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Best Crypto Trading Course For Beginners: Start Trading Cryptocurrencies with These Courses

Oct 5, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile asset classes you can trade. To make money from crypto trading, you need to understand the market and the underlying technology. So, where should you start? What is the best crypto trading course for beginners? Let’s find out.

You will find hundreds of cryptocurrency courses for beginners online. However, many of them are scams or do not have any real value. It’s in your best interest to ensure you’re signing up for an experience that offers real value.

This post will introduce you to the best crypto trading courses for beginners.

What Is the Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners?

After comprehensively comparing several crypto trading courses based on learners’ feedback, pricing, curriculum, and instructors’ background, we have settled on the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Courses by Udemy as the best crypto trading course for beginners.

Considering what you would learn from the course about technical analysis and day trading, finding a match at such an affordable price is difficult. Several other cryptocurrency courses offer excellent value if you want to learn about crypto and Web 3 investment.

With context in mind, let’s now run through our top picks for the best crypto trading course for beginners.

Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course by Udemy – Overall, the Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners

A screenshot of Udemy- the best crypto trading g course for beginners.


Udemy has quite a few courses available to help you learn cryptocurrency trading in detail. The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course is the best crypto trading course for beginners based on over 7,500 feedback.

Mohsen Hassan, a professional crypto trader and the founder of Bloom Trading instructs this crypto trading course for beginners. Over 37,000 students have enrolled in this course, rating it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Top Features

  • Beginner-friendly: The course is an excellent place to start for beginners as it gently introduces you to the core concepts of blockchain, such as blockchain basics, ledgers, digital signatures, mining, and hashing algorithms.
  • Different cryptocurrencies: The instructor tells you how to evaluate the strength, merits and long-term investment potentials of different cryptocurrencies and their whitepapers and market supply.
  • Trading know-how: The instructor guides you through all the steps on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and how to store them securely.
  • Analysis: You will also learn much about fundamental and technical analysis. You will learn how to choose between them and prioritise your analysis for day trading and long-term investment.
  • Risk management: Finally, the course tells you how you can make a diversified crypto portfolio and manage your risks when trading cryptocurrencies.


A screenshot of the Udemy course package pricing.

You can buy the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course from Udemy at $84.99. The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to the course materials.

Note that Udemy and instructors frequently offer massive discounts on their courses. Keep an eye out for those discounts, and you can possibly buy this course at a much lower price, sometimes even at $16.99.

Bottom Line

If you are just trying to figure out how to enter crypto trading, the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course at Udemy will help you find solid ground. Look out for Udemy discounts and you might find a huge deal to get this course at an unbeatable price point.

Online Degree™ in Cryptocurrency & Trading by Blockchain Council

A screenshot of the best crypto trading course by Blockchain Council.


The Blockchain Council’s Cryptocurrency & Trading Certification offers excellent value, content, and convenience if you are looking for a formal cryptocurrency certification course. The 5-hour course lets you go through the self-paced curriculum, providing a certificate with lifetime validity followed by an online exam.

The certification can be tremendously beneficial in helping you stand out from the crowd when looking for employment related to crypto trading. You can also network with the engaging professional community of the Blockchain Council.

Top Features

  • Access to professionals: The Blockchain Council network comprises industry-leading cryptocurrency professionals who provide continuous support to foster the community. You can quickly get your questions answered with lifelong membership and support.
  • Excellent for beginners: The course curriculum starts with a basic level of trading fundamentals. It comprehensively covers entry-level topics like initial coin offering (ICO), mining, basic trading process, and technical analysis.
  • Comparison with the stock market: One of the best features of this course is that it helps you learn crypto trading from stock trading through an interactive, side-by-side comparison.
  • Advanced concepts: Once you master the fundamental concepts, it also introduces several advanced concepts like cryptonomics, derivatives and futures trading, margin trading, and how to handle your crypto taxes.


A screenshot of Blockchain Council course pricing.

You can purchase the Cryptocurrency and Trading Certification course from Blockchain Council at $349. Blockchain Council also offers some volume discounts at times.

At the time of this writing, there was a discount of 20% for the website’s 5th anniversary if you purchase two courses together, which means you can get this course at less than $280. You can either pay directly with your credit card or use Stripe for payment.

Bottom Line

With a lifetime shareable certificate and access to a robust professional network, Blockchain Council’s Cryptocurrency & Trading course are one of the best crypto trading courses for beginners. Look for the volume discounts and deals on the Blockchain Council’s website now and sign up for the self-paced certification.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Coursera – The Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners with a Verifiable Certificate

A screenshot of the best crypto trading course by Coursera.


Princeton University, one of the world’s most reputed and prestigious universities, has collaborated with Coursera to offer a course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. The course is very easy-going and introduces you to crypto trading and blockchain concepts in a well-structured manner.

Coursera’s curriculum is self-paced, letting you take full advantage of flexible deadlines. Over 240 learners have rated the course, maintaining a solid rating of 4.61 out of 5. Arvind Narayanan instructs the course, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.

Top Features

  • Learning in-depth: The course will take approximately 23 hours to complete over a standardised 4-week plan. It starts with introducing cryptocurrencies and then moves to Bitcoin with detailed learning.
  • Solid contents: You will learn many technicalities related to Bitcoin, including how it works, how the mining works, and how to trade and store Bitcoin. It will help you study and easily understand other digital currencies as well.
  • Interactive materials: You will get several opportunities to interact with fellow learners during your study to clear up any confusion.
  • Crypto ecosystem: Although the course primarily focuses on Bitcoin, it extensively covers the overall crypto ecosystem and NFTs. You will get a solid idea of trading cryptocurrencies by the end of the course.
  • Certification: You will get a shareable and verifiable certificate from Coursera and Princeton University, which you can also add to your LinkedIn profile.


A screenshot of the Coursera payment options and pricing.

Coursera lets you enrol in multiple courses with your Coursera Plus Subscription, so you don’t need to purchase individual courses on the platform separately. The subscription is available at $59 per month. You can also try the subscription with a 7-day free trial.

Bottom Line

The reputation of Coursera and Princeton University has added great value to the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course. Check out the crypto trading course yourself with the 7-day free trial.

Binance Exchange 2021 by Skillshare

A screenshot of the best crypto trading course by Skillshare.


Skillshare has an excellent pool of resources and cryptocurrency courses related to every area of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, when it comes to crypto trading, the Binance Exchange 2021 is one of the best crypto trading courses for beginners based on practical coursework.

Over 1,800 learners have enrolled in this beginner-level course so far. Anton Fonseka, the course instructor, demonstrates actual trading and guides you through every step you will need to perform yourself.

Top Features

  • Detailed trading guideline: Instead of focusing on the theoretical background, the instructor emphasises actual trading tasks. The course starts with registration on the Binance platform and proceeds to trade activities.
  • Technical analysis: As practical coursework, it prioritises technical analysis to identify the best crypto assets and NFTs to buy.
  • Short-term and long-term: The course teaches you how to find good assets, both in short-term day trading and long-term holding.
  • Power of Binance: As the course uses Binance for demonstration, you will find a crypto or NFT wallet, a crypto marketplace, and the entire crypto ecosystem within one platform.


A screenshot of Skillshare's free trial offer.

You can enrol in the Binance Exchange 2021 course with a regular Skillshare membership. The membership includes a 7-day free trial.

The Skillshare membership costs you $2 per month, billed annually at $24 per annum.

Bottom Line

The Binance Exchange 2021 is one of the best places to start if you want someone to demonstrate trading step by step. Sign up now for your Skillshare account and get this course and hundreds of relevant others without any additional cost.

RocketFuel Crypto Trading

A screenshot of RocketFuel Crypto Trading.


RocketFuel Crypto offers excellent services as a subscription-based crypto trading assistance and learning platform. Benzinga, a top global financial media outlet, has rated RocketFuel Crypto as “excellent”.

RocketFuel has a great community of learners and educators, which is very welcoming toward beginners who want to get started with crypto trading.

Top Features

  • Holistic approach: The RocketFuel founders believe that neither education nor analysis alone can make you a successful crypto trader. This is why they have built their approach to assisting you with three areas – education, analysis, and community.
  • Step-by-step guidance: RocketFuel trading first educates you with cryptocurrency fundamentals and blockchain technology. Afterward, you will gradually learn about investing, trading, and using various software.
  • Technical analysis: Rocket Fuel greatly emphasises technical analysis to make profitable investment decisions. You will learn about common mistakes, long-term investments and trend analysis.
  • 24/7 chat: As a premium community member, you will get exclusive access to beginner and advanced chat rooms to share and discuss your ideas instantly.


A screenshot of RocketFuel Crypto Trading course and payment options.

RocketFuel’s crypto trading course and resources are available at $47 per month. The subscription will give you access to:

  • All training materials and videos
  • Private chat
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Breaking news of the industry
  • Wealth and portfolio management workshops
  • Tutorials

You will also get a full 7-day pass for free to check out everything you need.

Bottom Line

RocketFuel offers the best crypto trading course for beginners in a subscription-based model. Try it out with a 7-day free pass now.

CryptoStreet Bootcamp by Bulls on CryptoStreet – Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners in a Mentorship Format

Screenshot of CryptoStreet - Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners in a Mentorship Format


CryptoStreet Bootcamp by Bulls on CryptoStreet is one of the best crypto trading courses for beginners if you are searching for a platform with lots of personalised guidance to gradually grow as a professional investor.

Kunal Desai, a vetted trader from Bulls on Wall Street, will train and guide you through all the details of trading cryptocurrencies.

Top Features

  • Complete trading lessons: The course covers almost every aspect you will face related to crypto trading. It starts from scratch and builds gradually with over 100 video lessons.
  • Mentorship: The course has been designed as a mentorship where you will get a personal 1:1 Q/A session with Kunal Desai, the course instructor. Desai also shares a detailed technical analysis of his trading strategy and portfolio management.
  • Practical details: The course will introduce you to the pros and cons of various exchanges and wallets instead of relying solely on a specific platform.
  • Detailed walkthrough: You will find several how-to and walkthrough videos on Bitcoin and other Altcoins, swapping, fundamental trading strategies, and investing in the NFTs.


Screenshot of Cryptostreet Bootcamp pricing and payment details.

You can buy the CryptoStreet Bootcamp membership for $798. Currently, Bull on CryptoStreet is offering a 50% flat discount, which brings down the price to $399.

The one-time payment gives you permanent access to all the resources, live classes, and Q/A sessions.

Bottom Line

CryptoStreet Bootcamp is one of the excellent guided cryptocurrency courses for beginners and mid-level traders alike. To take advantage of the mentorship and be a part of a great community, book your CryptoStreet Bootcamp now.

What are Crypto Trading Courses, and What Features Do They Provide?

Crypto trading courses educate people about how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably. The comprehensive curriculum covers all the trading basics and fundamental and technical analysis.

The best crypto trading courses for beginners also provide access to a community of like-minded individuals, where you can share your ideas and get feedback.

Wrap-Up: Best Crypto Trading Course for Beginners

By our assessment, Udemy’s Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course is the best crypto trading course for beginners. It is affordably priced and offers an excellent curriculum. However, several other courses offer excellent value for money. Since all courses offer a risk-free trial, it’s always best to try them out before deciding.

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