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Virtuzone announces official sponsorship for Dubai Exiles

Nov 3, 2021

Dubai: Virtuzone – the UAE’s leading company formation specialists – has become the primary sponsor of Dubai Exiles, the oldest and most successful rugby club in the country.

By showing our support for Dubai Exiles, we aim to champion and celebrate the spirit of resilience, persistence, hard work and unity, which are the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur and the building blocks of a thriving business. In addition, the sponsorship will help Dubai Exiles to deliver grassroots rugby, netball and cricket to the local and wider community.

“I love rugby and I love the Exiles. The fact that they are also the first and the best in the UAE, and that their stadium is home to the world’s finest annual rugby tournament, is not lost on me when I look at the kind of brand we wish to associate Virtuzone with, along with our fortune to be in the world’s startup capital, served by the world’s best airline,” said Neil Petch, Chairman and Co-founder at Virtuzone.

“We have always been passionate about building more meaningful relationships with our local community, and teaming up with Dubai Exiles gives us the opportunity to do just that. This also puts us in a position to connect with a broader audience and strengthen our ties with the very people who make up the diverse and vibrant community of Dubai,” said Damian Brennan, Head of Marketing at Virtuzone.

“We’re absolutely delighted that Virtuzone has come on board to be the primary sponsor of the Dubai Exiles. Their commitment and generosity in supporting grass roots sport, across all age groups, significantly helps the club to continue to deliver rugby, netball, and cricket to the local and the wider community,” Jon Ebbit, General Manager at Dubai Exiles.

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