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A Guide To The Top Audit Firms in Dubai

Jan 27, 2024 | Accounting

Audit firms in Dubai play a crucial role in maintaining businesses’ financial integrity and transparency in this bustling metropolis. With a regulatory environment that demands rigorous compliance and adherence to international standards, these firms offer various audit services essential for companies operating within the city’s diverse economic sectors. From ensuring legal requirements are met to helping businesses secure financing, auditors’ work is integral to Dubai’s corporate governance and economic health.

We explore the top audit firms in Dubai, delving into their services, methodologies, and unique contributions to the city’s financial landscape and why they stand as pillars of trust and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

The Role of Audit Firms In Dubai

Regulatory Environment in Dubai

Dubai’s dynamic economy and business landscape are supported by a regulatory framework that ensures financial transparency and compliance. Audit firms in Dubai work within a complex regulatory environment shaped by both federal and emirate-level authorities. The Commercial Companies Federal Law, No. 32 of 2021, specifically in Chapter 2, Article 27, requires every Joint Stock Company or Limited Liability Company on the Mainland to appoint auditors to examine their accounts annually. This legal mandate highlights the importance of audit firms in upholding the integrity of a company’s financial statements and reporting.

The regulatory landscape also demands the best auditing firms so that companies follow International Accounting Standards and Practices when preparing their periodic and annual accounts. This guarantees a consistent and high-quality approach to financial reporting, which is key for stakeholders like investors and regulatory bodies. Moreover, entities such as banks and financial institutions often insist on audited accounts as a condition for lending, underlining the role of audit firms in helping businesses access finance.

Types of Audits Conducted

Audit firms in Dubai carry out various audits, each with a specific purpose and meeting different regulatory needs. For example, companies registered in Free Zones must submit audited annual financial statements for trade licence renewal. Similarly, under Ministerial Decision No. 82/2023, taxable persons with revenue exceeding USD 13,612,850 (AED 50 million) during the relevant tax period and all Qualifying Free Zone Persons must keep audited financial statements.

Foreign companies operating in Dubai also need to submit audit reports and audited financial statements for their branches annually. Additionally, during the liquidation process, a liquidator’s audit report is prepared based on the audited financial statements, demonstrating the pivotal role of external audit by firms during company closures.

Importance for Businesses in Dubai

For businesses in Dubai, working with audit firms isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a key part of corporate governance. Auditors serve as gatekeepers, making sure that a company’s financial activities are transparent and lawful. The auditor’s report, resulting from a meticulous examination of the company’s accounts, offers insights into the firm’s financial status at the end of the fiscal year, including the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.

The significance of audit firms is also emphasised by the rights of partners or shareholders to access copies of the audited accounts and reports, which builds trust and confidence in the company’s financial well-being. Furthermore, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the independent regulator of financial services in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), oversees accounting and auditing firms and regulates a number of registered auditors, reflecting the essential role of audit firms in the wider financial services industry.

The Top Audit Firms In Dubai

PWC Dubai

PwC is a prominent entity in the auditing and professional services industry, catering to a diverse clientele. Its global network of seasoned professionals delivers comprehensive support to various organisations.

PwC’s commitment extends beyond financial audits to address significant societal challenges and enhance community trust. Its Managed Services combine human expertise with technological advancements to help businesses progress with efficiency and innovation.

The firm offers a suite of services encompassing assurance, tax, legal, and business consulting services, with a team of experts providing leading guidance and solutions.

Screenshot Of PwC Middle East Audit Firm Website


KPMG stands out for its extensive service offerings spanning auditing, assurance, consultancy, and advisory. Its Dubai operations reflect its dedication to providing top-quality services to sizable and publicly traded entities. A cadre of highly skilled professionals underpins the firm’s stature.

KPMG’s methodology is customised to the complex requirements of accounting firms and their varied client base, ensuring the reliability and clarity of their financial disclosures.

Screenshot Of KPMG Website

EY (Ernst & Young)

EY is a global assurance, consulting, strategy, transactions, and tax services authority. Its Dubai branch, part of its network of member firms, contributes to fostering trust in capital markets and bolstering global economic confidence. EY’s team is recognised for their leadership and teamwork, crucial to delivering on the firm’s commitments.

The Dubai office in the DIFC serves as a nexus for a broad spectrum of global professional services firms, including EY-Parthenon for strategy consulting and an extensive array of tax and legal services.

EY’s pledge to shape a better working world is reflected in its adherence to integrity, exceptional service, and societal involvement.

Screenshot Of AY Global Website

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is distinguished by its strong audit services for both public and private sector entities in Dubai. Its auditors are adept at navigating intricate financial environments, and the firm’s audit fees are indicative of the high level of proficiency provided.

Grant Thornton is noted for its focus on client relationships, understanding their specific needs, and employing a proactive and flexible approach. This enables the accounting firm to fulfil and surpass client expectations, ensuring meticulous and thorough financial audits.

Screenshot Of Greg Thornton Audit Firm Website


PKF UAE has been a fixture in the UAE’s audit and consultancy landscape since 1976. With a network of seven offices and a team comprising seven partners and over 165 professionals, the firm is well-equipped to provide a range of services, including risk advisory and corporate finance.

The firm is adept at enhancing client operations through meticulous evaluation and a proactive stance on improvement. It operates with the authorisation of the DFSA and the Abu Dhabi Global Market, positioning it to navigate the intricacies of local regulations adeptly.

PKF UAE’s commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions is evident in its partner-led engagement model, which ensures prompt and accurate responses to client inquiries.

Screenshot Of PKF Audit Firms In Dubai Website

Kreston Menon

Kreston Menon has been acknowledged for its service excellence, including being named a ‘Superbrand’ by the UAE’s Superbrands Council for a decade. The firm’s three decades of experience have allowed it to offer a comprehensive suite of services, including business and financial advisory services and company formation.

Spanning 17 locations and employing a workforce of 500, Kreston Menon’s influence extends across the GCC and into India. The firm is committed to identifying growth opportunities and facilitating regional and international collaborations for its clients.

Screenshot Of Kreston Menon Audit Firm In Dubai Website

Saif Chartered Accountants (SGA SAIF)

Saif Chartered Accountants, established in 1994, has expanded its reach internationally, with offices in Dubai, Sharjah, London, and Cardiff. The firm’s service portfolio includes financial audit, other accounting services, and company liquidation, serving industries such as technology and healthcare.

As an accredited agent with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority, the firm is well-positioned to assist clients with the new corporate tax, ensuring compliance and efficiency for businesses navigating this change.

Screenshot Of SGA SAIF Audit Firms Website

BMS Auditing

BMS Auditing is a distinguished firm in Dubai’s accounting and auditing sector. They provide a wide range of services, including guidance on the UAE’s new 9% federal corporate tax. Their advisors are proficient in helping clients adapt to this tax change. BMS Auditing is approved by ADNOC for In-Country Value (ICV) Certification, indicating their expertise in ICV audits, which support businesses engaging with the local economy.

The firm also specialises in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, offering services such as IDENFO direct verification to ensure adherence to AML standards. Their audit and assurance services are tailored to client-specific needs, aiming to provide valuable insights and foster transparency.

BMS Auditing’s chartered accountants ensure clients meet their compliance requirements, maintaining international standards in all their offerings. Their VAT team delivers end-to-end support, from assessment to compliance. The firm’s tax experts provide global strategies for tax efficiency, and their business consultants offer strategic advice for organisational effectiveness. They have a team proficient in registration and filing for excise tax matters.

BMS Auditing is committed to service excellence and quality, seeking to build trust through high-standard professional conduct. Their goal is to support clients in achieving their business aspirations and creating lasting value.

Screenshot Of BMS Audit Firm Dubai


HLB HAMT is recognised for its service quality in the UAE. With extensive experience and a commendable track record, the firm is dedicated to high standards.

They offer diverse services, including audit, tax, consulting, and IT support. Their internal auditing team assists organisations in improving their operational frameworks, and their IT audit and risk assessment team is noted for their expertise.

HLB HAMT’s team is well-qualified, and their reports provide comprehensive insights into clients’ businesses. They deploy skilled accounts teams for audits and uphold rigorous audit practices.

Screenshot Of HAMT Audit Firm Website

Your Trusted Audit Partners

Navigating Dubai’s financial and regulatory environment requires astute expertise and precision – traits embodied by the top audit firms operating in the city. Each firm brings unique strengths, from global reach and comprehensive services to local expertise and technological innovation.

Businesses seeking to thrive in Dubai’s vigorous market can rely on these audit powerhouses for more than just compliance – they offer invaluable guidance and strategic insights that can shape financial success. Whether managing new tax laws, optimising operations, or fostering trust with stakeholders, Dubai’s leading audit firms are equipped to elevate businesses to new heights.

Choose a partner that aligns with your values and goals and embarks on a journey of financial clarity and confidence.

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