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A Guide To Product Registration in Dubai

Dec 14, 2023 | Legal, UAE Company Setup

Navigating the product registration process in Dubai is a pivotal step for businesses aiming to distribute their products within this bustling marketplace. It is a regulatory measure that upholds consumer safety and ensures market integrity. By adhering to the guidelines set by the Dubai Municipality and other relevant authorities, companies can secure the necessary clearances to import, manufacture, and sell their goods across the United Arab Emirates. We will explain the product registration process, which is vital for local and international businesses seeking to establish a presence in Dubai’s dynamic economy.

From understanding mandatory requirements and submitting the correct documentation to maintaining compliance post-registration, this overview provides the essential insights needed to navigate Dubai’s product registration landscape successfully.

Is Product Registration Mandatory In Dubai, UAE?

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, product registration is compulsory for businesses that want to import, manufacture, or market their products within the emirate. This rigorous procedure is designed to protect consumer safety and to prevent the distribution of counterfeit or potentially harmful products. The authorities require that all products, whether they’re related to food, cosmetics, health, or personal care, be registered in line with the regulations set by the respective emirate’s municipality.

Importance of Product Registration

Product registration in Dubai is crucial. It safeguards the population’s health, safety, and hygiene by ensuring that all products meet the necessary standards before reaching the consumer. When registering a product, the government can monitor and confirm that manufacturers and importers comply with the established consumer safety standards.

The registration process also ensures that product labels provide all the essential information, helping you make informed choices.

Regulatory Authorities in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality is the main authority overseeing product registration in Dubai. This entity is tasked with controlling the entry of products into the UAE market, ensuring that they adhere to the required standards. The Dubai Municipality and the other Emirates’ municipalities conduct random testing and quality inspections to uphold consumer safety.

Upon successful registration, a certificate is issued, which may be necessary during the clearance of goods at customs. Businesses must register their products with the municipality where their trade licence has been issued. Once registered in Dubai, they’re authorised to distribute their products throughout all the emirates.

Medicinal Product Types

Types of Products Requiring Registration

A wide range of products must be registered before being sold or distributed in Dubai. This includes food items, cosmetics, personal care goods, and medicinal products. Companies, whether local manufacturers or importers of foreign products, must ensure that their products are duly registered with the Dubai Municipality before market entry.

The registration process is consistent across all seven emirates, which include Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

Each variation in a product or brand’s size, packaging, quality, or quantity necessitates a separate registration. Companies operating both on the mainland and in the free zones of Dubai are required to register their products, provided they have a valid licence. The process involves:

  • Submitting a Product Registration Service Application.
  • Paying the necessary fees.
  • Providing a valid label assessment for each product.

The registration, which can be done online through the Dubai Municipality’s website, remains valid for five years.

Certain products are prohibited in the UAE, such as narcotic drugs, betel leaves, goods manufactured in Israel, e-cigarettes, and gambling-related items. Others, like alcoholic beverages, rough diamonds, media-related products, and those concerning nuclear energy, have a restrictive status. They may require additional procedures or restrictions for registration. It’s essential for businesses to be aware of these regulations to ensure compliance and seamless operation within the Dubai market.

Cosmetic Products

Pre-Registration Requirements

A valid trade licence from the emirate where your business operates is essential to commence the registration process. This foundational requirement applies to all companies, regardless of their location within the mainland or the free zones.

Documentation Needed for Registration

A comprehensive set of documents must be prepared for each product. This includes a completed application form and a label assessment that ensures transparency and consumer awareness. The submission of these documents is facilitated through the Dubai Municipality’s online portal. Following submission, the municipality reviews the information provided to verify compliance with local standards.

Should there be any issues identified during the review, applicants are expected to address them by providing the appropriate documentation.

Safety & Compliance Standards

The Dubai Municipality conducts regular inspections and tests to maintain high levels of safety and compliance. These measures are in place to ensure that only products meeting the stringent local standards are available in the market.

Product Labelling Guidelines

Accurate labelling is critical, as it communicates essential information to consumers, including usage instructions and safety warnings. The Dubai Municipality mandates that labels contain comprehensive information to guide consumers. The Consumer Products Safety Section must approve the labelling of local manufacturers’ products. Each product variant must undergo the registration process to ensure that all versions comply with the established guidelines.

The Registration Process

Select Your Business Activity

Identifying the category of your product is the initial step in the registration process. This categorisation is crucial as it determines your product’s specific guidelines.

Register With Dubai Municipality

For businesses involved in producing or importing goods, registration with the Dubai Municipality is a prerequisite. This ensures that your operations align with the Emirates’ regulatory requirements.

Submit Product Information Documents To The Dubai Municipality

You are required to provide a comprehensive dossier that includes a Products Registration Service Application and the applicable fees. Each product variant necessitates its own registration, and the submission can be completed on the Dubai Municipality’s online platform.

Receive Registration Certificate For Dubai Products

Following a successful review, you will be issued an electronic certificate, signifying your product’s adherence to the emirate’s standards. This certificate has a validity period of five years. In instances where the Dubai Municipality has reservations, you may be asked to furnish additional documentation to resolve any issues.

Toiletries Unlabelled

Post-Registration Obligations

Renewal and Amendments

Maintaining your registration status involves renewing your Product Registration Certificates as the Dubai Municipality requires. Renewal is essential to ensure your products comply with evolving standards and regulations. Any modifications to your product’s composition or production must be reported to the authorities. This may necessitate submitting updated documentation and potentially further lab testing to verify adherence to the current standards.

Monitoring and Compliance

The Dubai Municipality performs stringent checks to ensure products, mainly cosmetics and food items, are devoid of harmful substances. Adherence to specific schemes like ECAS for cosmetics and FIRS for food items is mandatory for certain products. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices require additional licensing from the Ministry of Health. Continuous monitoring of your products is imperative to ensure they satisfy all the necessary criteria.

Product Liability and Recalls

The Consumer Protection Department and the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection are responsible for addressing consumer complaints and enforcing consumer protection laws. These laws define a consumer as anyone who acquires a commodity or service for personal use. In the event of product liability, the consumer must demonstrate that the supplier or manufacturer’s negligence led to a defect causing harm.

Manufacturers and suppliers are accountable for any defects in their products. Even with warnings provided, they cannot wholly absolve themselves of responsibility. If a breach occurs, the Consumer Protection Department will implement remedies and penalties, with the possibility of appealing to the Ministry of Economy.

The Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade, established by Dubai Law No. 5 of 2023, is tasked with ensuring fair trade and competition, protecting intellectual property rights, and preventing monopolistic practices. The Executive Regulations to the Consumer Protection Law, which came into effect in October 2023, detail suppliers’ responsibilities, including those related to advertising, pricing, labelling, and warranty information.

Suppliers must promptly inform the authorities, publicise the hazard, and initiate a recall if a product defect or hazard poses a risk to consumers. The Executive Regulations provide a framework for managing defective goods, which includes notifying consumers, halting sales, recalling products, and offering replacements at the supplier’s cost.

Suppliers are also responsible for ensuring their distributors comply with the law, which can be enforced through periodic reporting, random inspections, and audit rights in distribution agreements. The Corporation’s establishment and the introduction of Executive Regulations indicate an increased focus on actively enforcing consumer protection laws in Dubai, underscoring the importance of post-registration duties for businesses.

Unlabelled Products


How much is the product registration fee in Dubai?

The government fee for registering a cosmetic product is $63 (AED 230). Additionally, an application fee of $2.70 (AED 10) is required. Upon approval, a fee of $60 (AED 220) is charged for downloading the certificate. These costs should be included in your financial planning for market entry.

How to register beauty products in Dubai?

Registering beauty products involves applying through the Montaji portal. Required documentation includes product images, artwork, Free Sale Certificate, Ingredients Report, Certificate of Analysis, and, if applicable, GMP, Halal, and Organic Certificates. In some cases, two product samples may be requested for laboratory analysis. Labelling must include comprehensive product information in both Arabic and English.

The review period by the Dubai Municipality typically spans about 22 working days. Once approved, the product is registered, and a certificate valid for five years is issued.

What products need to be registered in Dubai?

Cosmetics and personal care items, health supplements, and dietary supplements also require registration. These products must originate from a registered facility and be accompanied by a Certificate of Free Sale. Dietary supplements require the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) approval.

Random checks and quality inspections are conducted to ensure market safety. Prohibited items include narcotic drugs, betel leaves, and goods from Israel, among others. Restricted items such as alcoholic beverages and rough diamonds are subject to additional controls.

Businesses must ensure their products are registered before importation to avoid legal complications.

Final Thoughts on Product Registration in Dubai

Navigating the landscape of product registration in Dubai can undoubtedly be intricate but is quintessential for your business’s lawful and successful operation. It’s a process that demands attention to detail and an understanding of the local regulatory environment.

By ensuring your products are registered, labelled correctly, and comply with the stringent standards set by Dubai Municipality, your business establishes its commitment to quality, safety, and consumer trust. Keep abreast of changes in regulations to maintain compliance and leverage the full potential of Dubai’s dynamic market.

Remember, this pathway not only legitimises your presence but also paves the way for a flourishing commercial journey in one of the world’s most vibrant economic hubs.

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