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Best Health Insurance In UAE

Dec 5, 2022 | Living in Dubai

Choosing the best health insurance in the UAE for yourself and your family quite a big decision with plenty of factors to consider such as cost, coverage, and your family’s needs. While finding the right one for you takes some work, there are certainly some compelling reasons to have health insurance in the UAE including the high cost of medical care, the risk of contracting a disease or illness, and the limited availability of public health care. To help you with your decision, we have carefully reviewed the top health insurance companies to help you choose the best health insurance in UAE.

TLDR: What Is The Best Health Insurance In UAE?

After weighing up the features, benefits, and premiums of all top health insurance companies in UAE, we have found that Petra Insurance stands tall as the overall best health insurance provider in the UAE. Petra Insurance excels as the top health insurance provider in the UAE due to its exceptional personalized service and commitment to transparency, ensuring clients fully understand their insurance choices. Their reputation as an industry leader is reinforced by a client-centric approach, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to individual and business needs.

That said, while Petra’s excellent features and pricing to cover your individual and family health insurance needs comprehensively, there are quite a few strong contenders for the best medical insurance in UAE. Let’s now run through our top picks.

Petra Insurance: Overall Best Choice

Petra Insurance homepage


When you’re looking at health insurance options in the United Arab Emirates, Petra Insurance really stands out. With a legacy that goes back to 1966, Petra Insurance Brokers LLC has become a reliable pillar in the UAE’s insurance landscape. The company’s deep roots and extensive experience mean they really get the diverse insurance needs of their clients. Petra Insurance shines in offering personalised service that makes the complex world of insurance policies much simpler. They’re not just about selling policies; they’re committed to bringing clarity and assurance to their clients by making the selection process understandable, which really sets them apart in a crowded market.

Petra Insurance’s reputation is built on customer satisfaction and professionalism. Client testimonials often highlight the company’s dedication to meeting their needs and the exceptional skill of their staff. In a world where consumers often feel swamped by choice and jargon, Petra Insurance puts transparent communication and tailored solutions first. Their approach of direct access to reputable insurance companies, along with competitive and comprehensive offers, ensures that you’re not only covered but also fully understand your coverage. This level of service positions Petra Insurance Brokers LLC as a trusted consultant in the health insurance domain, not just a provider.


  • A wide range of personal insurance options including health & medical, life, and travel
  • Comprehensive commercial insurance services, catering to varied business needs
  • Personalised policy creation to fit your individual circumstances
  • Free advice and consultation throughout the policy life cycle
  • Assistance with claims during the policy period to ensure a smooth process
  • An online platform for ease of quotes and policy management
  • Expertise with over 50 years in the UAE insurance market
  • Leadership with an extensive background in product development and benefit plan design


Petra Insurance’s commitment to personalised policy creation begets competitive pricing tailored to your needs, ensuring value for money without compromising on coverage quality. You can request a quote here.

Bottom Line

Petra Insurance distinguishes itself through personalised attention, comprehensive services, and a steadfast commitment to making the insurance process understandable for their clients. By prioritising transparency and client empowerment, Petra Insurance has earned its reputation as the overall best choice for health insurance in the UAE, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Whether you’re an individual seeking health coverage or a business in need of comprehensive insurance solutions, Petra Insurance’s tailored approach is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Takaful Emarat – Runner up

A screenshot of Takaful Emarat- the overall best health insurance in UAE.


Established in 2008, Takaful Emarat Insurance PSC (Takaful) has provided shariah-compliant insurance packages to UAE residents, in addition to several savings, protection and investment plans. Takaful currently caters to clients based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in, UAE.

The company offers over 20 individual and family health insurance plans with optional coverage for optical treatments. Takaful’s plans cover up to AED 1 million in medical expenses through their wide network of hospitals and medical centres.

Top Features

  • Versatility: Takaful’s product line includes insurance, protection, savings and investment plan, meaning you will find different ways to safeguard your health and investments within one platform.
  • Full coverage: Takaful is one of the best health insurance in UAE, as their plans include in-patient, out-patient and dental protections.
  • Copay variants: Takaful’s copay plans insure you with up to 20% payment sharing schemes.
  • Dental care: Dental treatment plans are costly in the UAE and globally. Takaful is one of the very few insurance providers that cover up to AED 3,000 of dental expenses.
  • Optical care: You can purchase an optional optical protection plan from Takaful for up to AED 1,500 of coverage.
  • Physiotherapy: You will get up to 20 physiotherapy sessions annually with the Takaful plans helping you ensure a healthy life.


A screenshot of Takaful Insurance pricing options.

Takaful Emarat provides you with both individual and family medical insurance plans at reasonable premiums. Some of their plans include:

  • Rhodium – NextCare GN+ network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male – AED 8,018, Female – 12,256
  • Iridium – NextCare RN2 network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male – AED 4,186, Female – 5,897
  • Platinum – NextCare GN+ network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male AED 7,149, Female – 9,675

All pricing plans are subject to 5% VAT.

Bottom Line

Takaful Emarat is among the top health insurance companies in UAE. You will get a comprehensive range of medical plans covering all medical issues, including dental and optical problems. Reach out to Takaful now to get your personalised quote.

Adamjee Insurance – Best Medical Insurance in UAE for Family

A screenshot of Adamjeet- the overall best health insurance in UAE for families.


Founded in Pakistan in the 1960s, Adamjee Insurance Company Limited (AICL) is one of the most prominent medical insurance providers in the UAE. They are particularly excellent for family health care and total protection packages.

Adamjee has earned its reputation as a highly customer-centric company, and you can connect with the friendly customer support team 24/7. In addition to DHA-compliant health insurance, Adamjee also offers car insurance.

Top Features

  • Coverage: Adamjee covers health expenses up to AED 1 million per person through five network options – Gold, Silver Premium, Silver Classic, Green and Silk Road.
  • Out-patient treatment: Adamjee’s out-patient plans include copay options of 10%, 15% and 20%, up to AED 75 for the consultation payments.
  • Work injuries: Adamjee provides excellent coverage for any work-related injuries you may face.
  • Maternity benefits: The insurance plan covers maternity expenses for regular delivery, c-section, and any medical emergencies for up to AED 10,000.
  • Dental plans: You may get up to 20% copay from Adamjee for your worldwide dental treatment needs.
  • Late night consultation: Many of the hospitals and clinics within the network of Adamjee provide emergency consultation during late night hours, from 10 pm to 8 am.


A screenshot of Adamjee Insurance pricing options.

Adamjee medical insurance contribution plans are very much affordable. One of their major customer-centric approaches is that they will fully customise their pricing plan based on your needs. Friendly agents from Adamjee will contact you and obtain your detailed personal profile to offer the most optimal plan once you request a quote.

Bottom Line

Adamjee comprehensively covers your health insurance needs in the UAE, and the plans fully comply with the industry’s best practices. Request your personalised quotes now from Adamjee.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) – Best Medical Insurance in UAE for Salaried Employees

A screenshot of ADNIC- the overall best health insurance in UAE for those on salaries.


Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) offers various individual, family and work insurance packages, including Shifa, their complete medical insurance solution. Shifa offers a four-tier insurance plan that includes Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. There are two premium categories based on your monthly salary or income – monthly income up to AED 4,000 and monthly income of more than AED 4,000.

Top Features

  • Extensive global coverage: Shifa supports direct billing for over 750,000 providers in 197 countries.
  • Dental and optical care: All pricing plans come with optional dental and optical care options.
  • Work injuries: ADNIC covers various work-related accidents and injuries.
  • Various members: You can extend the ADNIC Shifa insurance protection for your family members, maids and employees.
  • High annual limit: ADNIC offers a coverage of up to AED 5 million, which is one of the highest in the industry.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Shifa extensively covers you through a broad range of pre-existing and chronic diseases.
  • Vaccination plans: Shifa includes several vaccinations and support plans, including pneumococcal vaccines, cancer support and a Hepatitis C support program, as per DHA policies.


A screenshot of ADNIC Insurance pricing options.

ADNIC Shifa premium or contribution plans are affordable and in line with the industry standard. For members with a monthly income up to AED 4,000, AED 575 is the index premium rate for the 0-65 age band.

Shifa does not provide a quote online. Once you reach out to them with your phone number, they will contact you to get your details and make a quote.

Bottom Line

ADNIC Shifa offers the most comprehensive and compliant insurance coverages for salaried employees, their family members, and maids. Request your customised quote now.

Sukoon Insurance – Best for Online Insurance Management

A screenshot of Sukoon Insurance- the overall best health insurance in UAE for online insurance management.


Oman Insurance, one of the most reputed insurance providers in the UAE, recently rebranded itself as Sukoon Insurance. They offer almost every insurance product, including individual, family, business, corporate, and priority insurance packages.

Sukoon offers exclusive benefits, such as a single point of contact and priority services to the high net worth members. Sukoon’s predecessor Oman Insurance has gathered over 47 years of experience serving premium clients.

Top Features

  • Mobile app: Sukoon has developed an excellent mobile app for clients where you can easily access your self-service portal to manage all the insurance services.
  • Claim settlement: Sukoon lets you request and manage your claim entirely online, and you won’t have to visit or call any of their physical contact points.
  • Affordable: Starting from only AED 560, Sukoon’s insurance plans are one of the most affordable you can find in Dubai and the UAE.
  • DHA compliance: Sukoon’s insurance plans are fully compliant with DHA, and you can remain confident of meeting the regulatory requirements.
  • Various options: Sukoon exceeds the regulatory requirements with its HeathPlus insurance packages that let you choose a suitable option from six different pricing plans.
  • Extended coverage: You will get extensive insurance coverage from AED 150,000 to AED 5 million, including both local and global support.


A screenshot of Sukoon Insurance pricing options.

Sukoon pricing plans are highly transparent. Depending on your budget and preference, you will find both premium and value-for-money options. Their starting annual premiums are as follows:

  • Prime – AED 8,700 – Limit up to AED 5 million
  • Pro – AED 5,300 – Limit up to AED 3 million
  • Max – AED 3,100 – Limit up to AED 500,000
  • Home – AED 2,000 – Limit up to AED 250,000
  • HomeLite – AED 1,600 – Limit up to AED 250,000
  • Safe – AED 1,500 – Limit up to AED 150,000

Bottom Line

Sukoon offers one of the most easily accessible online insurance plans in the UAE. You can purchase a plan within ten minutes. Check out the Sukoon plans now.

Daman Health Insurance – Most Comprehensive Online Health Insurance

A screenshot of Daman health Insurance- the overall most comprehensive and best health insurance in UAE for online.


Daman is one of the few insurance providers in the UAE that focuses extensively on the health insurance segment. When looking for a comprehensive health insurance provider, Daman is difficult to beat.

Daman also offers top-notch mobile and online service platforms, letting you manage your policies without contacting any human agent. Daman covers you and your family locally and globally.

Top Features

  • Vast network: Daman has one of the largest networks of health service providers in the UAE, comprising over 2,000 healthcare organisations.
  • Application tracking: You can track your application status online in real-time with Daman using your reference ID and identity document number.
  • Activity program: Daman offers some exclusive benefits if you participate in Daman’s physical activity program. The program aims to keep you healthy through 15-20 minutes of workouts every day.
  • UAE travel insurance: Daman’s travel insurance, known as Ziyarah, extensively covers foreign travellers for emergency medical needs or hospitalisation in the UAE, including Covid-19 treatment options.
  • Global insurance support: Daman’s Alami insurance is an ideal solution for UAE residents travelling outside the UAE. You will get all the emergency assistance you need through Daman’s broad global network.


A screenshot of Daman Health Insurance pricing options.

Daman lets you choose from five high-quality health insurance pricing plans. The starting points of their annual premiums are as follows:

  • Care Bronze – Starts from AED 6,907, coverage limit AED 250,000
  • Care Silver – Starts from AED 9,460, coverage limit AED 300,000
  • Care Gold – Starts from AED 12,284, coverage limit AED 2.5 million
  • Care Platinum – Starts from AED 15,882, coverage limit AED 5 million
  • Premier DNE – Starts from AED 45,560, coverage limit AED 20 million

Bottom Line

If you are looking for some premium quality insurance packages, Daman is one of your go-to options. Get your customised quote right now from their website or mobile app.

MetLife Insurance – Most Reputed Global Health Insurance Provider in the UAE

A screenshot of MetLIfe Insurance- the overall best health insurance in UAE for reputation in global health.


Founded in 1968, MetLife is one of the oldest and largest health insurance providers globally. The company has provided insurance packages in the UAE for over 65 years with a solid reputation from the customers due to their simple claim settlement process.

Top Features

  • Online services: MetLife is among the pioneers of the UAE health insurance providers to start a comprehensive online service portal and eliminate the paper-based application process.
  • Health insurance types: MetLife’s health insurance plans cover you from critical illness, disability, hospitalisation, and accidents.
  • Critical illness: MetLife covers up to 32 critical illnesses, and you will also get a no-claim bonus by living a healthy life.
  • Low-income options: Starting from AED 761 per annum, MetLife also covers low-income individuals, including students and domestic assistants.
  • Preventive services: MetLife insurance also covers you with its preventive services like vaccination and immunisation programs.


A screenshot of MetLife Health Insurance pricing options.

MetLife pricing plans are competitive and suitable for individuals from different income levels. Some of their pricing plans start from

  • EBP Employee on Company Visa or Domestic Help: AED 761.25
  • EBP Dependent Visa: AED 1,312.50
  • EBP Student Visa: AED 761.25

Bottom Line

MetLife has earned an excellent reputation in the market as one of the top health insurance companies in UAE. Request your personalised quote now from MetLife.

Why Do You Need Health Insurance In The UAE?

The cost of medical care and treatment in the UAE is relatively high. There is also the risk of contracting diseases and illnesses while living in or visiting the UAE. The best health insurance in UAE will safeguard you from such situations. Besides, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has made it mandatory for all UAE residents to have health insurance.

Wrap-Up: The Best Health Insurance In UAE

We have looked at the top health insurance companies in UAE and found Petra Insurance to be the best health insurance in UAE. While choosing the best medical insurance in UAE, make sure you request quotes from multiple health insurance providers and evaluate their pricing, terms, and conditions. Reach out to Virtuzone today for a full range of services related to settling and opening a business in the UAE.


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