2019 | UAE Company Setup

After a few uncertain years, business is booming in the UAE again and more and more startup applications are coming in from overseas.

Setting up a business in the UAE is relatively straightforward and if you follow a methodical approach, you can be up and running within weeks.

For many startups, though, it’s easier to work with an expert.

Fortunately, there are a number of business set-up consultants in the UAE who can help you. So let’s look at the major benefits of using a consultant to get your business launched.

1. Understanding the UAE business landscape

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at launching new businesses, whenever you come to a new territory there will be different ways of doing things. Whether that’s requirements to meet, laws to observe, pitfalls to avoid.

For example, if you want 100% ownership in your new business, you will need to set up in one of the many free zones. And different free zones have different stipulations on the type of business that can operate there.

Learning about these local differences can be time-consuming at best and a threat to your business plans at worst. If you’ve got a good business idea, you want to get it up and running first time, as quickly as possible.

This is where a local business set-up consultant can be invaluable.

How a set-up consultant can help

A little local knowledge goes a long way, a depth of local experience goes even further.

By using a set-up consultant, you will save yourself the time it takes to learn about all the local intricacies that can make your business registration stall.

They will guide you through the processes to follow, including unbiased advice on which free zones are best suited to your business activity and the correct type of license you need. They will be able to advise you on the pitfalls, such as checking your business name complies with local naming laws. In short, they will be your pilot, keeping your application on track from start to finish.

This can be a huge relief at a time when you’re finding your feet in a new country. So you can enjoy the freedom to focus on the running of your business once it has been set up.


2. Getting to know who’s who

Just as learning the ins and outs of your new business environment can slow down your set-up process, getting to know the people you need to deal with can also take time. These include government departments and agencies, banks, insurance companies and other third parties.

First you have to figure out who the right person is to speak to about any given part of your business set-up. Then you have to get in touch with them, meet them and gain their trust and cooperation. It doesn’t happen overnight.

How a set-up consultant can help

All business owners will understand the value of an introduction.

One of the great advantages of using a business set-up consultant in the UAE is that they will have strong relationships already established.

You will find this a great asset as you go through the stages of launching your business in the Emirates.

Knowing who the best people are to speak to and having a trusting relationship in place can speed up the process. This includes submitting your registration paperwork, opening your business bank account and applying for visas.

Once your business is up and running, you will have the contacts you’ve made through your set-up consultant to add to your own network.

3. Speaking the language

While there are a multitude of languages spoken in the UAE, if English or Arabic are not your first language, you can run into difficulties from time to time. Small misunderstandings can lead to mistakes and delays when trying to incorporate a new business.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open. In most cases, particularly with government offices, that means being able to speak and write clearly and accurately in either Arabic or English.

How a set-up consultant can help

When dealing with government departments and agencies, or any Arabic-speaking business in the UAE, the ability to meet and greet in Arabic goes a long way. While English is very widely spoken, local culture is proudly preserved and the ability to speak the language shows a level of respect that is always helpful.

Local language skills are all part of the service for the UAE’s business set-up consultants. You can expect impeccable English and Arabic, providing an essential bridge between you and the people you need to speak to.


4. Recruiting employees

The regulations on hiring staff in the UAE vary according to your business activity and location. Most types of new business license holders are required to hire a manager to oversee operations and have them in place before registration is completed.

How a set-up consultant can help

A business set-up consultant will be able to advise you on the process of hiring new employees, getting their visas set up as quickly as possible.

If your employees need visas for their dependants, your set-up consultant will also be able to help you to make sure their visa applications are properly completed and fully compliant.

Saving you time and money

It is possible to manage your own business launch in the UAE but the extra efficiency provided by a business set-up consultant can save you valuable time and money. They will make sure you get the paperwork right first time, make the best choices and find the best people.

Most importantly, they will help ensure you build your business on a firm base, fit to benefit from the UAE’s exciting economy for years to come.

Setting up your own business has never been easier. Virtuzone takes care of it all so you can focus on what matters – building your business. For more information about company formation in the UAE mainland or free zones, please call us on +971 4 457 8200, send an email to info@virtuzone.com, or click here.

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