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About Fujairah Creative City Free zone (FCC)

Fujairah is situated on the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates. It provides the UAE’s only access to the Indian Ocean.

A fortunate combination of geographic location, access to the world’s major shipping routes, a port and airport, and streamlined procedures make Fujairah Creative City Free Zone an ideal place for business.

Other local industries include mining and stone crushing, which have benefited from the recent boom in construction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Prices starting from AED 17,850

Average business setup time: 5-7 days

Benefits of setting up a company in: Fujairah Creative City Free Zone


Complete your initial application online and receive your licence in only 4 weeks.


Facilities to suit businesses of all sizes, a variety of investment fields and business types.


Low barriers to entry and effortless corporate bank account setup.


NOC from local sponsor not required, no share capital requirements and no currency restrictions.


Ability to apply for several visas with flexi-desk option.


Entrepreneurs retain full ownership of their company

Business Activities

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone welcomes a range of financial and professional business activities. Here are some of the most popular options:


Accounting and Auditing




Business and Management Consultancy


Educational Institutions


IT Services


Interior Design Services




General Trading




Web Design


Tourism and Hospitality


Lifestyle Consultancy


Event Management


Media and Marketing Services


Software Development, Installation and Modification



Physical Presence Requirement

You do not have to be physically present to complete the setup process of your company.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone: How to Set Up a Business

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is a great place to do business. If you’re looking to set up a company in Fujairah, this guide will help make the process easy for you.

The area boasts 40,000 square meters of land according to the official Fujairah government website. That makes it perfect for a business that wants a lot of space.

We’ll discuss the different types of businesses that can be formed in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. We’ll also cover the procedures and requirements for starting a business here.

What Is A Free Zone?

A free zone is an area in the UAE in which business activities can be carried out without the need for a local sponsor. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers 100% foreign ownership, so it’s perfect for businesses who want to set up shop in Fujairah.

The UAE’s first free zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone, was founded in 1985 in Dubai. Since then, more than 30 additional free zones have been established throughout the country. The Free Zone project was created to diversify the economy, attract new companies and foreign investment.

The number of international businesses based in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is constantly growing. There are many opportunities to benefit from the Fujairah economy. Fujairah is a modest city with a historic focus on fishing and agriculture. However, it now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country.

Tax-Free Business Perks in a Creative Environment

It worked! Now over 70% of the UAE’s gross domestic product comes from the trade of goods and services. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is one of the country’s newest free zones, but it has quickly become popular with businesses around the world.

Situated in the port city of Fujairah, this Free zone offers a reliable and stable tax-free environment. It’s perfect for companies looking to set up or expand their business in the UAE.

What Is Fujairah Creative City?

Starting a business in FCC has instant appeal for most entrepreneurs who are creative.

The Free Zone was established in 2007 as a centre for creativity and knowledge-based businesses. It is in friendly competition with three other free zones, Dubai Media City, Sharjah Media City, and twofour54.

FCC is the only free zone in Fujairah. That makes it the ideal place to set up your business if you’re looking for a Free Zone Authority on the East Coast.

FCC Benefits

Fujairah Creative City offers a host of benefits for businesses that are looking to start or expand in Fujairah.

Consider Fujairah’s strategic location, access to international markets, and low operational costs. They all make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs from around the world.

It also offers some unique benefits:

  • The zone has a creative theme, which encourages businesses to be innovative and creative
  • Fujairah is a tax-free zone, so businesses can save on costs
  • There are no restrictions on foreign ownership in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone
  • There’s no shortage of space available for businesses that need a lot of room, from film studios to creative manufacturers
  • The local economy is modest and affordable
  • It has the lowest office rent in Fujairah
  • It offers many perks for business owners such as visa inclusion in some of the business packages

There are a host of other benefits too, which we’ll explore further in this guide. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ.

Requirements for Starting a Business in Fujairah Creative City

The requirements for starting a business in Fujairah Creative City are a lot simpler than those in other free zones:

  • Companies must be registered as Fujairah Creative City Free Zone entities
  • The company’s business activities should align with the creative theme of Fujairah Creative City
  • Company owners need to have proof of financial solvency, which can be demonstrated by bank statements
  • Company owners should be in good health and have no criminal record
  • The free zone authorities need proof that the company is not blacklisted by governments

There are some other compliance and regulatory requirements too, but we can fill you in on those if you call us or get in touch.

Types of Fujairah Creative City Businesses

There are many types of businesses that can be formed in Fujairah Creative City, including:

  • Commercial companies
  • Professional service firms
  • Freelance professionals
  • Technology companies
  • Creative media companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Import and export businesses (with a creative interest)

FCC offers a wide variety of business activities. So, there’s plenty of room for creativity.

Business Formation in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

The steps for business formation in FCC are simple and easy to follow. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has many business formation options for expatriates. These range in suitability from freelancing services to branch offices.

Because of its position in the UAE, Fujairah Creative City has access to trade routes in South Asia, Africa, and Europe.

No Personal Income Tax, 0% Corporate Tax

Fujairah Free Zone Authority offers a lot of benefits to businesses. These include 100% foreign ownership. You can benefit from 0% corporate tax (for the first five years, but indefinitely in most cases). Furthermore, there’s an exemption from customs duties on imported goods. There’s also no personal income tax.

The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is an excellent place to set up your business if you’re looking for a foothold in the Middle East. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your business activity
  2. Register with Virtuzone
  3. Virtuzone will help you file all paperwork and ensure compliance with the Fujairah Free Zone Authority
  4. Secure office space or land (we can help)
  5. Apply for residency and visas (up to 4 are provided by the local Government if you need more, we have partners who can help)
  6. Start doing business!

There are many benefits to starting a business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, so don’t wait any longer. Virtuzone can help you every step of the way, so contact us today to get started.

Choose The Right License For your Business

There are many different types of licenses available for Dubai business formation in any free zone. The most common types of licenses are:

Commercial License (Trading License)

This is issued to companies involved in general trading activities. For example, wholesale and retail distribution. It also supports the import or export of products, manufacturing, and services.

Professional License (Service License)

This type of license is issued to companies offering professional services. These could include engineering, architectural, accounting, legal, and marketing services.

Industrial License

This type of license is issued to companies involved in manufacturing or production activities. For example, manufacturing textiles, food processing, printing and publishing, plastics and metals.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

This is the most common type of Free Zone company. It is a single-owner company limited by shares and can be used for a wide range of business activities.

You should choose the license that best suits your business needs. Fujairah Creative City offers a variety of licenses for companies operating in a wide range of industries.

However, they are all linked to creative industries. For example Media, Events and Consulting. Also, Education, Communication and Marketing, Music and Entertainment, Design, and Technology.

Successful Businesses In Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

While a lot of other Free Zones can boast a long list of successful businesses Fujairah Creative City hasn’t got so many claims to fame.

Fujairah Creative City are still fairly new. So the list will no doubt expand to include some impressive companies soon.

Fujairah’s position as an entrepreneurial hub has just begun, so now is the perfect time to get in on Fujairah’s success.

Easy Access via Fujairah International Airport

Living in this Free Zone is exciting because of its proximity to the Fujairah city centre. It also boasts direct access to Fujairah International Airport.

Fujairah Creative City and Fujairah Free Zone Authority promote niche industries.

The free zone also offers a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs from around the world who want to set up businesses with plenty of space.

FCC is an excellent location for people who want access to Fujairah’s dynamic business environment alongside transport connections including Fujairah Port.

Living In Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers an easygoing lifestyle.

You can enjoy a variety of activities. From water sports in Dibba, to hiking in Fujairah’s mountainous scenery. From lush green parks and beaches to the intriguing history of Fujairah Fort. There’s even the Fujairah Museum and Fujairah Heritage Village to explore.

There are also many shopping options in Fujairah city centre, with the most popular being Fujairah City Center Mall.

Real Estate

Real estate options are also diverse in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. You can choose from apartments and villas to townhouses and commercial spaces. Popular areas to live in FCC are Fujairah and Fujairah Port.

The Fujairah area is a prime location for housing due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean. Fujairah Port has plenty of commercial spaces available. The most popular websites to search for real estate are Propertyfinder Fujairah and Fujairah Real Estate.

Dining in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is home to a diverse range of dining options. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has many restaurants serving Fujairah cuisine too. There’s also an abundance of international cuisines including Chinese and Indian.

Fujairah’s most popular delicacy is the jibneh mashallale (cheese rolls). Chefs roll Fujairah cheese in thin bread and cover it with Fujairah sugar.

Another popular Fujairah dish, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, is thareed. It’s a stew made from chicken or meat chunks served on top of pieces of fried bread.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has many bakeries, so you can enjoy the delicious local styles of bread such as khubz and khameer. Looking for a quick snack? Fujairah Creative City Free Zone also has many food stalls too. You’ll enjoy trying local shawarma, falafel, and other Middle Eastern favourites.

Activities Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Locals know Fujairah as the adventure capital. It has many exciting activities from skydiving to scuba diving, and even shark cage dives!

Do you prefer slower-paced activities? Fujairah also offers beautiful hiking trails through mountains and wadis. It’s home to a variety of golf courses.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers new business owners access to Fujairah Heritage Village. You can capture a glimpse into traditional Emirati life. The village features a museum, an art gallery, and traditional souks (markets).

Looking for some retail therapy? Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has plenty of Fujairah shopping malls. These include the architecturally significant Fujairah Mall and Fujairah Mega Mall.

Schools in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Fujairah is home to many schools, including Fujairah English School, Fujairah Indian School, and the American University of Sharjah. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone also has many international schools, such as Regent International School and Gems Wellington International School.

Hospitals in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

There are many hospitals in Fujairah, including Fujairah Hospital, Saeed bin Suroor Hospital, and Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone also has a host of clinics and pharmacies.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone Business Setup Services

We’re your one-stop-shop for Fujairah business setup assistance. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone business setup is easy with Virtuzone by your side.

Virtuzone is the leading Fujairah business setup company, and we offer a full range of services to help you get your business up and running quickly.

We can assist with all aspects of Fujairah business setup, including choosing the right license type, setting up your bank account, and finding office space.

Contact us today for more information on Fujairah Creative City Free Zone business setup.

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