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Salary Certificate UAE: Everything You Need To Know + Example

May 4, 2024 | Finance, Legal

Navigating the financial and legal landscapes of the United Arab Emirates often necessitates a salary certificate UAE, a crucial document that evidences your employment and income. This certificate is a testament to your financial stability, showcasing your earnings and organisational position.

Whether you’re applying for loans, managing visa processes, or involved in legal matters, a salary certificate is often a mandatory requirement that banks and authorities rely upon. It’s a reflection of your economic health, and its importance cannot be understated in a country where financial proof is key to accessing various services.

We explain the purpose of the salary certificate in the UAE, its legal standing, and the practical steps to obtain and attest to this important document, ensuring you’re equipped for all your financial endeavours in the Emirates.

Salary Certificates in The UAE

Purpose of a Salary Certificate

A salary certificate in the UAE acts as formal proof of employment and income provided by your employer. It’s a document that shows your role in the company, what you earn, and other compensation details. More than just a job record, it’s key evidence of your financial health and earning power.

You’ll often need it for various financial and legal matters, like getting loans, applying for credit cards, and during visa processes. The certificate usually includes your name, position, a breakdown of your salary, and the company’s official endorsement.

Legal Requirements for Issuing a Salary Certificate

Although the UAE Labour Law doesn’t specifically require salary certificates, they’re recognised as legal documents in the country. Employers should provide them when you ask and must be accurate and up-to-date. They should be on the company’s official letterhead, signed by someone authorised from HR or Finance, and stamped by the company.

If you use it outside the UAE, you might need extra validation from authorities like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) to prove it’s legit.

Why You May Need A Salary Certificate

You might need a salary certificate for many reasons. Banks and other financial institutions in the UAE usually ask for it when you apply for personal loans, credit cards, or mortgages to determine your ability to pay back the money.

It’s also important for visa applications, registering your kids in school, or legal situations like family court. It shows you can support dependents or meet requests from tax authorities abroad. With Dubai’s push to go paperless, digital salary certificates are becoming more popular because they’re secure, easy to access, and cheaper.

It’s good to ask for your salary certificate well before you need it so you won’t be stuck waiting and can get on with your plans without any hitches.

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Getting Your Salary Certificate Attested

Why You Need To Get Your Salary Certificate Attested

For certain international dealings, such as securing loans or mortgages in your home country or dealing with tax returns, attesting your salary certificate is necessary. This process confirms the authenticity of the document for foreign entities like banks, tax bodies, and immigration offices.

How to Get Your Salary Certificate Attested

You may need to follow different steps based on your income to have your salary certificate attested. For earnings below $2,723 (AED10,000), an affidavit from IVS Global is required. Higher salaries necessitate a stamp from the respective Chamber of Commerce in addition to IVS Global’s endorsement.

You can complete this process at a Customer Happiness Centre without an appointment or opt for the convenience of the online system via the MOFAIC website or Smart Mobile App. The latter involves a straightforward procedure of document upload and fee payment. Alternatively, a courier service can manage the collection and delivery of your attested certificate, typically within a few days.

Documents Required for Attestation

To begin the attestation process, ensure you have your salary certificate and a copy of your passport with a valid UAE residence visa. Your labour contract may be requested for those with salaries under $2,723 (AED 10,000), particularly if the attestation is for use in India. Original documents are required and must not be laminated. Your passport with the visa page is also necessary for verification.

Getting Salary Certificate Attested Online via MOFAIC

The MOFAIC has streamlined the attestation process with its online platform and Smart Mobile App. This digital avenue allows you to submit documents and pay fees from the comfort of your home or office. The standard attestation fee is $41 (AED 150), with an additional $1.65 (AED 6.06) for E-dirham transactions.

Local UAE Embassies can facilitate the attestation for individuals residing outside the UAE. You can also authorise a representative to handle the submission process for you.

The fees for attestation services vary. An affidavit from IVS Global is priced at $8.16 (AED 30), while their attestation service costs $14.70 (AED 54), and the courier service for the affidavit is $13.60 (AED 50). The Chamber of Commerce offers its stamping service free of charge. Registered typing centres may also provide attestation services for a small fee.

Using a Salary Certificate in UAE

Loan Applications and Credit Facilities

Financial institutions require evidence of your income to assess your creditworthiness. A salary certificate fulfils this requirement by detailing your earnings and employment status, enabling lenders to determine your eligibility for financial products.

Visa Applications and Renewals

The document is also pivotal for visa-related procedures. It demonstrates to immigration authorities that you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself in the country, thus facilitating the approval of your visa application or renewal.

Rental Agreements and Housing

Real estate entities may request your salary certificate when securing a residence to verify your financial stability and ensure that you can consistently meet rental obligations.

Other Scenarios Where a Salary Certificate Is Critical

The certificate is also necessary when you’re sponsoring someone’s visit to the UAE or interacting with certain government departments. Authentication by entities such as MOFAIC or the Consulate General of your home country may be required.

The document may need to be adjusted to comply with specific requirements or translated to meet local regulations. Your employer is responsible for providing a clear document that contains comprehensive details about your employment and remuneration.

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Where to Get Your Salary Certificate in the UAE

In the UAE, obtaining a salary certificate varies slightly depending on the bank or financial institution’s requirements. However, the fundamental data included is consistent. It is typically prepared on your employer’s letterhead and must bear the endorsement and signature of an authorised individual.

For international use, attestation by MOFAIC and the relevant Consulate General is necessary to validate the document.

The certificate enumerates your personal and job details, including gender, job profile, date of commencement, and comprehensive financial information such as gross and net income, along with any additional benefits like housing, transport, and utility allowances. It also includes the contact details of the HR representative responsible for its issuance.

It is important to distinguish between a salary certificate and monthly payslips. Payslips, which detail earnings and deductions, do not serve as official proof of income for financial transactions and are increasingly being distributed in digital formats.

Example Salary Certificate

Company Letterhead]

Email: [Email ID]

Contact Number: [Contact Number]

Salary Certificate

Date: [Insert Date]

Validity: Valid until [Expiration Date, if applicable]

To Whom It May Concern:

This certificate verifies the employment of Mr./Ms. [Employee Name], residing at [Employee Address] and a citizen of [Nationality], with ID Number [ID Number]. Mr./Ms. [Employee Name] has been a full-time employee with [Company Name], working in the [Department Title] as [Designation] since [Date, Month, and Year of Joining].

The details of the monthly compensation are as follows:

Basic Salary: AED [Monthly Basic Salary Amount]

Housing Allowance: AED [Monthly Housing Allowance Amount]

Transportation Allowance: AED [Monthly Transportation Allowance Amount]

Other Allowances: AED [Monthly Other Allowance Amounts, if applicable]

Total Monthly Salary: AED [Total Monthly Salary Amount]

Payment Schedule: Monthly

Employment Status: Full-time/Permanent

This certificate is issued at the request of Mr./Ms. [Employee Name] for [Specify the purpose, e.g., “visa application,” “bank loan,” “rental agreement,” etc.].

This document is for official use only and should not be altered in any way.

For any further verification, please contact the undersigned.


[Your Name]

[Your Title/Position]

[Company Name]

[Company Contact Information]

Employee Signature: ___________________

Final Thoughts on Salary Certificates

Having a salary certificate in the UAE is much more than a mere piece of paper. It’s your financial persona on official letterhead, a key that unlocks doors to loans, visas, and more. Make sure to request yours with time to spare and follow through with necessary attestations to ensure its credibility beyond borders.

With digital advancements, acquiring and attesting your salary certificate has never been simpler, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your career and life in the UAE. Remember, this document doesn’t just reflect your income; it represents your financial reliability and professional standing. So, safeguard it, update it, and present it with confidence whenever your next big step beckons.

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